Gemini Birthstones and Their Renewing Properties

Published May 12, 2020
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Gemini birthstones can imbue you with their renewing properties. While birthstones are thought to be just one color, these symbols of the twins zodiac sign often come in various colors. You have several choices of birthstones for Gemini, so choose the most appealing color to take advantage of its renewing properties.

The Gemini Birthstone Pearl

The pearl birthstone pulls double duty as a traditional June birthstone and the birthstone for the zodiac sign Gemini. The pearls have a long history of mysticism with tales of ancient Greek gods crying tears of pearls to Chinese dragons shedding pearls when fighting in the sky. These and other myths generated traditions of wearing the highly coveted pearls in necklaces and other types of jewelry.

Pearl in shell

Tap Into Pearl's Power

Pearls are believed to bring love and other energies to the bearer. You can tap into the pearl power by choosing to wear this beautiful bounty of the sea.

  • It's believed if you're in need of money luck, you can don a strand of pearls to lock into that money vibe.
  • A pearl ring or other jewelry is often worn as a talisman of protection.
  • You can call on the pearl energies for good luck by placing a single pearl in a prominent display area of your home or office.


Agate lends a sense of discernment to Gemini that is often pulled in two different directions. Agate can provide clarity to twin thinking, so you can see the truth of your situation. Gemini doesn't express emotions very easily, but an agate can facilitate your excellent communication skills to convey what you feel.

Polished agate cross section

Best Ways to Use Agates

Gemini always appreciates duality. Agates can serve dual purposes, such as providing a conduit for you to practice healing methods.

  • You may want to wear agate jewelry to boost your stamina.
  • If you're in a precarious situation where others aren't being truthful, you can hold an agate in each of your hands to ensure you're bulletproof to their lies.
  • You can set a carved agate figure in your workspace to encourage creativity.

Gemini Birthstone Colors of Moonstone

Moonstone is opalescent with a sheen of colors ranging from blue, yellow, pink, brown, green, peach, to gray. You may prefer a rainbow-colored moonstone. This special moonstone features an opaque background with the colors of a rainbow creating a luster-like effect.

Moonstones on Hand and Neck

Tips for Choosing and Using Moonstone

Choose an Ancient Roman jewelry design based on the belief the stone was made from moonlight. You can use hold this stone in your hands while you meditate or conduct a reading.

  • Choose an ideal moonstone and place it in your main entrance to encourage good luck to enter your home.
  • You can carry a loose moonstone in your pocket to ensure good digestion.
  • Select one of the moonstone colors to match with the chakra you wish to open and go into a meditative state while holding the moonstone between your hands.

Tiger's Eye

Choose a tiger's eye birthstone for good health and spiritual balance. This birthstone is believed to protect psychic ability by granting the wearer insight and spiritual clarity.

Tiger Eye Stones

Ways to Use Tiger's Eye

You can take advantage of the various positive properties for this birthstone. You can tap into the healing energies or physical benefits.

  • You can rest with a tiger's eye stone placed on your third eye between your eyebrows to promote a balance of energies.
  • If you have an illness, you can place a tiger's eye birthstone over the area, such as over your eyes for eye infections or other
  • To receive greater spiritual clarity on a daily basis, consider wearing a tiger's eye ring, bracelet and/or necklace.


The opal is a magnificent birthstone that offers you quite a few color choices. These include white, black, and fire opals of yellow, red and orange.


Uses for Opal Birthstone for Gemini

The opal is believed to have various properties that you can take advantage of by wearing as a piece of jewelry. Opal is believed to have a calming effect so the Gemini mind and body can connect.

  • You can hold an opal while meditating to can assist you in developing psychic powers.
  • If you're in need of a creative boost, you can wear an opal to tap into these energies.
  • If you're lucky enough to have one of the rare red opals, you can take advantages of its healing properties.

White Sapphire

White sapphire is considered a powerful Gemini birthstone. It is believed to harbor healing properties and provides a gateway to various psychic abilities.

Heart Shape White Sapphire

How to Take Advantage of White Sapphire Properties

You can use the white sapphire properties to enhance your psychic abilities. If you have specific health concerns, many healers believe you can use white sapphire to aid in your healing.

  • Some energy workers believe a white sapphire can ease rheumatoid pain. You may wish to try wearing white sapphire bracelet to test the birthstone's power.
  • While practicing psychic exercises, you can hold a white sapphire to infuse the purported energies to assist you in opening the channels into the spirit world and beyond.
  • If your goal is to achieve astral travel, you may want to try boosting your astral project with white sapphire by placing it on your solar plexus region while lying on your back.

Gemini Birthstones Can Provide You With Renewing Properties

There are several Gemini birthstones that offer renewing energies. You can consider the properties of each birthstone then choose one that best fits your needs.

Gemini Birthstones and Their Renewing Properties