Gemini Colors for Luck, Power, and Success

Published January 31, 2020
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Gemini can choose from several colors for luck, power and success. The most widely assigned power color for Gemini is yellow, but there are other lucky colors that bestows great energy to this dynamic zodiac sign.

Gemini Power Colors

There are three widely accept power colors for Gemini. The colors yellow and green are the most common Gemini colors. However, blue is often tossed into the fray as well as orange.

Gemini's Common Lucky Personal Color Is Yellow

The most common color assigned to the zodiac sign Gemini is yellow. There is a wide range of yellows that you can select as your yellow.

Yellow Sun Colors

Western astrology ascribes the yellow of the sun's energy equal to that of Mercury ruled Gemini. Yellow is energizing to Gemini and provides an abundance of brightness. Yellow reflects the positive energy Gemini radiates. It's no wonder that yellow is considered Gemini's personal lucky color.

Yellow Gold and Gemini

Gemini is also drawn to yellow golds. There are many brilliant yellow golds Gemini can use in creating a home décor and fashion. From saffron yellow to yellow gold, there is a wide spectrum of hues Gemini can use.

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Green Color for Gemini

Indastro Vedic astrology pairs Gemini with green since it acts as a grounding color for this head-in-the-clouds air sign. Green offers Gemini a tranquility this zodiac sign needs in a frenetic lifestyle.

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Power of Green

Green reconnects Gemini to the Earth by tethering this air sign to stable Earth energy. Green is also the color of plant life and symbolizes growth. To grow and learn are necessities for a happy Gemini.

Blue Color for Gemini

Blue is another color Vedic astrology often cites as a Gemini color. It is also the color of the sky and seems ideal for an air sign, especially the restless Gemini always seeking expansive ideas and freedom.

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Orange Color for Gemini

Orange is a sun color that can help Gemini shine brighter and happier. Orange can provide Gemini with creative energies and the freedom to express all those Gemini ideas.

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Silver for Quicksilver Mercury

The silver color of quicksilver, or gray, of the planet Mercury is a natural color assignment to Gemini. It isn't a popular color given for a Gemini palette, with brighter more energetic colors often being referenced. However, as a Gemini, you should consider silver especially to add to your color choices.

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How Gemini Can Use Colors

Gemini can use these power colors to attract luck, empower and achieve success. Choose the type of energy you need and apply the color to your fashion choices, home décor and office/workspace.

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Yellow Wardrobe to Boost Career Attitude

When Gemini needs a career boost, wearing yellow will convey power to coworkers and superiors. Yellow will also bolster your attitude and infuse confidence in all your endeavors. You can't help but feel energized whenever you wear this highly energetic color!

Blue Wardrobe Conveys Stability and Dependability

Geminis often have difficulty giving the appearance of stability and dependability. Most Geminis are very dependable workers, but the Gemini personality can often be misinterpreted as flighty and unreliable, which granted some Geminis are. To convey a sense of confidence, intelligence and trust, a Gemini can opt to wear blue. The saying "true blue" reflects the feeling most people have about blue clothing as one of staunch loyalty or faithfulness.

Green Clothing for Geminis

Green clothing is a color choice for any Gemini needing a calming and grounding wardrobe color. Sometimes the energetic, always-on-the-move Gemini needs to slow things down for a brief respite. If you're attending a somber event or venue where calmness is the order of the day, Gemini can find a green outfit will tamp down some of that excited energy coursing through their veins.

Yellow Gold Apparel Choices for Gemini

Gold has always been associated with wealth and power. You may decide yellow gold is needed in your clothing choice to convey power and success. Gemini will feel the power and prestige that follows gold whenever wearing this color.

Orange Clothing Choices

Gemini can add orange to their wardrobe for a bright sunny accent color. Orange and blue are complementary colors in the color wheel and make a striking color combination that's perfect for Gemini!

Quicksilver for Gemini Clothing

While gray is usually considered too dull a color for Gemini, silver is quite another matter. Shimmering and reflective, silk or metallic silver are just two of the many fabric choices to chow of the color silver.

Using Gemini Colors in Home and Office Décors

You can capitalize on any of the Gemini colors when you use them in your home and office décors. Consider the powerful emotions each color evokes and how you can best used them in your home and office décors.

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How to Use Gemini Colors to Decorate Home and Office

You can use any combination of the Gemini colors to decorate your home and/or office. Select a main color and then add a secondary color. Once you've made these two color choices, you can then select another Gemini color for an accent color.

Example of Gemini Color Palette for Your Décor

You can use yellow as your main color when decorating your home and/or office. You can pair either blue or green as the secondary color. Select an accent color, such as gray and you have a décor color palette any Gemini would love!

Colors for Gemini Luck, Power and Success

There are specific color choices Gemini can use to capitalize on the luck, power and success the colors convey. Gemini may decide to use yellow as the main power color but still enjoy all the bright energetic colors of the rainbow in daily life.

Gemini Colors for Luck, Power, and Success