How Do Leos Manage Their Finances?

Published July 17, 2019
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A Leo can budget, save, invest, spend and crunch the numbers to live in the best style they can afford. They try to handle their finances carefully and consciously, but their love of the best, as well as their impulsiveness and generous giving nature, can sometimes take them off the financial rails.

Leo's Attitude Toward Money

A Leo does everything in a big way. They buy the best, dine at the finest restaurants, stay at five-star hotels, and give extravagant gifts to their loved ones, friends, co-workers, and to themselves. Leos spend money, and if they don't have the cash, they'll charge it. Leo's attitude toward money seems to be: "If you spend and are generous with your money and you'll attract more money." Yes, Leo has an interesting and challenging relationship with money.

Leos Are Money Makers

With their spending and giving habits, it's a good thing that Leos are ambitious and driven to earn a good living. So, although saving money can be an issue, their dedication, staying power, and panache often push them to the top of their chosen career. As a result, Leo's income, investment portfolio, and retirement accounts will reflect these qualities by continually growing over time.

Leo Careers

Leos are entrepreneurs, leaders, and often the boss, but even if they're not, they'll have some type of role that gives them recognition. Leos love to be needed, appreciated, and adored; this is more important to them than money. Many Leos stay in low-paying jobs just because they feel "needed" and "special." The best career choice for a Leo is one that gives them center stage in one way or another; teacher, lawyer, performer, professional athlete, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc.

Where Leo Runs Into Financial Problems

Where Leos, particularly young adult Leos, run into financial problems is using their credit cards to live beyond their means. Interestingly My LendingTree anonymized credit data from over a million users and found that Leos are "reckless with debt," have poor credit habits and along with Virgo "have the most concerning credit profiles, with high balances, lots of late payments and low credit scores." A Leo can be drowning in debt or just barely getting by, and you'd never know.

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Leo Is the Astrological Sun Sign of Billionaires

On the other hand, Leo is also the astrological sign of billionaires. In 2016 MSN Money, using the Forbes 2015 Rich List, reported that Leo had more billionaires than any other sign; 14 of the top 100 wealthiest people in the world in 2015 were Leos. These include Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, and Francois Pinault who owns Gucci and Yves St Laurent.

Finding Money in Leo's Horoscope

Finding money in a horoscope takes more than just knowing your Sun sign. You'll need complete birth data (date, time and location) and probably a professional astrologer who can accurately assess the condition of each money house and well as the signs of the all the planets and the aspects each makes, as well as planetary progressions and transits.

Money Houses

The astrological money houses:

  • The second house is the house of personal assets and wealth.
  • The eighth house is money accumulated through inheritances, partnership, and/or marriage.
  • The eleventh house is personal assets accumulated through business and career.

What to Consider

Professional astrologers look at:

  • The astrological sign on the cusp of each money house
  • The house in which the ruler of those signs resides
  • The hard or soft aspects those rulers make to other planets
  • The planets in each money house and the aspects they make to other planets
  • The planets Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn

Go on a Treasure Hunt

If you're a Leo and want to go on a fun treasure hunt, you can calculate an accurate birth chart free online. Then look for Jupiter (luck and abundance) and Venus (money) connections, and check to see if Jupiter, Venus, or your Leo Sun is in a money house. Additionally, if you find a Saturn (the taskmaster) and Venus connection, it can also indicate a potential for wealth. But keep in mind that potential is just potential unless you do something with it.

Kylie Jenner Is an Example of a Leo Billionaire

In Forbes 2019 Rich List, Leo Kylie Jenner, who has Jupiter in the second house, is listed as the world's youngest billionaire. Kylie, believe it or not, is a self-made billionaire. Which means she didn't inherit her money, she built a company and established a fortune on her own. Of course, she had the advantage of the family fame and a lot of influential connections, but with Jupiter, in the second she was born with the potential for "personal" wealth and Kylie did something with it and then wisely hired her Scorpio mom, Kris, to look after her finances. It's always best if Leo has a financial adviser or someone to manage their money.

Money and Leo

A Leo generously gives to others but when in need is too proud to ask family or friends for money, instead they'll head to the bank to borrow money or max out their credit cards. Luckily, Leos have a knack for creating wealth. Plus, the more generous a Leo is, the more money they seem to attract. Leo understands the Law of Attraction.

How Do Leos Manage Their Finances?