How Does Pisces React to Getting Hurt?

Published October 9, 2018
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A Pisces is caring, has a great sense of humor, and is fun to be around. However, they're also easily hurt. A Pisces often only sees the best in others and set their friends or lovers on a pedestal. As a result, they continually set themselves up to be hurt.

Super Sensitive Pisces

If you have a Pisces friend or lover, it's best to always remember they are super-sensitive and take everything you say and do personally.


If a friend hurts a Pisces' feelings, it's probably because they've accidentally put them down or unintentionally ignored them in some way. If the slight was unintentional, a Pisces is likely to give their friend the cold-shoulder for a while, but if the friend hangs in and is encouraging, they'll eventually come around. On the other hand, if a friend hurts, ignores, or slights them intentionally, a Pisces will just write the friendship off.


The more a Pisces cares about and loves a person, the more they see the person through rose-colored glasses, and the more deeply the person can hurt and disappointed them. It goes without saying that if a lover puts them down or ignores them, they will feel as if they're being rejected, and even if the hurt was unintentional, a Pisces is likely to distance themselves for a while; however, if they feel betrayed and lied to, they'll be devastated.

How a Pisces Reacts When Hurt

A Pisces reacts to hurts by going into one of their well-known escapist modes of behavior. Hurt a Pisces, and it's pretty much guaranteed they won't want to see or to talk with you, at least for a while. Hurt them badly enough, and a sweet and caring Pisces can be gone in a flash.

Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is a very Piscean trait. If you hurt a Pisces, they'll ignore your calls, e-mails, or texts and basically give you the silent treatment. A hurt, annoyed, or angry Pisces will be civil, but they will shut you out. How far out and for how long depends on how badly you've hurt them.


A Pisces may not be quick to toss a lover aside for slight hurts, but if they've done some horrible thing to hurt or betray a Pisces, an apology or contrition won't help, and they'll not listen to any excuses. You did the deed, and now you must pay. They might give you the cold shoulder or ignore you for months, but a hurt Pisces can be like a shape-shifting octopus who is evasive and slips around waiting for their chance to attack. Thankfully, most Pisces are not this extreme and can be satisfied by simply escaping into revenge fantasies.

The Most Serious Reaction

When heart-broken and hurt by a lover or someone who is extremely important to them, a Pisces can slip into depression, blame themselves, and take the pain out on themselves. When severely hurt, a Pisces can isolate themselves from the world, and their excessive need to escape the hurt and pain often leads them to retreat into alcohol, drugs, or other self-destructive behaviors.

Pisces Never Forgets

A Pisces friend or lover will hold onto the pain of being hurt forever. They may forgive you somewhere down the line, but even then, they will never let you forget the hurt you caused them. They will be quick to throw it in your face during an argument or to justify something they've done.

A Pisces Friend or Lover

An astrological birth chart contains many components, which means all Pisces are alike but different depending on date, location, and time of birth. What's written above refers to generic Pisces. Still, if a Pisces friend or lover has evaporated on you, you can rightly assume they felt it would be less painful for both of you if they disappeared. Pisces value harmony, happiness, and affection in all their relationships, and if they can't have these, they'd rather have nothing.

How Does Pisces React to Getting Hurt?