Penny Thornton on Horoscopes, Romance, and Astrology

Updated January 22, 2019
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It's not uncommon for people in their 20s and 30s to rush online to find out what a romantic relationship with an interesting person they've just met might be like. However, world-renowned astrologer Penny Thornton cautions that "You should never ever look at the chart of someone to whom you are drawn and rule him or her out because there's something "difficult" in the astrology."

About Penny Thornton

Penny Thornton is a British astrologer who's best known for her best-selling books and as the personal astrologer to Diana, Princess of Wales. She's a graduate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, England, and has served as Secretary for the Astrological Association of Great Britain. Her books include: "Synastry - The Astrology of Relationships", "With Love From Diana", and "The Forces Of Destiny." is Penny Thornton's official website.

Astrology Love Matches

Astrology can tell you if you're compatible with another person and what your incompatibilities might be, but it can't tell you who you're going to fall in love with. Astrologer Penny Thornton wisely states: "If you're attracted to a certain person, fall in love with a certain person, then you don't need to consult a horoscope - you follow your heart!"

More From Penny on a Romance and Astrology

  • "With any relationship, you have to put feelings first."
  • "We know when we're in love: we don't need to look for an astrological significate to tell us."
  • "There is no such thing as a perfect template for compatibility."
  • "Looking at the charts will help you understand your partner and what the dynamics of the relationship are. It will prepare you for the hard times and the good times."
  • "The people we marry and form close intimate relationships with are part of our karma. The relationship that gave me the greatest heartbreak of my life led directly to my success and happiness."

Astrology and Soul Mates

Soul mate love is a particular breed of love. When soul mates meet its karmic. You have an instant rapport, comfort, or familiarity with them. A soul mate has a purpose. They come into your life to disrupt it. They expose you to you're the personal flaws that keep you from achieving your true potential. A Soul mate relationship may or may not be lifelong, but it's a relationship that forever changes you and one you'll never forget.

Penny Thornton on Soul Mates

"A soul mate and a love match are two different things, yet neither can be seen in a horoscope. I want to make that absolutely clear. Such things are a mystery and lie beyond the reach of a horoscope. They can only be felt. We sense we have found our soul mate, and sometimes we're proved right, and sometimes wrong."

Astrological Synastry

natal charts

While Sun sign comparisons are entertaining and have some value, they are very general. There are many factors involved when evaluating the compatibility of two people. In synastry, the interaction between two birth charts is examined, offering an accurate gauge of compatibility.

Penny Thornton on Synastry

"There are classic aspects between two charts that supposedly signify love but not every couple has them. A connection between the Sun of one partner and the Moon of the other is a classic; conjunctions between one Venus and the other's Sun, Moon, Ascendant-Descendant axis, or MC/IC axis are others. The list goes on. Some of the greatest love matches have none of these classic connections and often have more difficulty than ease between the charts. Other people who have classic connections feel neither attraction nor certainly not love, for each other."

Penny Thornton on Princess Diana

Penny Thornton was Princess Diana's personal astrologer for many years and says of her astrological chart: "There are many aspects of Diana's chart that leap out at you but I think it is enough to say that she was everything her horoscope portrayed her to be: she had the grace of Libra rising, the care and compassion of Sun in Cancer and the self-destruction of Mars conjunct Pluto. She called herself the People's Princess, and she was, like all of us, a mix of the good, the bad and the unfortunate!"

Your Birth Chart Lives On

In her book "The Forces of Destiny" Penny Thornton deals with "your birth chart live on" in depth. She "worked with a psychiatrist who regressed people to a past life, and asked them in that altered state for the date, time and place they were born." she then "progressed those charts to the present day and looked at the transits. The results were fascinating, and would lead one to believe that a chart continues to be active beyond death."

Popular Astrology

Along with astrological consultations and books, Penny Thornton also writes what some refer to as "pop astrology." Related to this she says: "There are many popular astrologers who, like me, have emerged from a classical background. Our challenge has been to make a terrifically complex subject accessible to the person-in-the-street. If there is anything I feel proud about it is my effort to put astrology out there for the public without trivializing it."

Penny Thornton on Horoscopes, Romance, and Astrology