Is Pranic Healing Safe?

Published September 3, 2018
Pranic Healing Energy

The safety of pranic healing is a controversial topic. The answer to this question of whether pranic healing is safe depends on who you ask. Some are firm believers in the positive healing powers of pranic healing while others are skeptical and fearful.

Pranic Healing Controversy

The controversy surrounding the authenticity of pranic healing comes from the lack of scientific data to validate this form of spiritual healing. However, is there any type of scientific evaluation for matters of the spirit?

Dangers and Risks of Pranic Healing

The Sanskrit word prana translates to life force. The breath, or more accurately the air, is considered the life force. It's also known as chi or ki energy. This energy exists in all life. By controlling this energy through breath, you can become stronger in body, mind, and spirit.

Critics and Warnings

Critics believe the main risk and danger of pranic healing is the approach. According to some, pranic healing only treats symptoms that are signals to the person something deeper and more spiritual is the root of the symptoms.

Treating Symptoms, Not Disease

This line of thinking attributes the healing as only for symptoms and concludes it's dangerous since the person may not seek medical attention to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. The critics who hold this type of perception believe for this reason, pranic healing is dangerous and can lead to life-threatening diseases going unchecked and untreated.

Religious Conflicts

Another sector makes its claims based on religious beliefs, declaring all energy work is outside its own dogma and therefore is occult-based. This group of critics accuse pranic healing as well as any form of energy work as occult guided and dangerous. In fact, that scope of this criticism includes the 5,000+ year old Traditional Chinese Medicine of acupuncture with its proven scientific track record for healing by inserting needles to reconnect the body's energy circuits.

Pranic Healing and Medical Treatments

The majority of, if not all, pranic healers would strongly disagree with these negative perspectives of their work.

  • Pranic healing principles state the human physical body has the ability to heal itself. The purpose of the prana form of healing is to boost that healing process.
  • Pranic healers don't encourage their clients to forego medical treatment.
  • Their goal is to aid the person in activating their own healing energy.
  • Pranic healing treatments should be in combination with whatever traditional medical treatment(s) the person is undergoing or should undergo in the future.

Pranic Healers Are Conduits

Pranic Healers Are Conduits

Like many energy workers, pranic healers serve as conduits to introduce fresh prana energy into the person's chakras and energy field. These energy healers work to jump start the individual's healing powers.

Infusing Fresh Prana

The pranic healer doesn't perform a hands-on form of religious healing. Instead, they use their hands to cleanse the individual's chakras Once this is completed, the healer infuses the fresh prana into the person's chakras and energy field. When this prana enters the person, it supposedly ignites the individual's natural healing processes in her/his body.

Case of Long-Distance Pranic Healing

One story that seems to contradict the critics' negative perspective was featured in a Pranic Healing San Diego's monthly newsletter. The article recounted how pranic healing boosted an individual's natural healing abilities.

Kidney Failure Reversed

A woman suffering Stage 5 kidney failure contacted a pranic healer. Due to the distance between the healer and client, a long-distance healing session was performed. Afterwards, the woman's creatinine level decreased. Her kidneys began to self-heal and after the seventh session the woman was no longer in Stage 5 kidney failure but in Stage 2 kidney disease.

Side Effects

Depending on which side of the argument you entertain, there are either severe side effects or no negative side effects at all. Pranic healers state there are never any negative side effects, only positive benefits of pranic healing that can lead to boosting the individual's healing process. The flip side of this argument states people are temporarily relieved of symptoms while the disease or underlying cause proceeds with a vengeance. Logically, both arguments can't be correct. One side appears hopeful and full of promise while the other side is filled with doubt and fear.

Unexpected Side-Effects

Life Enhancement Consultant, Christian R Long describes the danger of omitting energetic hygiene in a pranic healing session. He calls this energy sterilization that he practices with each session. He compares it to the medical community's practices. Long relates what happened when he neglected to follow these steps and how it caused negative and harmful side-effects to himself.

Evidence and Prejudices About Pranic Healings

The controversy surrounding the safety of pranic healing appears to be wrapped up in personal opinions and prejudices. As with anything that can affect you physically or otherwise, you should weigh the risks and draw your own conclusions.

Is Pranic Healing Safe?