Leo Lucky Days Horoscope Tips

Updated August 15, 2019
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It could be said the Leos create their own luck, but even so, some days and numbers are exceptionally lucky for Leo. A Leo's lucky day is Sunday, and their lucky numbers are one and five. However, there are other lucky numbers and dates ascribed to Leo.

Leo's Lucky Day

Leo's lucky day is Sunday. According to Hebrew and traditional Christian calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week. The tradition goes back to Egyptian times when Sunday was the day to celebrate the Sun god Ra. Ra, like the number one, was described as the creator of everything.

Leo's Lucky Numbers

The numbers five and one are Leos lucky numbers. Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, and the Sun is Leo's ruling planet. In numerology, the number one is also ruled by the Sun. Dates with two numbers, used in any combination, can be lucky for a Leo because the date favors Leo traits.

  • The number one was referred to by Pythagoreans as the "monad" meaning that which has no parts and is therefore indivisible. The number one symbolized the creator.
  • The Pythagoreans thought of the number five as the sacred marriage between heaven and earth.

Using a Lucky Number

Chanel Nº5

Coco Chanel, a Leo, famously said about naming her first perfume, Chanel No. 5: "I always launch my collection on the 5th day of the 5th month, so the number 5 seems to bring me luck - therefore, I will name it No 5." Chanel No 5, was launched 5/5/1921. If you're a Leo and want to launch something anything new, be it a new relationship, job, product, etc, the fifth day of the fifth month is the time to do it.

Lucky Dates and Times

The 1st, 5th, and the 15th are the most fortunate dates each month for a Leo, and their luckiest days of the year are the 1st, 5th and 15th of January and May

Leo's Luckiest Times of Day

Specific times during these days are especially useful for Leo. The hours between 1 and 5 o'clock on one of the days mentioned above can provide even greater opportunities for luck.

The Luckiest Days and Times of All

A Leo's luckiest days and times are between the hours of 1 and 5 o'clock on a Sunday that falls on the 1st, 5th or the 15th of January or May.

More Tips for Finding Lucky Days

Of course, there are other ways to determine the days having the potential to be lucky for Leo.

Leo Lucky Day Calendars

Hands Holding Number 5 And Bell

Café Astrology has Leo Good Day calendars. These monthly calendars can tell a Leo which days favor what. The show periods of opportunity and well as days when extra caution should be taken. A Leo can print the calendar, add the lucky dates mentioned above, and keep it handy for planning.

Lucky Days Calculator

Affinity Numerology has a lucky days tool where Leo can enter their birth date to determine which days will be the most fortunate for them.

Lucky Life Path Number

In numerology, your Life Path number is determined by using your full date of birth and then reducing the digits down to a single number. Dates containing that number are said to be your lucky days. Token Rock has a tool that will allow you to easily calculate your Life Path number.

Universal Number of the Day

The universal number changes daily. You can find the universal number that influences each day, month, or year at Affinity Numerology. When the Universal number of a day, month, or year matches your Life Path number, these are said to your luckiest days, months, or years.

Planning for Lucky Days

You can keep your own lucky days calendar. Then mark each lucky day mentioned above with a gold star, and when you find more than one gold star on a day, that's the day to test your luck. But remember, sometimes no matter how many lucky stars fall on a day, it can end up being nothing more than an ordinary day. Still, there are times when an uneventful day can be the luckiest day of all.

Leo Lucky Days Horoscope Tips