Libra Body Characteristics

Updated November 30, 2019

Libra, Venus, and Cupid

A Libra's body characteristics can be seen in a cherub, and it's possible that this is the case because Cupid, in mythology, was the child of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Like his mother, the goddess of love and beauty, Cupid is considered to be the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection.

Cherubic Face

Studying the cherub's face, you can see several physical characteristics of Libra. These include a soft, pleasing demeanor, a gentle, smiling heart-shaped face, wavey hair, lips that are full with a top lip that slightly curves, wide almond-shaped eyes, and full cheeks.

Glowing Skin

Libra's ruler, Venus, rules the skin in astrology, so they typically have skin that seems to glow from the inside out and can even appear slightly translucent. The only thing that can ruin their skin is living an unhealthy life.

Heavenly Hair

Librans usually have hair that's fine, silky and thick with a slight natural wave to the strands. Both genders always make sure their hair looks amazing, even for casual occasions.

Shiny Smiling Eyes

Along with the shiny, silky, wavy hair, you can also expect shiny, smiling eyes. A Libra's eyes are rounded in the middle, taper into an almond shape and turn up on the corners.

Lush Lips

Lucky Libra often has a full bottom lip that's paired with a slightly thinner upper lip that is often bow shaped - either an extreme bow shape or one that's gently curved.

Libra Woman’s Body

Female Libra's body is classically beautiful. Like the Greek Venus de Milo, a Venus-ruled woman is most often shapely and feminine, with an ample bust and a well-defined waist and butt. However, most Libran women have a sweet tooth, so it's not usual to see them carrying a few extra pounds.

Libra Man's Body

Libra men have well-endowed physiques, handsome faces with good bone structure, and graceful, athletic bodies. These men take a lot of pride in their appearance and will do anything to ensure they always look their best. This includes a healthy lifestyle, proper grooming and working out when necessary.

Dimpled Delight

Whether prominently placed or a little less noticeable, almost all Librans have dimples. They may have a cleft chin or dimples on the cheeks, knees or even elbows. Libra rules the body's lumbar region and buttocks and perhaps the most typical Libra body characteristic is the "Dimple of Venus" that is said to be an erogenous zone.

The Libra Smile

A Libra's smile can literally light up an entire room. Whether a male or female, their charm is clearly evident for all to see. Once a Libra smiles at you, it's very difficult not to smile back.

Beautiful Teeth

Libras not only have a winning smile, but they have beautiful teeth. Their teeth are naturally straight, although sometimes there will be can be a small gap between the front two.

Great Sense of Style

Libras have a great sense of style and are never gaudy or showy. However, they are gifted with a refined physical beauty that attracts people to them.

Pleasing Physical Demeanor

A Libra has a quietly charming physical demeanor. They're friendly smiling individuals who do their best to get along with everyone, always remember names, and have a knack for getting others to open up about themselves.

Picture Perfect Exterior

It's easy to assume, by their picture-perfect exterior that a Libra is "sugar and spice, and everything nice," but there can be a shadow side to Libra. Like all signs, Libra has both positive and negative characteristics. Explore Libra's shades of grey and you'll see why looks can be deceiving.

Libra Body Characteristics