Libra's Color Spectrum of Balanced Shades

Published February 17, 2020
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The Libra color spectrum of balanced pastel shades offers several color choices. The soft hues complement Libra's amicable and charming personality.

Exploring Libra's Color Spectrum of Balanced Shades

The color spectrum for Libra provides restive hues that range from pale green, baby blue, soothing teal or tranquil turquoise, gentle lavender, light pink, to creamy soft peach. Libra is sure to find a favorite color or two with so many choices.

Venus rules Libra

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. The energy of Venus is love and Libra embodies this powerful emotion in several ways. Libra is an idealist when it comes to love and the pastel colors associated with this zodiac sign are a perfect match to the energies of Venus.

Energies of Libra Colors

The wide spectrum of Libra colors bestows the energies of calmness, mental clarity, love, and emotional balance. You use these colors whenever you wish to imbue their energies into your life.

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Color Properties

Libra can use the wide spectrum of colors to take advantage of the various energies. You can select one or more of these colors to assist you in various areas of your life or to enhance specific talents and emotions.

Pale Green

Pale green is a soothing earth colors that is also vibrant. Sitting in a lush forest setting can rejuvenate and heal stressful situations. New growth is a restive yet energetic color. If you are in a growth mode in a particular area of your life, try using green to support you.

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Light Pink

Pink is the color of love and romance. A light pink has subtle but powerful energies. Whenever you feel romantic or need to add the softness of love to an evening or event, go light pink.

Baby Blue

Baby blue is an expansive sky color. It bestows the energy associated with mental clarity. Wear baby blue on days you need to be mentally sharp and open to new ideas.

Gentle Lavender

Gentle lavender provides a feeling of empowerment and self-realization. You can wear lavender colors for a feeling of self-confidence and courage to make changes or pursue a new direction.

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Soothing Teal or Tranquil Turquoise

Soothing Teal or Tranquil Turquoise are colors of serenity and spiritual wisdom. Wear this color when you are facing high stress situations or in pursuit of a spiritual experience.

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Creamy Soft Peach

Creamy soft peach can play up Libra's natural charming personality. If you need to be extra charming, give yourself a powerful boost by wearing creamy soft peach clothing.

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Libra Power Color

Pink is the power color for Libra. It can be worn whenever you need a boost of energy. For example, if you're giving a presentation, closing a sale, asking for a promotion, or going on a romantic date, pink will infuse its power energies for your undertaking.

Libra's Main Lucky Color

Libra's lucky color is blue. All shades of blue are lucky for this zodiac sign. Libra is all about balance and the energy of blue can restore balance. You can use this color whenever you need good luck. For example, you can wear blue to bring good luck when you apply for a job, make an offer on a home or undertake a challenge.

Two More Lucky Colors

Many Libras find they have two other lucky colors. You can try each one to see if they are the same or if one color is luckier for you.

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A pale pink hue can bring lucky energy to a Libra. You can wear this color when you try a game of luck or need to feel lucky.


While what isn't included in Libra's color palette, when it comes to luck, white can have very strong luck energy, just for Libra. You can try this color to see if it works for you.

  • Wear a white hat
  • Choose white décor accents
  • Place a white lamp on your desk or end table
  • Select a white outfit

Favorite Libra Color

For most Libras, light blue tends to be a favorite color. The lush gentle energy of this blue value can imbue Libras with confidence, calmness and even courage when needed.

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Blue for Mental Stimulation

Light blue is expansive, like the endlessness of a pale blue sky. This blue hue can help you focus during meditation or at work to help you think beyond boundaries and preconceived ideas. If you're looking for a color that stimulates creativity, choose light blue. You won't be disappointed!

Knowing How to Use Libra's Color Spectrum of Balanced Shades

Libra zodiac signs have a wide range of colors in the zodiac color spectrum. The shades of color are balanced in moderate to low intensity, making them suitable for the Libra personality.

Libra's Color Spectrum of Balanced Shades