Metal Element in Chinese Astrology


According to Chinese astrology, a person born with the metal element has a strong presence in life. A "metal person" is so ambitious that he's often referred to as having the inner strength of steel.

Metal Element Characteristics

Metal Years

To see if your element is metal, check your birth year:

  • Yang (male) metal year - Any year ending in 0
  • Yin (female) metal year - Any year ending in a 1

Yin (female) and yang (male) are the two opposite energies that make up the chi energy, which governs all life. The Chinese zodiac calendar is a 60-year cycle and is divided into the yin (female) and yang (male) cycles that interact to create a perfect balancing of energies.

Other Characteristics

  • Compass direction - West
  • Body area goverened - Respiratory system

Compatibility with Other Elements

Just as in Western astrology, not all of the elements in Chinese astrology are compatible.

Compatible Elements

  • Water and metal - Metal is an element that draws water. The water element attracts wealth and money. And whenever these two elements come together they create a great partnership. Both know how to make money and how to take advantage of opportunities. Metal enjoys taking care of water and nurturing her. Water on the other hand enjoys the sense of security that metal gives. Together, they can create a dynasty.
  • Earth and metal - Metal is created by the element earth. This combo makes for a very solid relationship. Metal is dependent on earth for grounding. A metal man will treat his mate as a true partner and value her opinions. Decision-making as a couple is methodical with all the pros and cons carefully weighed. Earth provides metal with the security of hearth and home.

Incompatible Elements

  • Fire and metal - These two elements will clash. In most cases, fire will assume a dominating role over metal, attempting to bend him to her will. Fire's mandate is to form and mold metal in a desire shape, but metal is too stubborn to allow himself to be manipulated for controlled. This combination is doomed from the start.
  • Wood and metal - Wood is cut by metal. While wood can be carved into a beautiful piece of furniture or sculpture, it can easily be destroyed by metal. In relationships, metal is critical of wood and wood quickly grows resentful.

Characteristics of Metal People

A person born under the metal element will pursue his goals with a single-minded purpose, and has an unwavering confidence in himself and his ability to attain his goals.

Overwhelming Desire to Succeed

Metal people can overcome most obstacles and meet challenges head on, and these are very good traits. This type of dogged determination can help them in their quest for the prize. However, this same element can sometimes make them ruthless in their desire to accomplish their missions. This driving need to succeed is so ingrained in a metal person that there is a risk that this can become an Achilles' heel. When such an attribute is taken to the extreme, it no longer serves as a strength and transforms into a weakness.


One of the strongest traits that can be both positive and negative is the metal person's penchant for stubbornness. This can also make him inflexible and set in his ways. He might get into frequent arguments if he doesn't consciously try to be more accepting, especially of others.

Self-Sufficient Loners

You will find metal people being drawn to a lifestyle that tests their self-reliance. They find great satisfaction in overcoming insurmountable odds. For some it can become addictive as they place themselves in even more challenging circumstances just to prove to themselves that they can do it.

Difficulty Recognizing Lost Causes

A metal person is often unable to recognize a lost cause. It blinds him to the truth that the original goal wasn't right. Getting a metal person to first acknowledge such a situation is only a small part of the challenge. The rest is convincing him to let it go and move on.

For a metal person it's almost impossible to admit defeat, much less surrender to a power greater than himself. The metal element is demanding and unforgiving. Perfection is an ideal, but gaining the objective is the utmost objective.

Lucky With Money

Metal people have an excellent instinct when it comes to money, and they tend to accumulate material wealth. They may even appear to have the "Midas touch." This is good since they also possess the taste for luxurious living.

You will often discover quite a collection of fine art in a metal person's home, especially when it comes to metal sculptures. This person's affinity for his element is usually reflected in the type of jewelry he wears. Precious metals are prized possessions, and he doesn't mind showing off his affluence.


Metal people find it difficult to conform to society's expectations. A nine-to-five job within a large company is not suitable for most metal personalities. A metal person needs to be independent and finds that he's better off working on his own. This element drives him to seek risk-taking careers, which might include:

  • Stunt work
  • Military career
  • Test pilot
  • Ocean-related jobs

Any type of physically and mentally challenging job holds an allure for a metal person.

Living With Metal Element Zodiac Sign

The best advice for anyone in a relationship with a metal element zodiac sign is to give him plenty of freedom and space to exercise what he believes to be his God-given right to explore and test his mettle. If you attempt to cage a metal person in, the relationship will most likely fail.

Metal Element in Chinese Astrology