Moon in Cancer Traits Include Sensitivity and Imagination

Published February 27, 2020
Cancer Zodiac Sign

The moon in Cancer personality traits include sensitivity and imagination. These traits can either be positive or negative depending on you choose to use them.

Moon in Cancer Personality Traits Are Empathetic

A Cancer moon means you have a high level of empathy for other people. This heightened sensitivity can affect how you perceive the world, often finding it difficult to distinguish between your emotions and what you sense in other people.

Inner Sense of Being

You have a profound sense of self. This aids you in finding and then following your personal destiny. This self-knowing means you respond differently to the outside world than most people.

Problem Solver

You recognize the underlying causes and effects of the daily interaction between people, their circumstances and their surroundings. This ability gives you an advantage when trying to solve problems and to unearth secrets that are hidden from you.

Positive Effects of Moon in Cancer

The positive traits of a Cancer moon include a greater understanding of other people and what emotionally motivates them. You instinctively know what someone is attempting to convey or accomplish by their emotional responses and interactions.

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Negative Effects of Moon in Cancer

Some of the more negative side-effects of a Cancer moon include moodiness, too much reliance on your instincts and the abandonment of logic and practicality. You find following someone else' schedule difficult to follow, since you prefer to be true to your inner clock and not one imposed on you by convention.

Burden of an Empath

Your empathic abilities can make you susceptible to other people's moods and emotions. You must learn to distinguish these from your own emotions. Your emotions and the swing of moods can impede your ability to conform to convention and establishment/societal expectations. This can make you resentful.

Caregiver and Nurturer

Cancer moons are natural caregivers and nurturers. You love to entertain and be a host to others. Your loving nature can be easily taken advantage of by a less scrupulous person. It pays to hone your discernment skills and learn to filter and even block your empathic abilities when surrounded by overly needy people.

What Is a Cancer Moon Child?

Traditionally, anyone born under Cancer is called a moon child. In modern terms, a moon child is anyone who feels a strong connection with the moon. This person is often characterized as being special and unique since they have this mysterious, almost magical affinity with the moon and its energy cycle.

Behavior of Moon in Cancer

You can clearly see the moon's influences in the way a person with a Cancer moon behaves. This person has an aura about this that is not of this world with psychic abilities and clairvoyant abilities. Cancer moons are contemplative and aren't quick to reveal what they feel, much less what they think.

Emotions and Moon in Cancer

Cancer moons are easily offended, and their feelings are very sensitive. At times, when the moon's ebb and flow is most powerful, Cancer moons have an almost childlike emotional state of being since they are so in-tune with other worldly energies.

What Cancer Moons Need

Since the moon in cancel heightens your emotional energies, you need a safe harbor to retreat and hide from the outer world. If you're in a chaotic setting that is noisy and filled with people, your empathic abilities will be pushed into overdrive.

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Comfortable and Quiet Home

For Cancer moons, nothing is more comforting than their home when it is well-decorated, cozy and filled with serenity. You need to spend time in solitude and benefit greatly from meditation.

Soothing Properties of Water

Water has a soothing effect on you, so a house on a lake, by a river, stream or ocean side help to keep you emotionally stable and centered. If you don't leave near a body of water, you can install a koi pond or set up a water fountain in your home office.

Family and Friends

Cancer moons have a strong emotional tie and need for family and friends. These are strong emotional tie for you and represent security. In fact, for most Cancer moons, family is priority and concern in life. As long as your family is safe, content and prospering you'll be happy.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

The signs most Cancer moons find compatible are ones that the elements complement or are the same. These include other water element signs and earth signs. Air and fire signs either stir up or upset the water element.

Moon in Libra Compatibility Chart

Moon Signs

Prominent Traits

Compatible or Incompatible


Emotional, creative, psychic



Emotional, home and hearth, family

Compatible, possibly


Emotional, expressive, psychic



Perfectionist, home, low profile lifestyle



Practical, serious, home and hearth



Stubborn, sensual, emotional



Fun-loving, adventurous, intelligent



Introspective, social, Intelligent



Energetic, fun-loving, mental acumen, social



Playful, adventurous, intellectual, social



Sincere, serious minded, intellectual, adventurous



Optimist, attention seeking, high style life


Cancer Moon Celebrities

You can look at celebrities to assess how the sun sign and the moon sign interact or conflict. Many celebrities have managed to find a nice balance between these two signs, although some struggle throughout life to find that balance.

  • Keanu Reeves is a Virgo with a Cancer moon. Virgo, an earth element is able to contain the Cancer moon's water element and give it form. This allows him to use his emotions within a specific framework, such as acting.
  • Penelope Cruz is a Taurus with a Cancer moon. Another earth element, Penelope also uses her emotions with a construct giving form through acting.
  • Drew Barrymore is a Pisces with a Cancer moon. These two water signs make her highly intuitive, psychic and extremely sensitive to her world. She can convey these emotions and touch others through acting.
  • Emma Thompson is an Aries with a Cancer moon. The challenge is to keep the water (emotions) for boiling over thanks to the Aries fire element. She can bring these two elements together in powerful emotions through acting.
  • Claude Debussy was a Leo with a Cancer moon. This fire and water combination enabled him to create powerful music that was full of emotion.

Moon in Cancer Traits Encompass Sensitivity and Imagination

When you discover the meaning of Cancer and the personality traits it give to the moon sign, you can find ways to cope with any overload of emotions. Sensitivity and imagination can make a great combination that can be expressed through art or other endeavors.

Moon in Cancer Traits Include Sensitivity and Imagination