Moon in Libra Signs Possess Charm and Grace

Published February 27, 2020
Libra astrological sign

If your moon is in the zodiac sign of Libra, you possess charm and grace. These personality traits can help you throughout life along with other positive characteristics.

Zodiac Moon Sign in Libra Possesses Charm and Grace

The Libra moon charm can woo the staunchest with a slight smile that holds promises of fun and laughter. You move through all areas of life with grace, especially when the Libra moon's mettle is tested.

Libra Moon Personality Traits

In addition to charm and grace, Libra moons have a need for balance, justice, peace, and harmony. There is a constant need for fairness in life, which isn't always found. This can be very frustrating to Libra moons.

Need for Balance

The Libra moon's need for balance encompasses all areas of life. Wherever there is a lack of balance, you'll strive to create one and do whatever it takes to ensure it is restored.

Persuasion and Communication

As an air sign, Libra moons have excellent communication and social skills. These personality traits come in handy since your need to create balance means you often need to convince others it's something needed, or it's the right thing to do.

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Cooperative and Congenial

You understand the nuances for getting along with others. You have a very congenial personality and are always cooperative when it means reaching a balanced situation. At work, your coworkers find you easy-going and not someone who makes waves, unless there is some kind of injustice that must be corrected.

Fair Arbitrator

You are a natural arbitrator. If someone need you to serve as a mediator to a conflict, you're always reading to assist. You enjoy helping other re-establish a balance and sense of fairness.

Home Environment

Your home environment reflects your penchant for harmony and balance. You have an inborn sense of style and your home must be aesthetically pleasing for you to feel comfortable and happy. You have a strong artistic flair that is present in everything you do.

Relationships With Family and Friends

Your relationships must be harmonious, or you will be gravely unhappy. An active but cordial social life is your ideal. You keep the lines of communication open in an effort to maintain balanced and harmonious relationships.

Moon in Libra and Your Emotions

As an arbitrator, you dislike conflicts. You find discord extremely upsetting and will rush to fix any misunderstandings. You never instigate arguments but are quick to end them with your adept negotiation skills.

Love and the Libra Moon

You are often in-love with love. Sometimes it's difficult for you to differentiate between the two. You don't like to discuss your feelings. You prefer showing your love instead of talking about it.

Depth of Love

When you love, you do so with all your heart and soul. You expect your beloved to treat your gift of love as something sacred. You cherish love and will do everything in your power to protect it.

Behaviors Seen in Libra Moons

Libra moons know how to behave in public and follow expected social mores. You know how to make yourself popular through your natural grace and charm.

Rules of Behavior

You have your own set of principles and rules on how you should conduct yourself in life. Your behavior is consistent and guided by your inner sense of right and wrong.

Respected by Others

Others respect you and know that you will always treat them fairly. The sayings, "Be the friend you want to have," and "Treat others as you wish to be treated" were surely coined after you.

Other Positive Personality Traits

Perhaps one of the traits that makes you such a valuable friend or acquaintance is your ability to see life from another person's perspective. Your need for balance brings a deeper understanding of the human psyche and what makes people tick.

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Objectivity in All Things

Those who know you can rely on your fairness. They know that you are objective. They depend on you and count on you always first hearing them out before you pass any kind of judgment.

Negative Traits

Libra moons don't always fit in the world since life can be chaotic and in complete discord. This can make you feel out of sorts and short-fused. When things are not in balance, it's like fingernails raking across a blackboard to you. It is literally excoriating for you.

Desire Versus Reality

When you desire harmony, you will often close your eyes to reality. For example, if your love relationship is rocky and you find yourself at odds with your beloved, you won't let go of your vision of what your relationship can be. You'll take great measures to manifest that ideal, even deny your own personal desires and needs in order to achieve harmony.

Self-Denial for Harmony

When you sacrifice your personal needs in a relationship, you can quickly lose yourself. You will make such concessions without hesitation, believing it will remedy what is wrong. It may take you some time to understand that you have the right to be happy without giving over to someone else's needs that are in conflict with yours. Such a breakup is very painful for Libra, since it goes against everything the Libra moon is.

Indecision Causes Imbalance

Some situations can lead you to a place of indecision. If your expectations are unrealistic or if you're attempting to satisfying someone else, you may put off making a decision. Your desire to please others in order to achieve balance can make you ineffective and hold you in limbo. Your indecision indirectly perpetuates imbalance.

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Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

A moon in Libra can be used to compare to your beloved's moon sign. While the moon compatibilities can be quickly assessed, you also want to consider your complete horoscope to fully understand any possible conflict, incompatibility and compatibility issues.

Signs Compatible With Libra Moon Sign
Moon Sign Prominent Traits Compatible or Incompatible
Leo Moon Positive, larger than life personality Compatible
Aries Moon Sincere, serious, intelligent, flirty Compatible
Sagittarius Moon Playful, intellectual, enjoys humor Compatible
Libra Moon Social, good conversationalist Compatible, possibly
Gemini Moon Outgoing, fun-loving, intellectual Compatible
Aquarius Moon Light, playful, humorous, social Compatible
Cancer Moon Emotional, moody, home and hearth Incompatible
Pisces Moon Emotional, psychic, moody Incompatible
Scorpio Moon Emotional, psychic, possessive Incompatible
Virgo Moon Perfectionist, detail-oriented Incompatible
Capricorn Moon Practical, serious minded Incompatible
Taurus Moon Steadfast, doesn't like change Incompatible

Libra Moon Celebrities

You may find some of the celebrities with a Libra moon good examples of how a moon in Libra affects your personality. The sun sign can often be used to highlight if the emotions are in contrast or harmony with the sun sign.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is a Scorpio with a Libra moon. This is a water element and air element combination.
  • Kristen Stewart is an Aries with a Libra moon. This is a fire element and air element combination.
  • Bradley Cooper is a Capricorn with a Libra moon. This is an earth element and air element combination.
  • Linda Goodman was an Aries with a Libra moon. This is a fire element and an air element combination.

How a Moon in Libra Zodiac Sign Possesses Charm and Grace

The moon sign impacts your emotional natures. You can explore how the moon in Libra possesses charm and grace along with many other desirable personality traits.

Moon in Libra Signs Possess Charm and Grace