Who Is Mystic Meg?

Updated August 8, 2019
Mystic Meg

Promotional images of Mystic Meg, with her shiny black hair, intense stare, and high-collared cloak, look more like a crystal ball gazer rather than an astrologer. However, Mystic Meg is a well-known British astrologer. For decades, the people of England have consulted her horoscopes and predictions for guidance.

About Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg, who was born Margaret Ann Lake on July 22, 1942, in Accrington, Lancashire, has a Leo Sun. A regal Leo Sun is appropriate for a woman who, due to her columns in the British tabloid The Sun and until it ended and the News of the World, is the queen of astrology in England.

Magic Meg's Career as a Psychic Astrologer

Mystic Meg was taught astrology by her Romany grandmother and has been stargazing professionally for about decades. Although she studied English at the University of Leeds, her career has been based on her psychic ability and astrology. From the start, Mystic Meg has enjoyed a steady surge in popularity. According to her Facebook and Twitter pages, she's "Britain's favorite psychic astrologer," but it's unclear if that title is self-proclaimed.

The Sun Newspaper

For years Mystic Meg has written a regular column in the Sun Newspaper and on its website that features daily and weekly horoscopes. The Sun also features Mystic Meg's racing tips each year for the Grand National.

The National Lottery

Mystic Meg garnered even greater attention when she hosted the first broadcast of the National Lottery draw in 1994. From 1994 to 2000 she was a regular and hosted Mystic Meg Predicts, a 45-second reading during which she predicted details about the future winner.

The Grand National

In April 2015, Mystic Meg teamed with the U.K.-based gambling company Coral to be the face of their national marketing campaign, You're Guaranteed A Fortune. The campaign featured Mystic Meg's image with her crystal ball in Coral's shops and on Coral TV. In conjunction with Coral News, Meg also offered a system to choose the horse that has the best chance of winning in the Grand National.

Mystic Meg Limited

In addition to horse betting tips and advice, Meg loves horseracing. She owns and breeds racehorses under the company name Mystic Meg Limited. Her horses have celestial names, such as Astrodome and Astronangel. Mystic Meg has stated that she uses her "skills to love match the mares with the right stallions."

Marketing the "Mystic Meg" Brand

Mystic Mag has made numerous television appearances, and her face and name are on tee-shirts and other astrology related products. However, when comedian Brian Conley spoofed Mystic Meg and created "Septic Peg" on his show, it further fueled her popularity. And Mystic Meg good-naturedly performed a sketch alongside Septic Peg that still gets attention today. In fact, the Mystic Meg website features their funny routine.

Are Mystic Meg's Predictions Accurate?

Astrologist Mark Flaherty asserts in his article How Does Astrology Work? that Mystic Meg's predictions are "nothing more than a bit of light entertainment containing generalized astrological information which has little or no practical use." However, there are no known studies or statistics on how many of her predictions have come to pass. So, it's difficult to pin down how many of Mystic Meg's predictions are accurate.

Where to Find Mystic Meg's Horoscopes

In addition to The Sun, you can find Mystic Meg's horoscopes on her website, her app, and occasionally on her social media pages.

Mystic Meg's Website

Mystic Meg is a unique and entertaining website, where you'll find free daily horoscopes, short fictional pieces that incorporate astrology, interesting games, numerology, Sun Bingo, a shop, free greeting E-cards, and psychic services.

Mystic Meg App

"Mystic Meg" is a free app that can be downloaded at Apple's App Store. It features daily horoscopes delivered to your phone, the ability to SMS chat with one of Mystic Meg's psychics, and a birthday message from Mystic Meg.

Psychic Guide Review

Psychic Guide review for 2018 says that while "Mystic Meg" is a registered business and a legit brand they question whether Meg, who was 76 at the time of the review, is still involved with the "Mystic Meg" brand.

The Brits Treasure Mystic Meg

If you enjoy astrology or all things paranormal, you'll enjoy Mystic Meg's horoscopes and find ways to apply them. Critics will undoubtedly continue to question her abilities, but one thing that's certain Mystic Meg is treasured by the Brits and her brand will continue to entertain people for years to come.

Who Is Mystic Meg?