Neptune in Aquarius: A Deep Sense of Knowing

Published April 27, 2021
Neptune in Aquarius

Individuals with Neptune in Aquarius in their birth chart have a natural freedom of expression that can be inspiring to other generations. They live their lives unbound by ego and hatch up group schemes and dreams. Those with Neptune in Aquarius take to heart the old idiom "one for all and all for one."

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune blurs boundaries and calls for the acceptance and unconditional love of all that is. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the sign of the common man and the masses. Male, female, white, black, brown, yellow, straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender, Neptune in Aquarius is about the melding of the human family.

The Neptune in Aquarius Generation

Neptune spends 14 years in each sign. An entire generation was born when Neptune was in Aquarius. Neptune's sign represents the hopes and dreams of a generation. Those with Neptune in Aquarius dream of an egalitarian society. Sociologists have dubbed the Neptune in Aquarius generation Gen Z. Below are the dates Neptune was transiting Aquarius.

  • January 28, 1998 - August 22, 1998
  • November 27, 1998 - April Apr 4, 2011
  • August 4, 2011 - February 3, 2012

Traits of the Neptune in Aquarius Generation

The Aquarius generation shares the common underlying traits of inclusiveness, tribal consciousness, and rebellion against authorities and religious traditions. As a group, they are:

  • Intellectually curious
  • Socially aware
  • Want to modernize the world
  • More interested in friendship than love
  • Have no natural respect for authority figures
  • Believe in their friends, the group, and in people power

All these themes will begin to flower as they mature.

friends sitting together on rock

The Teletubbies Generation

Another way to think about the Neptune in Aquarius is to remember their favorite childhood television show about four different colored creatures with televisions in their stomachs and antenna on the top of their heads having fun together in their magical world. Teletubbies aired from 1997 to 2001 and had all the group-think and hive-mind that resonated with these Neptune in Aquarius kids. You could say the Teletubbies were the compass for this generation.

Neptune in Aquarius Generation's Problems

These individuals may also be prone to promote revolutionary ideas based on unrealistic goals and have overly utopian visions for society. Additionally, previous generations can find them eccentric, scandalous, provocative, or rebellious, but these are merely side effects of their forward-thinking and imaginative ingenuity.

Young Neptune in Aquarius Activist

The Columbine shooting happened April 20, 1999, just after Neptune entered Aquarius, but these young people have since seen more school shootings than they can count, including the February 14, 2018 shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It's said that the Parkland massacre launched a new generation of activists, i.e., the Neptune in Aquarius generation.

Neptune in Aquarius Speaks

Many Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students continue to advocate for gun regulations. In particular, survivors David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and Emma Gonzalez have gone even further with their social activism.

David Hogg

"In order for us to create a better society, and one with less violence, we have to model what that looks like for ourselves first, in what a beloved community looks like, where we call people in and try to educate each other, instead of just trying to tear each other down on Twitter." ~ David Hogg, born April 12, 2000

Cameron Kasky

"I think a lot of white activists are in a place right now where it's kind of our turn to shut up," he said. "It's time for us to stop and listen and learn." ~ Cameron Kasky, born November 11, 2000

Emma Gonzalez

"If you are in a position of power, you need to aim to make the world a better place for every-one living here, not just yourself and your donors. Stop allowing violence to persist and being shocked when the youth are softer and gentler than you." ~ Emma Gonzalez, born November 11, 1999

Personalizing Neptune in Aquarius

If you know a young person born during the years Neptune was in Aquarius, you can begin to decipher how it's likely to affect them personally by getting a birth chart calculated by date, time, and place of birth. These are available for free on Look for the astrological house where Neptune in Aquarius resides; this is the area of life where they're likely express the traits listed above. If their Sun or other personal planets are in aspect to Neptune in Aquarius, they are tapped into the generation's broader narrative. As an example, David Hogg's birth chart has an Aries Sun with Neptune in Aquarius opposite his Leo Moon and square the ruler of his Sun, Mars, in Taurus.

Alike but Different

Neptune in Aquarius birthed a very different species of humans, who as they mature will change the planet for all. But never assume they are all alike. Astrology reveals a vast difference in their personalities and priorities, depending on the year they were born.

Neptune in Aquarius: A Deep Sense of Knowing