Pisces Animal Sign and Its Connection to the Zodiac

Published February 21, 2020
Pisces astrological sign

The Pisces animal sign and its connection to the zodiac begins with two fish. This zodiac glyph is used in astrology and is based on Greek mythology.

Examining Pisces Animal Sign's Meaning

The Pisces animal sign is designed as a symbol of two fish swimming away from each other yet are connected by a cord. This is shown as a straight line running through the two outwardly curved ones.

How the Two Fish Became the Pisces Animal Sign

Greek mythology explains how Aphrodite and Eros were turned into fish by Zeus so they could escape the deadly monster Typhon by jumping into the Euphrates River. The goddess, Athena, then set the two fish in the heavens where they became the Pisces constellation.

The Stuff of Dreams

The Pisces animal zodiac sign is one of ethereal magic, the dreamworld, other worldly imagination, facing and accepting karma, love and romance, and artistic talents. Pisces is the twelfth and last zodiac sign having incarnated through each of the other signs.

Last Zodiac Sign of Astrological Wheel

The Pisces sign is the last zodiac sign in the astrological wheel. The two fish swimming in opposite directions yet tied together is a great symbol of the two opposites necessary to make a whole. This makes Pisces reflective on the other 11 incarnations she/he lived in order to experience all 12 zodiac signs.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Completion of the Zodiac Wheel

Since Pisces has completed the 12 signs found in the zodiac wheel, what is next for the fish? Much depends on whether the fish is satisfied with what she/he has gleaned in the various incarnations. It doesn't mean the fish simply reincarnated in a progression around the wheel.

Repetitious Incarnations Possible

The fish may have enjoyed several incarnations for a single zodiac sign and only one for another sign. The fish may have gone backwards to re-experience an earlier sign and then resumed the progression of the zodiac wheel. Only the fish knows the sequence and number of incarnations she/he has experienced per sign.

Water Sign and the Fish

As the last zodiac sign in the astrological wheel, Pisces takes on the animal that always lives in the water, unlike the crab (Cancer) with some species that live on both land and water while others live in the water. The other water sign, scorpions (Scorpio), can be found in the water or in desert-like environments. Perhaps these two signs are preparation for the fish to live solely in the water element.

Water Represents Emotions

The water element for Pisces is essential for life. Water is considered to represent the emotional nature. As such, the fish can experience great compassion, love, romance and equally powerful opposite emotions of despair, delusion and other negative emotions.

Dark and Light Waters

As the fish swims in the water, there are deep dark waters and light shallow waters. Since the glyph for Pisces shows the two fish swimming in opposite directions, it's assumed this reveals secret ambitions/goals as well as being in touch with the otherworld that's invisible to most people.

Other Representations and Interpretations of Pisces Animal Sign

There are two other similar representations of the Pisces symbol. For example, the two fish are found in Chinese mythology of yin yang. A single fish is also a symbol of Christ, touted as the bringer of the Age of Pisces.

Yin Yang of Pisces Animal Sign

The Pisces animal zodiac sign embodies all 12 signs, and the fish is an ideal animal to represent this zodiac sign. The two fish can be compared to the two fish in the yin yang symbol. The male and female, light and dark, aggressive and passive and opposite energies.

Fish of the Pisces Sign

Ruler of the Sea

Pisces is ruled by Neptune. This planet symbol in astrology is the trident also a weapon wielded by the Greek god, Poseidon (also known as Neptune). Poseidon used his trident to rule over the sea. This powerful symbol is used in Astrology to represent the planet Neptune.

Pisces Symbol and Christian Religion

The fish symbol is also closely tied to Christianity by the birth of Jesus Christ marking the beginning of the age of Pisces. Early Christians used the fish symbol for their faith and Christ referred to his apostles as fishers of men.

Dual Meaning of Baptism by Immersion

The dual meaning of baptism is found in washing away sins or purification by water immersion, However, according to Christianity Today, Tertullian, a theologian of 2AD, baptism by immersion represents the little fishes (followers of Christ) being born in the water or in the theory of being born again in Christ, the little fishes are reborn in the water.

Understanding the Pisces Animal Sign and Its Connection to the Zodiac

Greek mythology explains the creation of the Pisces constellation and the advent of the Pisces animal sign of two fish. When you understand the Pisces zodiac sign, you gain a better appreciation for the fish's many attributes.

Pisces Animal Sign and Its Connection to the Zodiac