Pisces Colors to Inspire and Invigorate

Published February 7, 2020
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When you think of Pisces and the colors associated with this zodiac sign, the colors of the ocean flood the canvas. This sign of the fish is right at home with all watery colors and ocean surroundings.

Discover Pisces Colors to Inspire and Invigorate

All the various shades of blue are popular choices for Pisces. The different blues of the ocean are powerful colors for Pisces and invigorate the fish to venture into new realms of creativity. The chakra colors of purple and indigo are especially favorite Pisces colors.

Ocean Colors Make Pisces Feel at Home

The many shades of blue and other ocean colors make Pisces feel right at home. From teal/aqua to deep marine blue, these colors associated with the color of the sea have a calming effect on Pisces.

Teal Colors of Tranquility

For Pisces, teal colors bring feelings of tranquility and peace. Some Pisces surround themselves with this color, choosing it for their home décor and wardrobe. The tropical ocean scenes of teal clear waters is an ideal Pisces image.

Green Is an Ocean Color

Another color that Pisces enjoys is green, but not just any green. The greens found in various seaweeds and ocean plant life are considered an ideal Pisces color. While seaweed greens can range from light to dark greens, light green is Pisces best green color.

Giant Green Kelp Forest

How Green Makes Pisces Feel

Green gives Pisces an uplifting feeling, especially if feeling depressed or overwhelmed by life's challenges, especially when land bound. Pisces yearns for life ocean side and thrives best when surrounding by the sea. Light green, especially a translucent green gives Pisces the sensation of gentle ocean currents. It's easy to image the fish swimming happily among the undulating and floating seaweed.

Power Colors for Pisces

For the ruling planet of the twelfth house, Neptune's dreamy blues are ideal Pisces colors. However, there are a couple of power colors that Pisces might overlook if only being focus on the sea.

Jupiter Power Color Yellow

However, the traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter. This gigantic planet is over 11 times the size of Earth and has a dominant yellow hue. Pisces can capitalize on this powerful planet when using yellow for a power color!

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Whenever Pisces needs a boost of creativity, Jupiter's yellow can provide endless inspiration. If Pisces needs to find a power color to wear to an event or important meeting, then a combination of Neptune blue and Jupiter yellow will create an invincible look and imbue Pisces with confidence and courage.

Light Green Pisces Power Color

Another color often overlooked is the powerful light green that reminds Pisces of swimming in the ocean, weaving in and out of floating seaweed. This translucent green brings the call of the sea to Pisces prompting the twelfth zodiac sign to look beneath the surface to discover hidden treasures.

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Using Indigo for Intuitive Abilities

Shades of indigo are a popular choice for many Pisces. The color is associated with intuition and the third eye. This area is known as the sixth chakra and when it is opened, intuitive is heightened. Pisces is a highly evolved intuitive and is attuned to this energy center in the body and its ruling color of indigo.

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Pisces Lucky Color

Undoubtedly, the luckiest color for Pisces is sea glass teal. This color reflects tropical waters lapping along pristine white beaches. Pisces feels most confident and lucky when surrounded by this color. Pisces can wear teal colors whenever needing a boost of luck!

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Pisces Favorite Color

Pisces will be drawn to a specific color that deeply resonates with their inner being. This is the color that makes Pisces feel safe and happy. To find the perfect color to use in fashion and home décor, examine all the various blues to discover which one attracts you like a magnet. This color can easily become your favorite.

  • For some Pisces signs, this color is indigo.
  • Many Pisces fish find the color is aqua or teal their favorite.
  • Other Pisces find a medium blue or a marine blue is their favorite color.
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How to Use Pisces Colors in Home and Office Décors

Pisces can use the ocean colors and other Pisces color for home décor and office décor. The best approach is to select three colors to create your personal color palette. A few examples include:

  • Sea glass teal, sandy white and light green
  • Navy blue, white and yellow
  • Indigo, yellow and dark blue

Incorporating Pisces Colors in Interiors

Once you create your ideal color palette, you can apply it to home furnishings. This includes paint selections, draperies, flooring, rugs, furniture, and upholstery fabrics, and accessories. Consider the type of artwork you wish to use and make sure you choose pieces that feature your colors.

Fashion Sense the Pisces Way

You can use any number of color palettes to guide your clothing selections. Choose enough main pieces so you can easily mix and match.

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Include Power and Lucky Colors

You should include a few power-color pieces as well as lucky colors for those days when you need an extra boost in confidence. Jewelry and accessories can also repeat these colors, especially when you wear amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, turquoise, and other jewelry in Pisces colors.

Finding and Using Pisces Colors to Inspire and Invigorate

Pisces can increase energy and find inspiration through the use of colors specifically attuned to this zodiac sign. There are many hues in the Pisces color palette, so you're sure to find one you love.

Pisces Colors to Inspire and Invigorate