Recognizing When a Gemini Woman is Done With You

Published May 18, 2020
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There are specific signals that a Gemini woman gives you when she is done with you. However, these may be very subtle signs and you might miss them.

1. Disinterest Is the First Sign a Gemini Woman Is Done With You

The first sign that your Gemini woman is moving on is disinterest. This is often so subtle that you might miss it. You may shrug off her lack of interest in your conversation as her being tired or overworked.

2. She Becomes Distracted

You may find your Gemini woman distracted at certain times, especially when you're trying to be intimate. You'll sense the two of you are no longer in sync or that she doesn't seem as eager to make love.

3. You Often Find Her Daydreaming

You'll catch her daydreaming at odd times. You may find her sitting in front of the TV, but her mind is miles away. She may not even notice you enter the room. You might say something to her and she doesn't hear you the first or second time. When does snap back into the real world, she'll smile slightly but not appear very interested in your presence or what you are saying.

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4. She Grows Neglectful

A Gemini woman is done with you when she no longer seems to be focused on your life together. She neglects her everyday household duties. She spends more time at work than she used to. She doesn't always keep up with various tasks she's responsible for around the house, while you continue to live up to your daily obligations. When you call her attention to her neglect, she simply shrugs her shoulders.

5. She Is Indifferent to You

In the last stages of a Gemini being done with you, she grows indifferent to you. This is done with malice or meanness; she simply is shutting down her feelings for you. It's just a matter of time before she ends her relationship with you.

6. She Develops a Non-Caring Attitude

Her indifference spreads to other areas of your life together. She develops a non-caring attitude about things she used to care about. She's no longer concerned with mundane daily routines. She doesn't get excited about things the way she used to. In fact, you begin to think she may be suffering from depression and may even suggest she see a doctor.

7. She Has No Emotional Responses to You

In an effort to get some kind of emotion from her, you may try different techniques to bait her into an argument. As a rule, Gemini doesn't like to argue or engage in any kind of conflict, so she simply raises an eyebrow to your last-ditch effort.

8. She Stops Communicating With You

Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac and can be a chatterbox. She always wants to share information with those around her, especially a love interest. When your Gemini woman stops talking and no longer shares the news of her day or new information she's come across, it isn't long before she packs up her things and moves out.

9. She Avoids You With a Busy Calendar

Your Gemini woman suddenly has appointments after work. She decides to join a gym to visit on the way home each night. She plans hair appointments and other activities on Saturdays, so you rarely see her. You want to plan an evening out, but she's made plans with friends.

10. She Doesn't Want a Confrontation

If you've ignored these telltale signs that your Gemini woman is done with you and are still holding onto the hope, you've forced her hand. She finally has to verbalize what she's feeling. This isn't easy for Gemini, since she hoped her hints would communicate that for her, and your relationship is over.

No Reconciling When a Gemini Woman Is Done

Your Gemini woman tried to end your relationship without a big emotional scene. Depending on how you respond to rejection when in denial, this revelation will either devastate you or you'll be relieved to finally know why she's been acting so weird. For a Gemini woman, once she's ended a relationship, the only thing that can be salvaged is friendship.

Recognizing the Signs Your Relationship With a Gemini Woman Is Over

A Gemini woman tries to convey that she is done with you with her actions. It's her way of ending your relationship without a major scene. You can spare yourself additional pain by not trying to hang on to her.

Recognizing When a Gemini Woman is Done With You