Sagittarius Birthstone Names and Meanings

Published May 11, 2020
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Sagittarius's birthstones include blue topaz, beryl, sodalite, and turquoise. Most of these are blue, semi-precious or precious gemstones (crystals). Discover the meaning of each of these birthstones and why they serve as the gemstone for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Birthstone Color

Most of Sagittarius's birthstones (blue topaz, sodalite, and turquoise) are shades of blue. Beryl, which is a category of gemstone that includes emerald and aquamarine, comes in all the colors of the rainbow. In energy healing, blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is the energetic center of communication. It's no surprise that several blue stones represent Sagittarius, since Sagittarians are outspoken communicators who may speak so frequently and vigorously, they're often known for putting their foot in their mouth. The blue color of Sagittarius birthstones also represents the element of water, which can bring balance and harmony to this feisty fire sign.

Meaning of Blue Topaz Birthstone

Topaz comes in a few different colors including clear, brown, orange, green, pink, and blue, but it is only the blue topaz that serves as the Sagittarius birthstone. Blue topaz is a translucent sky blue. It is a stone of peace that can help bring a sense of calm to the wearer. It can also help improve self-confidence, particularly in communication, and it can help bring focus in following your life's path. For Sagittairus, who has a propensity to stick her foot in her mouth, blue topaz can help bring better communication by causing her to pause and gather her thoughts before speaking. Because it has such a powerful action on the throat chakra, Sagittarius can best benefit from wearing blue topaz as either earrings or a short pendant on an 18-inch chain.

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Sagittarius Sodalite Birthstone Meaning

Sodalite is an opaque blue stone with white, black, or grey bands. The blue in the stone ranges from medium blue to a deep blue color similar to lapis lazuli. It is a plentiful and affordable gemstone, making it a great option for Sagittarians on a budget. Sodalite is best known for its effect on rational thinking, helping the wearer to slow down and think more critically and clearly. For Sagittairus, who can often come across as a little flighty, this is a perfect balancing stone to help slow down what is usually a very busy mind. Like blue topaz, it's also a calming stone that can help bring balance and harmony to busy, fiery Sagittairus while helping to calm some of those infamous Sagittarian mood swings. Since sodalite works mostly on the throat and third eye chakra, wearing sodalite earrings is the perfect way for Sagittarius to harness the energy of this calming stone.

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Spiritual Meanings of Turquoise as a Birthstone

Turquoise has a warm blue-green color that acts on the heart and throat chakras. It is an opaque gemstone with striations of white, gold, brown, or black running through it. Once again, communication is highlighted with turquoise as the Sagittarius birthstone. With the combination of heart and throat chakra energy, this stone can help Sagittairus communicate in a more loving manner, which is an important trait to develop for a zodiac sign that is known for not really having a filter when he speaks. Turquoise also brings balance, harmony, and tranquility, which is a trait hyperactive Sag needs help cultivating. Because it acts on both heart and throat chakra, Sagittarius can wear it as a longer pendant so it falls between the heart and throat, or as a bracelet or ring.

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Beryl Birthstone Meaning

Beryl isn't a single gemstone, but rather a class of silicate minerals containing aluminum and beryllium. Some of the gemstones in this class are well-known precious and semi-precious gems named for their color, including emeralds and aquamarines. Other beryls include yellow-green heliodor, light green to clear goshenite, pink or clear morganite, dark blue maxixe, and beryls with nonspecific names such as red beryl. When listed simply as 'beryl', it typically refers to the colorless/clear version of this transparent mineral (goshenite, phenacite, morganite, or simply 'beryl').

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Beryl is a calming mineral that is said to open channels into the body from the crown chakra to higher guidance. As the Sagittarius birthstone, it can help to bring calm centeredness. Likewise, it can help truth seeker Sagittarius to develop an intuitive connection to your spirit guides and higher self. It's also an emotional balancer that brings healing and balance to all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Wear beryl as earrings for best results.

Working With Sagittarius Birthstones

The easiest way to work with any type of crystal or gemstone is to wear it. However, if you're not into jewelry, you can also carry your birthstone in a pocket, backpack, or handbag or hold it in your hands during meditation. Each of these stones can bring insight, balance, and healing for Sagittarians.

Sagittarius Birthstone Names and Meanings