Sagittarius Fire Element Explained

Published February 27, 2020
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius is one of three fire signs of the Zodiac (Aries and Leo are the other two). Being born under a fire sign has significant effects on many aspects of the Sagittarius, from personality, to interests, to possible health issues and more.

Fire in Sagittarius

If you were born under this sun sign of Sagittarius, it means you were born between November 22 and December 21. Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the Zodiac, and the sign is also one of four mutable signs (along with Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces). The combination of fire and mutability imparts many of Sagittarius's unique traits. Because Sagittarius is mutable fire, it means that the fire traits in Sagittarius spread, flow, and change. This accounts for Sagittarius's infamous wanderlust and quest for adventure as well as the sign's restlessness and continuous pursuit of new knowledge and ideals. The fire element can express in both negative and positive ways in Sagittarius, and it is up to the individual to learn to work with his or her fiery nature so that this warm and often powerful energy can express itself in a positive and constructive manner.

Truth Seeker

Sagittarius is a truth seeker. The fire element drives these traits, and you'll often find Sagittarius has a fiery love for travel and a desire to discover new things and have new experiences. Because the fire burns so brightly in Sagittarius, you may find them chasing philosophical pursuits, trying on new spiritual belief systems, or questioning the status quo in existing belief systems in search of the truth.

Lifelong Learner and Teacher

Fire also ignites Sagittarius's quest for new experience and new information. Many Sagittarians have a thirst for knowledge, and you'll often find Sagittarius seeking new experiences and information that they can not only put to work in their own lives, but share with others as well. Sagittarians consider themselves lifelong learners, and the fire in their sign keeps the passion for knowledge burning bright throughout their lives. While some Sagittarians commit to a course of study and follow it to the end, others take the approach of a dilettante, seeking knowledge for the sake of learning and growing, However, in many cases once Sagittarius feels they have the gist of that knowledge or experience, and they've found a way to incorporate it into what they do or teach, they're already moving on to the next idea, experience, concept, or topic.


Sagittarians are infamous for their wanderlust. The fire element ignites a passion for travel and exploration that's unmatched by any other sign of the Zodiac. While Sagittarius can settle down in one place and stay there, they find ways to keep it fresh through travel and adventure, even if they're only able to travel through books, television, and movies. Visiting new places, having new adventures, and seeing new things is very important to the Sagittarius, and this fire for adventure and travel continues throughout their lives. In some Sagittarians, this manifests through frequent changes in circumstances such as job changes and moves, but in others it manifests as being bitten by the travel bug and the desire to explore the most far-flung corners of the world.

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The fire element in Sagittarius frequently ignites a sunny optimism. When Sagittarius is at her best, she constantly looks on the brighter side of life. In fact, because of this optimism, it's difficult to keep a Sagittarian down. No matter how hard the blow Sagittarius is dealt, he is soon back up on his feet, looking for the silver lining in any dark cloud.


The fire of idealism also burns brightly in Sagittarius. Outsiders may look and wonder how, with everything going on in the world, sunny Sagittarian can maintain such a sense of idealism, but mutable fire makes this Sagittarius's natural state of being. However, even while Sagittarius maintains his or her sense of idealism, it doesn't mean he's blind to the world. It's Sagittarius's optimism that allows the Sagittarius to maintain idealistic principles while still keeping a sense of pragmatism underneath the idealistic surface.


Sagittarians love to share their fire with others, and many seek to spread that fire by being inspirational. Because of this, you might find Sagittarius working as a motivational speaker, a writer, a musician, or in some other field of communication or the arts where he or she can ignite a fire in others as well.


Sagittarius is the Tigger of the Zodiac. Fire energy makes Sagittarius bouncing ball of inspiration and excitement that can be equal parts infectious and annoying to others.

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Overly Blunt

All of this idealism and enthusiasm can have a down-side, as well. If the other signs of the Zodiac were to cast a vote, they'd probably vote Sagittarius most likely to stick her foot in her mouth, and with good reason. The fire element often causes Sagittarius to speak before thinking. And while Sagittarius believes he's only telling the truth, he often fails to cloak it in diplomacy, so it comes out sounding rather harsher than Sagittarius intended.

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Because fire makes Sagittarius a rolling stone, when she's feels trapped or stuck and unable to chase her fiery pursuits, Sagittarius can be more than a little impatient. In fact, overcoming impatience is one of Sagittarius's lifelong challenges, and for many it remains a struggle throughout life. However, just as quickly as the impatience arises, it can dissipate as Sagittarius finds a new pursuit or interest to alleviate the impatience.


When the fire element in Sagittarius creates an abundance of enthusiasm, it can cross the line into overbearing. Sagittarians are often so excited about their ideas, adventures, and world view that they try to push it onto others instead of happily going their own way and chasing their own adventures. What Sagittarius may simply view as having a can-do attitude, others may see as oppressive, pushy, and overbearing. Because of this, Sagittarius needs to step back frequently to ensure she's not pushing her ideals onto others.

How the Fire Element Affects Sagittarius's Health

Mutable fire makes Sagittarius go, go, go, which can affect his or her health in a number of ways.

Adrenal Exhaustion

Fire that burns too brightly all the time can result in exhaustion of the adrenal glands, which are forced to pump out adrenaline all the time to help maintain Sagittarius's passionate pursuit of truth and adventure. Sagittarius can manage this by making sure he takes plenty of downtime and finding a few relaxing or meditative pursuits to engage in as well. Using calming herbs such as drinking chamomile tea, can also help with this potential health issue.

Ulcers and GERD

Excessive fire unbalanced by other elements in Sagittarius can also cause burning issues in the body, such as ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). These issues can be balanced by bringing water, air, and earth element balance through diet and eating watery or cool foods, such as cucumber or melon, as well as avoiding fiery foods such as chili peppers, to balance the excessive fire energy.

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Likewise, excessive fire can cause inflammation in an unbalanced Sagittarius. Because of this, Sagittarians who are energetically out of balance may have inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune disease or heart disease. As with other health conditions, seeking balance through diet, calming herbs, energy healing, and meditative practices can help to calm inflammation and bring the Sagittarius back into balance.

How Sagittarius's Fire Element Affects Compatibility

While like often attracts like, too much fire can be a combustible match when it comes to Sagittarius's love relationships. However, the similarities in personality between Sagittarius and the other fire elements, Leo and Aries, can make them a good match for Sagittarius when the fire element is in balance in both partners. The air signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius may make even better matches for Sagittarius because air fuels fire, with cardinal air Libra having the edge over mutable Gemini or fixed Aquarius. Water and earth signs may still find compatibility with Sagittarius, although these relationships will require more work and compromise since water can quench fire, and earth signs may be too grounded and slow moving for the mercurial Sagittarius.

Making the Most of Sagittarius's Fire Element

When in balance, the fire element can be Sagittarius's superpower. However, Sagittarians need to remember that while they burn brightly, downtime is important to create balance. Likewise, Sagittarius needs to make allowances for other elements' more methodical or pragmatic approaches to life in order not to allow their enthusiasm to become impatient or overbearing. By seeking balance and recognizing how positive traits can become negative, Sagittarius can make the most of his or her fiery attributes.

Sagittarius Fire Element Explained