Scorpio Colors to Transform and Embolden

Published February 17, 2020
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You can use Scorpio colors to transform and embolden. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that is enamored of transformation and mastering life.

Exploring How Scorpio Colors Can Transform and Embolden

Scorpio colors reflect the passion and personal power the scorpion embodies. These include all medium to dark shades of red, such as merlot, burgundy, blood red, garnet, cranberry, crimson, and barn red.

Colors of Ruling Planets

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. These planets bring a color palette of similar shades of reds.

Other Colors of Mars

In addition to the many reds seen on Mars, tinges of burnt oranges, such as clay and rust are also highlighted colors. A close-up view of Mars reveals colors of dark amber and golden brown.

Colors of Pluto

The other ruling planet is Pluto. This planet brings black, white and another hue of dark orange. The colors in the Scorpio color palette can be exploited to aid the scorpion's quest to transform and become whatever this water sign envisions.

Color Meanings

For Scorpio, colors have specific meanings. You can keep these meanings in mind when deciding how best to use each color in the Scorpion color palettes.

  • Red is the color of passion.
  • In Western culture, black means death and transformation.
  • In Asian culture, black is an auspicious color.
  • In Western culture, white is the color of purity and life.
  • In Asian cultures, white is the color of death and transformation.
  • Orange means change, happiness and balance.
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Scorpio's Journey and Use of Colors

The Scorpio color palette features a range of intense colors that can aid the scorpion in its journey. That journey is filled with a wellspring of passion supplied by Scorpio's emotional nature. Scorpio's strong emotions are tied to the scorpion's psychic abilities, including empathy.

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Using Colors As Personal Aids

The colors assigned to Scorpio allow the scorpion to tap into the energies of each color. These colors fuel the driving force of needing to understand all life. This force is deep within Scorpio and governs everything the scorpion does.

Power Colors

Scorpio is a powerful force of nature. However, you can always use an infusion of power and Scorpio has the most transformative colors as a power color - black. And the color of powerful passion - red. Add to the mix, white, the color of purity, creation and life.

Black Color Energies

Black is the color associated with death and rebirth in Western culture. Scorpio can use black to assist in any undertaking that is transformative, such as changing careers or other actions that move you toward the person you wish to become.

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Transformation with Energies of Black Color

If you need to let go of something, such as a habit, a relationship or job, black can imbue the powerful energies needed to see such a transformation through to the end. You can incorporate black in your wardrobe and/or attire.

  • Choose to wear black clothing to assist you in making a change.
  • Add black accents in your home or office décor.
  • You can wear black gemstones, such as black diamond, black tourmaline, black onyx, or black pearl.

White Color Energies

Whether you ascribe to the Western or Asian meaning of the color, white, it is clearly a color of power. You can capitalize on the energies of purity and life as well as death and transformation.

  • You can wear white when practicing meditation.
  • Use white in your interiors to bring the sparkle and hope of life.
  • A white vehicle can literally transport you to a new life and aid you in your transformation journey.
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Red Color Energies

You can wear any shade of red for a quick infusion of power. If you have an event, are undertaking a creative project or enjoying a romantic night, don red as part of your wardrobe for that extra boost of energy.

  • You can wear red gemstones, such as rubies, garnets or red rhodonite.
  • Red accent objects can be placed within your existing décor to infuse excitement.
  • Use red as the main color for a home or office décors to invigorate and inspire.
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Lucky Colors

Scorpio also has a few colors that are considered to have lucky energies. You can use one or more of these colors for your wardrobe or décor.


Yellow is the color of hope, happiness and enthusiasm. This makes it a perfect choice for anytime you need a little luck. Select yellow clothing, jewelry, accessories, art objects to display, or other yellow items.

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Red is the color associated with passion, but it's also the color of fire. While Scorpio is a water sign, fire and water create steam, so you can capitalize of this reaction by wearing red to gather enough steam to spur on your good luck energy!


Orange is a balanced color of red and yellow. This makes it an ideal lucky color for Scorpio who is always seeking that fine balance between dreams and reality. Use yellow for that extra push of luck when you're applying for a loan or pitching an idea to your boss.

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Personal and Favorite Colors

Scorpio often has a special color that is a favorite for wardrobes, vehicles, jewelry, decors, and even flowers. Red is the most popular Scorpion color choice. From deep rich reds to bright vibrant cherry reds, Scorpio is drawn to this energized color.

  • If you're feeling mysterious, opt for a merlot or garnet color.
  • If you need a boost of passion and power, then a bright red is your best color choice.
  • If you're in a contemplative mood, then you may prefer to don a dark red outfit , such as marron or burgundy.
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Scorpio's Personal Color Palettes

Scorpio is original and always seeking new ideas to explore beyond the façade. One of the best ways to express your originality is through your choice of color palettes. You can use these in every day life for your wardrobe, your home and office décor, flower gardens, and any facet of life.

You can use any of these palettes or create your own:

  • White and red
  • Red and black
  • Red, white and black
  • Yellow, red and white
  • Rust, yellow and black
  • Orange and yellow
  • Orange and white

Use Scorpio Colors to Transform and Embolden

Scorpio colors can be used to transform your life. You can take advantage of these color energies to embolden you to make desired changes so you can grow.

Scorpio Colors to Transform and Embolden