Taurus Weaknesses in Love and Relationships

Published July 18, 2019
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It's not hard to fall in love with a Taurus, because when it comes to romance and sex, a Taurus is at their finest. However, once the thrill of new love passes, a Taurus' lover is likely to realize they have some weaknesses that are hard to ignore when it comes to a loving relationship.

Weaknesses in Love that Can Trip-Up Taurus

As you read through what's below keep in mind that every Taurus is a bit different and these differences can be seen in their entire birth chart, but all have the potential for the faults below. On the other hand, all also have the potential to be amazing lovers, mates, and parents. However, much also depends on how compatible they are with the person they love.

Slow and Cautious

A Taurus is not verbally expressive, especially when it comes to their emotions. They may be attracted to someone but not say anything until they're sure the person meets all their qualifications. They can often move so slowly and cautiously that the person they're interested in loses interest and moves on.

Lack of Spontaneity

A Taurus wants to have their days planned out so they know exactly what's going to happen. They seldom do anything on the spur of the moment, don't like last-minute changes, and when something doesn't go according to plan, they tend to get a little freaked out. When it comes to love, this can be exasperating to a partner who wants to go with the flow of life and live more spontaneously.

Lazy Nature

A Taurus can be lazy unless they're self-motivated to do something. When motivated by a new love, it's easy for them to get up and go, because love gives them the energy to be creative and exciting. However, after a while, they tend to get lazy, especially if they're living with someone. A Taurus can become so static that they become boring to their lover.


A Taurus can be addicted to money and possessions and put their hunger for wealth and material things before their lover. They need to remember that all the money in the world can't buy happiness because this type of behavior can marginalize, make their lover feel unimportant, and drive them out the door.

Self-Absorbed and Dismissive

A Taurus is internal individuals, and after the bloom of new love has passed, they can be so self-absorbed, they won't talk to or even listen to what their lover is saying. They can also be dismissive of their partner's thoughts and opinions. This behavior can play havoc on their partner's self-esteem and doesn't bode well for a happy relationship.

Stubborn and Inflexible

A Taurus always wants to have their own way and are glued to both their seats and opinions. You could glare at them or shout at the top of your lungs, and a Taurus won't budge an inch. Once their mind is set, they calmly fold their arms and dig in their heels. If Taurus would only talk, ask questions, compromise, and negotiate, it would make for a happier love life.

Cold Shoulder and Rage

Say or do something a Taurus doesn't like or approve of, and they'll turn a cold shoulder and simply not talk to you. If they're betrayed in any way or repeatedly hurt, a partner will experience their rage. An angered Taurus can be mean, retentive, and not quick to forget or forgive. Luckily this doesn't often happen, because all a lover can do is apologize, promise not to do it again, and wait for them to cool down.

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Possessive, Jealous, and Controlling

Taurus is a "me-mine" type of person. They often act as if they own their lover and become bossy, controlling, and possessive. If they sense something's amiss the jealousy and anger kicks in. If you're in a love relationship with a Taurus and they show these weaknesses, you should address these behaviors as quickly as possible and realistically access if the relationship should continue.

Won't Let Go

Once in love, a Taurus won't give up if the relationship fizzles, they can become fixated on winning their lover back. Somehow, a Taurus thinks that if they don't give up, their lover will come back to them. Truthfully, this can be annoying and only make the breakup worse.

Male and Female Taurus

These Taurus faults in love are shared by both male and female, but they're expressed a bit differently. A male Taurus is more likely to be in their lover's face, while a female Taurus is more subtle in her expression.

The Astrological Sign of Taurus

A Taurus's self-centered, unmovable, material, security conscious, pleasure-seeking nature is revealed in the above love weaknesses. But to better understand a Taurus' personality and their faults when it comes to love, it helps if you know a little about the astrological sign of Taurus.

It's a Personal Sign

The personal signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. These four signs are associated with personal needs, urges, and activities. They engage life and understand the world through their own actions and experiences.

It's a Fixed Sign

The Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The four Fixed signs are concerned with stabilizing, concentrating, and collecting.

It's an Earth Sign

The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. These three signs are attuned to their physical senses as well as the here-and-now material world.

Taurus Is Ruled by Venus

Venus is the planet of love that rules both Taurus and Libra. As the ruler Taurus, she's concerned with self-love and pleasuring herself.

When a Person Behaves Like a Taurus but Isn't

The behaviors above don't just apply to Taurus Suns, they apply to all individuals whose natal charts contain at least three significant planets in Taurus. In particular, individuals who have the Moon, Venus, or Mars in Taurus have the potential to behave in the above-described manners. When everything in an entire birth chart is synthesized, individuals are often surprised to discover their true astrological sign.

Taurus Weaknesses in Love and Relationships