Virgo Colors to Take You to the Next Level

Published February 17, 2020
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Virgo colors offer specific energies to take you to the next level in all areas of life. You can take advantage of personal colors, favorite colors, lucky colors, and power colors.

The Many Virgo Colors to Take You to the Next Level

The color palette for Virgo colors include Earth colors, such as brown, green, black, yellow, orange, sky blue, and white. Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo and brings its color, gray to the Virgo color palette. You can create your own color palette or use the ones suggested.


The color brown in all its shades is a grounding color for Virgo. Brown brings a comforting feeling of home and security to Virgo.

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Green is the color of growth, renewal and health. For Virgo, the energy of green is very similar to brown since it is also an earth color. Any time Virgo is surrounded by green, she/he feels safe and secure.


Gray is considered a neutral color. It's also a balanced color representing a balance between white and black. Gray is a practical color that Virgos find reassuring since it is a blend of two colors on opposite ends of the spectrum and the color of Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury.

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The color of darkness is comforting to Virgo. This is a time when Virgo enjoys how life slows down and she/he can spend time in the comfort of home away from the demands of daily life.


What is Earth without the sun? This is a question Virgo understands and why the color of the sun is a great color for Virgo. This earth sign welcomes the sun each morning since many Virgos are early risers and are up at the break of day!

Sky Blue

Endless possibilities with the sky being the limit is comforting to introspective Virgos. Knowing the sky is above the earth helps Virgo make sense of the cycle of life since this zodiac sign is deeper than most people realize.

Cozy Blue Themed Bedroom

Orange Colors

All the shades of orange welcome Virgo from the morning and evening sun colors to the beautiful hues of autumn. The change of foliage colors resonates with Virgo's inner sense of seasonal changes.

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Shades of White

Virgo appreciates the color white since it holds brilliant illumination within its energies. Deep thinking Virgo taps into these energies effortlessly and often comes up with original ideas when surrounding by this color.

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Virgo Power Color

The main power color for Virgo is green. This color represents health and growth to Virgo, but more importantly, it is a prominent color of plant life on the ground and in the ocean.

Wear Power Color Green

Having pieces of green clothing is a must for any Virgo wardrobe. This color imbues Virgo with energies of health, newness and hope. That hope stems from the assurance that new life continues in the cycle of growth.

  • Wear green when attending an important meeting to boost your personal power.
  • Wear a green tie or shirt for a power lunch.
  • Don a green dress and accessories with a tan and green jacket, sweater or coat.
  • Wear green jewelry, such as jade or emerald.

Green Interior Décor

Another way for Virgo to enjoy the power of green is to use it within home and office interiors. Virgo can use green draperies to highlight a living room with beige walls, chocolate furniture and a green rug with various shades of brown to tan colors.

Green Pillows On Bed At Home

Accent Objects in Home and Office

Accent objects are also an ideal way to capture some of the power of green colors in your home or office. Place a carved jade figurine on your office desk or fireplace mantel.

Two Other Virgo Power Colors

In addition to green, Virgo has two other power colors you can use. These include, blue and brilliant white. You can use these colors independently or together for a truly powerful color combination.

Virgo Lucky Colors

Virgo also has a few lucky colors. You can use these colors much the same way as power colors. If you need a little extra lucky for getting that loan approved or making a career change, use one or more of your lucky colors.

Green Main Lucky Color for Virgo

Green once more takes center stage. Virgo gets a double dose of luck and power from the various color values of green. Many Virgos value green as their main lucky color, especially where finances are involved.


It's shouldn't be surprising that the sun color yellow is a lucky one for Virgo. You can use this lucky color in your home décor, office décor and for your wardrobe selections.

Large Yellow Master Bedroom with Sunroom


Orange is a lucky Virgo color. This vibrant earth color can be used in interior décors and wardrobes. A unique idea for using this color includes food choices, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, acorn squash, and oranges.


Not only is white a Virgo power color, it's also a lucky color. This double duty color can be used by itself or in combination with green or yellow.

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Neutral gray is also a lucky color. You can select artwork, such as statues or other sculptures in addition to various décor uses for infuses a little luck into your life.

Using Lucky Color Palettes

You may decide to have multiple your luck by using several lucky colors together. Virgo can create striking décors and wardrobes when combining these colors.

  • Yellow and white make a great décor combination for a sunroom or home office.
  • Yellow and green are a soothing and refreshing combination.
  • Green and white provide a cool and relaxing atmosphere or attire choice.
  • Yellow, green and white can be used throughout your home or office in any level of color saturation. Also use these colors for a spring wardrobe.
  • Orange and gray make a striking color combination.
  • Yellow and gray also make a great color combination
  • Orange and yellow create a dynamic color combination and can be accented with white or gray.
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Virgo Personal Colors Guaranteed to Take You to the Next Level

Virgo personal colors can be selected from power colors, lucky colors and general Virgo colors. Many of these colors serve more than just one role, making them very significant energies in Virgo's life. These colors can be used to support and boost activities, goals and personal ideals.

Virgo Colors to Take You to the Next Level