Zodiac Cancer Colors and Their Meanings

Published February 10, 2020
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If you were born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, there are specific Cancer colors you can use that take advantage of the energies and attributes they represent. You can select any of these colors for your home and office décors, fashion choices, jewelry and accessories to capitalize on their power and luck.

Exploring Zodiac Cancer Personal Colors and Their Meanings

The crab (Cancer sign) is a creature of the ocean and enjoys both the sand and the water. It isn't surprising that the Cancer personality is drawn to these elements and their colors. These include, seaweed green, sea glass blues, sandy whites, sky blue, and white/gray clouds.

Cancer Ruled by the Moon

Another Cancer color that shouldn't be overlooked is the color of its ruler, the moon. These colors resonate with the ancient mystique and fascination of the moon. From a soft pale yellow to a harvest orange, the colors of the moon are ones Cancer signs can use.

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Ways to Use Zodiac Cancer Colors

Cancer colors can be incorporated into a home or office décor as well as the clothing Cancer wears. These colors can imbue specific energies to Cancer often referred to as power colors, lucky colors or personal colors.

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Cancer's Power Color

The power color for Cancer is blue. The color value of blue is a personal choice. You may prefer a sapphire blue while another Cancer sign prefers teal. The blue color that makes you feel the most empowered is the one you should focus on as your power color.

Cancer's Lucky Color

Silver or blue are Cancer's lucky colors. You can use these colors to select sterling silver or white gold jewelry with blue gemstones. When paired with blue, silver shines brighter and attracts good luck energies to you. You can use silver or blue as an accent color in your home or office decorations. Choose color combinations in fabrics that include blue, silver or medium gray.

Cancer's Favorite Color

You can choose from silver, blue, teal/aqua, white, dark blue, gray, sky blue, light blue, mustard yellow, pewter, and turquoise. Consider each of these colors and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Your favorite cancer color can be used in fashion and home/office décors. Use it as an accent color in your home color palette or as the main color throughout your home/office décor.

Adding Zodiac Cancer Colors to Your Wardrobe

Whether a sand crab, blue crab, hermit crab, or other type of crab, this zodiac sign will feel confident and empowered when wearing watery blue colors. When choosing the colors of your wardrobe, consider the types of fabrics and how the colors will look with your movements, such as walking along a breezy beach or enjoying boat ride along the coast.

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Zodiac Cancer Color Palettes for Home and Office Décors

When you're ready to decorate your home or office, you can select your colors from the zodiac Cancer color palette. Go with dreamy sounding colors, such as Pacific blue, ocean blue, Caribbean aqua blue, seawater blue, sea glass green, sandy shores white, moonlight yellow, and cloudy gray skies.

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Choose Your Favorite Cancer Color Palette

The best way to take advantage of the Cancer sign color palette is to select three colors that appeal to you the most. You can combine your favorite Cancer colors to use as your home or office décor. These color palettes also translate into fashion and jewelry as well as other personal accessories. An example of three-color palettes could include;

  • Caribbean aqua blue, sandy shores white and sea glass green
  • Pacific blue, moonlight yellow and cloudy gray
  • Deep ocean blue, cloudy skies gray and sea glass green
  • Sandy beaches white, silvery moon and marine blue

Learning How to Use Zodiac Cancer Colors and Their Meanings

The colors of the zodiac Cancer sign represent the strong connection Cancer has with the sea and the moon. You can use any of these Cancer colors to add a layer of personal meaning to your décor and wardrobe.

Zodiac Cancer Colors and Their Meanings