6 Suppliers of Large Print Books

Updated December 31, 2018
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Seniors with weakening eyesight can continue their love affair with reading with large print books. These books come in a variety of genres and contain large print; typically a size 14 font or larger. Most of these books are reprints of the original size, which was much smaller. Popular best-sellers of virtually every genre are usually reprinted in larger fonts, as are some magazines.

Large Print Book Suppliers

Book publishers often feature reprints of traditional, classic, and best-selling books in larger font to encourage students and senior citizens to develop and continue a love of reading.

Thorndike Press

Thorndike Press is considered the world's leading publisher of large print books; Thorndike Press first began this practice in 1999. The company continues to publish 1,500 new titles in larger font each year.

Library Reproduction Service

Library Reproduction Service offers custom-made, enhanced, large print copies of all published adult education textbooks and materials, in easy-to-use formats.


Bolinda's large print selections, available in both hardcover and softcover editions, are designed for easy reading. Shoppers have the choice of ordering titles and paying online anonymously, or they can join the company's free B Club for additional benefits. This company carries a wide selection of audiobooks as well, which can make traveling more pleasant.

Large Print Books

Large Print Books has a catalog of thousands of selections in a myriad of genres from many publishers.


Amazon offers larger print editions of featured titles in everything from biographies to science fiction. Their catalog continues to expand as the company grows exponentially.

Large Print Book Clubs

Keep the large print books coming to your home with a book club specific to books in larger print. There are some book clubs to choose from that cater to readers who need large print, but not all book clubs offer large print books exclusively.

Doubleday Book Club

The Doubleday Book Club book club offers a wide variety of books in large print. Members can join the club and receive a variety of benefits, including 30 percent off publishers' edition prices. Doubleday provides a diverse collection of discount books, including easy-to-read mysteries, romance novels, and self-help books.

Brilliant Books Club

Curated by booksellers who choose books based on your preferences, the Brilliant Book Club offers annual or 6-month membership subscriptions with a monthly book delivery. Delivery dates can be catered to the reader's preference if they prefer fewer deliveries.

Large Print E-Readers

Most electronic readers offer large print editions of books. For example, the Kindle catalog has an extensive offering of large print books. Additionally, the font size of the Kindle can be adjusted larger or smaller with any book, as can the Nook e-reader.

Benefits of Large Print Books

For the elderly, reading is a popular senior activity that even the bedridden can enjoy. You don't have to be a senior citizen to enjoy reading, but for many elderly, poor eyesight can be limiting. Large print books provide senior citizens with an opportunity to continue their beloved hobby. The following benefits are evident for those who use these books.

  • Encourages those in nursing homes to maintain an interest in the outside world
  • Helps build and maintain vocabulary
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Encourages reading comprehension
  • Improves reading enjoyment

Finally, you don't have to pay for all the books you read. Swap books with friends and relatives and check out your local library for the latest best reads to enjoy. If your library doesn't carry a certain title in larger print, ask if they can order it through a library exchange service or from another branch.

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6 Suppliers of Large Print Books