11 Intriguing Movies About Heaven

Published January 27, 2021
Stairway to heaven

One of the great mysteries in life is the existence of life after death. Many filmmakers help us to take a look at this subject through movies about heaven and the afterlife. Explore a list of 11 movies about heaven and the afterlife that just might pique your interest.

Movies About Heaven

Everyone wonders what heaven looks like. Well, a few filmmakers have taken this journey head-on with their cinematic masterpieces. Explore a few movies about heaven that have graced the big screen.

A Matter of Life and Death 1946

An oldie but a goodie, A Matter of Life and Death was one of the first films to give us a unique glance at heaven. In this film, the stairway to heaven was a literal escalator that ascended into the heavenly realm. This film also tried to combine color and black and white cinematography, which was cutting edge for the time. In the plot of this movie, wartime aviator, Peter Carter, must fight for his right to keep living after a mixup sends him back to earth from heaven.

Heaven Is for Real 2014

In the Christian drama film, Heaven Is for Real, a small boy Colton describes his ascent to heaven after emergency surgery. During his journey to the heavens, Colton describes Jesus along with other family members long passed. Though his pastor father is skeptical, he learns that Colton's description of Jesus is similar to a Lithuanian girl with a similar experience.

Miracles From Heaven 2016

In the 2016 movie, Miracles From Heaven, a little girl is miraculously cured of her chronic illness after a fall from a tree. While the rescuers tell Anna's mom to expect the worst after her 30 ft fall, she not only came out unscathed but cured of her disease. Anna tells her mom of her descent into heaven and meeting with God, who promised to cure her illness.

The Shack 2017

A movie based on a book of the same name, The Shack chronicles the life of Mack. Abused by his father, he murders him as a youth. However, when he loses his youngest daughter, Mack loses his faith. Thinking he might find his daughter's murder, Mack visits a cabin after getting a note. There he meets God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. With their help, he finds his faith and gets to meet his daughter in heaven. Mack also finds the strength to forgive himself for murdering his father.

All Dogs Go to Heaven 1989

A cute cartoon that gives you a peek at heaven, All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 film that follows the plight of Charlie. A sneaky canine, Charlie sneaks back to earth after going to heaven. However, when he comes back to earth, he meets the sweet Anne-Marie. Through her friendship, Charlie learns how to love and be loyal by sacrificing himself to save Anne-Marie.

What Dreams May Come 1998

Heaven is hard enough to portray in movies, but director Vincent Ward takes this a step further by looking at the afterlife, heaven, and hell all in one movie. The movie is centered around Chris, played by Robin Williams, who dies in a car crash. Not realizing he's dead, Chris tries to interact with those around him before going to heaven. However, his time in heaven is cut short when his wife Annie commits suicide. Desperate to save her from hell, Chris goes to hell. However, ultimately it's Annie that brings them both back to heaven to meet with their children.

Movies About Afterlife

Heavenly movies are famous for giving us a small glimpse into the afterlife. Not only do you see the magical place that heaven is, but it allows you to imagine life after death. Dive into these impressive titles that offer a look at what the afterlife might entail. From ghosts to angels, filmmakers show it all.

The Lovely Bones 2009

The Lovely Bones tells the story of 14-year old Susie Salmon who is raped and murdered by her neighbor. Susie's spirit descends to heaven where Susie watches her family fall apart. In her own way, Susie tries to help her father prove their neighbor was the killer. Through Susie's plight, you get a glimpse of her heaven and the afterlife.

The Sixth Sense 1999

The Sixth Sense was a psychological thriller that made a splash on the screen for its unique depiction of the afterlife. Not realizing he's dead, a child psychiatrist, Malcolm, tries to help Cole Sear, a young boy that sees ghosts. Through his help, Cole learns to accept his ability to see the dead, as Malcolm realizes he himself is dead. In the end, Malcolm finds his way to heaven after completing his unfinished business with his wife.

Ghost 1990

Love never dies. Or at least it doesn't in the films. In this classic love story, Sam Wheat is killed by a mugger and becomes a ghost when his spirit leaves his body. Finding the medium, Oda Mae, Sam is able to communicate with her. It's through Oda Mae that Sam is able to find his murderer, who turns out to be his best friend, Carl. After Carl is stopped and taken to hell, the heavenly gate opens for Sam.

Coco 2017

A Pixar animated film, Coco follows musically gifted Miguel who steals a guitar and unwillingly goes to the Land of the Dead. Meeting with his deceased family, Miguel confronts Hector, a trickster trying to visit his daughter on the Day of the Dead before he becomes one of the forgotten. Through his plight into the Land of the Dead, Miguel discovers a murder plot that drastically changes his family's thoughts on music.

Ghost Town 2008

Explore the afterlife through this dramatic comedy that follows Bertram Pincus. After dying for 7 minutes after an operation, Bertram now sees ghosts unable to cross over because of unfinished business. While at first, he's unwilling to help them, he learns to be selfless by helping these ghosts with a few mishaps along the way.

Movies About Heaven

One of the biggest mysteries in the world is what happens when you die. Many religions believe in the existence of heaven and hell. However, even if you don't, movies about heaven can still be entertaining.

11 Intriguing Movies About Heaven