15 Meaningful Songs About Heaven: Grieving Through Music

Published January 26, 2021
Grieving woman listening to music

Many people turn to music to find comfort and encouragement as they mourn the death of a loved one. For those who believe in an afterlife, songs about heaven assure an understanding that they do not grieve as someone who has no hope. Here are fifteen songs about heaven that blend words of faith with the emotions of mourning and remembrance.

Songs That Speak About Heaven

Songs that speak about the reality of heaven convey the expectation of a reunion with loved ones. These are songs that will stir emotions and spring forth hope.

I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard, Mercy Me

There are few songs about heaven that have had the impact of this song which released in 2001. Bart Millard, singer for the Christian band Mercy Me and composer of the song, suffered physical and emotional abuse growing up at the hands of his father. Later, when the father is terminally ill with cancer, Bart mended the relationship with his father and penned the song as he imagined the experiences his father would now enjoy in heaven. The touching story was made into a movie in 2018.

Thinkin' 'Bout Home by Debra Talley

For some people, the harmonies and heart-felt words of Southern gospel music can touch the soul like no other musical compositions. The Talley name has been synonymous with the genre since 1984. Roger and Debra Talley and their children have performed and won nearly every award that the Christian music industry offers. This song, written by Debra, has received accolades from multiple organizations and scores of individuals.

Heaven by Michael English

Michael English has been one of the Christian music industry's enduring voices for decades as both a solo artist and member of groups. In concert, English once told the audience that he promised his mother that every time he sang a concert, he would sing at least one song about heaven. This was a featured track on his first solo album. "Life without crying … will one day be mine" That's what heaven will be like.

Save a Place for Me by Matthew West

Matthew West has written a host of songs that speak to the real circumstances of life and stir real emotions of comfort, peace and encouragement. This is a song that speaks to the feelings and emotions that are present when someone loved deeply passes away. This song spurs the reality of hope in your life.

I'll See You Again by Westlife

The lead singer for the Irish band Westlife has discussed the importance of his Christian faith on several occasions. This song speaks to the hope that he will see his loved ones again, as well as a sense of their continued presence in his life.

If Heaven by Andy Griggs

Some singers have the ability to weave a story into a ballad as they sing. Griggs is able to capture the wonders and looks of heaven. His words and vocal passion will help you envision a life that rids us of sorrows and loss.

When I Get Where I'm Going by George Teren and Rivers Rutherford, Recorded by Brad Paisley

The words to this song are encouraging and uplifting. It featured Paisley's lead with backup vocals by Dolly Parton. The power of the song propelled Parton to her 25th number one song, and Paisley to his fifth. But the video that accompanies the song places it beyond amazing. The video features many people holding up pictures of loved ones who have died. Two notable celebrities in the video include Teresa Earnhardt, with a picture of husband Dale, and Michael Reagan with a photograph of his father, the former president. The video almost dares you not to cry. Don't take the dare.

There Will Be a Day by Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp is a contemporary singer that edges toward a solid rock sound. This song is a powerful addition to choices of songs that remind of what will happen as we transition from earthly living to heavenly bliss.

Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill

One of country music's legends, Vince Gill began writing this song in 1989 following the death of fellow country music singer Keith Whitley. He did not finish the song until a few years later when his older brother Bob passed away in 1993 of a heart attack. Although other artists have recorded the song, no one seems to capture the pure emotion in the song as Vince.

Songs About Dad in Heaven

There are different kinds of songs to use in funerals to honor and remember different people in different circumstances. Remembering the impact that a father has on your life is a potent emotion. Here are several moving songs about fathers.

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

Vandross, whose father died when he was seven, captures the confusion and affection and pain in a moving, yet beautiful way. The song is amazing considering what he remembers is seen through the eyes of a seven year old.

Threaten Me With Heaven by Vince Gill

Gill co-wrote this song with his wife, singer/songwriter Amy Grant, along with two others. The song was inspired by Amy's ex-father-in-law, who received news from a doctor to which he joked, "What are they going to do? Threaten me with heaven?" The contribution looks at facing the end of earthly life with the realization that life is finally about to begin.

Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton

In 1991 following the death of his son, Clapton and song writer Will Jennings worked together to write this song. His son Conor fell 50 stories from an apartment building in New York City.

Songs About Missing Your Mom in Heaven

Mourning is different for everyone, but music can be a powerful took to help one struggle through the loss of a mother. Here are a few examples of powerful messages.

In the Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan is an award-winning contemporary artist. Her song has a specific context because of its use in a particular movie and the setting in which she wrote it. But the song also speaks to animal rights and abused animals, insomnia, and suicide loss. The ambiguity in the song allows you to plug it into almost any circumstance and find meaning. Her vocals and music are haunting.

Streets of Heaven by Sherrie Austin

The song is co-written by Australian country music artist Sherrie Austin. It relates the latest in a series of 2 AM hospital room prayers for her ill and dying seven-year-old child. It is the tear wrenching type of song that has made country music moments through the years.

All My Tears by Julie Miller

This song has been covered by several artists. The song speaks to the amazing change that occurs when one passes from this life to the next. Simple, pointed and confident, the music, regardless of who sings it, will produce hope in your heart.

Music That Expresses the Heart

Music helps those who are grieving to celebrate a loved one's life and hope for a better place and an eventual reunion. Though meaningful at a funeral service, songs about heaven can bring comfort to the bereaved at any time.

15 Meaningful Songs About Heaven: Grieving Through Music