20 Powerful Alternatives to Rest in Peace

Published September 23, 2020
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Rest in peace messages may not convey the depth of your condolences or sympathies to the family of the deceased. There are several alternatives to rest in peace that you may prefer to use.

Alternative Sayings for Rest in Peace

An alternative saying for rest in peace is often preferred. This can be especially true when you want to personalize your message or sentiment. Whether your message may be for a card or for funeral flowers, you can still use the word rest when you choose an alternative to rest in peace. Many alternative choices are specific to religious beliefs, while others are more generic.

  1. Rest in God!
  2. Rest in Christ's love.
  3. Rest in the Light.
  4. God's blessings and peace.
  5. Resurrection of life eternal in Christ.
Alternative Sayings for Rest in Peace

Rest Easy Meaningful Sentiments to Express Condolences

The sentiment that you wish to express for the deceased to rest easy can be conveyed with an alternative message. You can offer a different perspective on this traditional phrase while taking advantage of a few examples. Choose a phrase you feel most comfortable using for a funeral sentiment and message. You may decide to have your sentiment printed onto a ribbon or a funeral wreath.

  1. Peace in your eternal and easy rest.
  2. May you rest easy in grace and love.
  3. Rest easy in sleep eternal.
  4. Rest easy on the wings of eternity.
  5. Eternal easy rest in sweet slumber.
Rest Easy Sentiments to Express Condolences

Rest in Heaven Alternative Messages

An alternative message to rest in peace can focus on rest in heaven. This sentiment encompasses all that heaven promises. You may choose to use the word heaven in your sentiment if this accurately portrays your beliefs and most importantly, the beliefs of the deceased and deceased's family.

  1. Peace in heaven.
  2. Rest with angels.
  3. May the heavenly host guide you in peace.
  4. Rest in heaven's glory.
  5. Rest in heaven's bosom.
Rest in Heaven Alternative Messages

Rest in Paradise Sentiments for Condolences

Heaven is often called paradise and implies the perfect world awaiting the deceased. You can use this powerful word in your sentiment to offer hope and comfort to the deceased's family.

  1. Rest in the beauty of Paradise.
  2. Rest in Paradise with eternal love.
  3. Rest in Paradise on the wings of angels.
  4. Rest in the joyfulness of Paradise.
  5. Rest in Paradise and be with God.
Rest in Paradise Sentiments for Condolences

What Can I Say Instead of Rest in Peace?

You can offer variations of examples given to say instead of rest in peace. You can choose a sentiment and then place rest in at the beginning of your sentiment. For example, you may choose a sentiment such as divine love, but alone the two words don't convey what you wish to day. However, those two words can be transformed when you add rest easy in at the beginning for a very nice message of rest easy in divine love.

Alternative Ways to Say Rest in Peace

You can find alternative ways to offer condolences other than saying rest in peace. A few word changes can give you the same feeling of sentiment without using the phrase rest in peace.

20 Powerful Alternatives to Rest in Peace