20 Sample Sympathy Thank You Notes to Coworkers

Published August 3, 2020
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Sample sympathy thank you notes for the kindness shown to you by coworkers can help you say exactly what you mean. You may decide to use parts of a couple of notes to express your gratitude to coworkers.

Sample Sympathy Thank You Notes to Acknowledge Coworkers

When writing a sympathy thank you note to a coworker for a gesture she/he made during the loss of a loved one, you want to be specific. This will make your note more personal and better demonstrate your genuine appreciation.

  • "Thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement you sent to Mom's funeral. It was simply gorgeous."
  • "I deeply appreciate the baked goods you brought to the house. Your words of comfort meant so much to me."
  • "Thank you for you for pitching in and helping with the food after the funeral. I couldn't have managed with your help."
  • "Thank you for coming to visitation and the funeral. The flower arrangement you sent was so beautiful. My mom was a gardener, and peonies were her favorite flower."
  • "Thank you for the delicious casserole you brought by the house. I'm so sorry I was out when you stopped by, but I'll call you once things settle down to catch up and see how work is going."
  • "Thank you for coming by the house while I was out for my father's funeral. Your cookies didn't last very long once my brothers spied them on the kitchen counter."
  • "The flowers you sent are so beautiful, and their aroma fills the house. My mom said she'd never seen such perfectly shaped pink roses. My sister would have loved them since pink was her favorite color."
  • "You have always been there to support me as a team member at work, and you did the same thing during my time of loss. I'm very grateful to have a coworker who is such a good friend."
    Thank you notes for your coworkers

Thank You Notes Showing Gratitude to Several Coworkers

When a coworker takes the time to support you by giving of themselves and their time, you want to make an equally significant gesture. You can do this by putting thought into your thank you notes.

  • "Thank you all for your thoughtfulness during my brother's funeral. You thought of the little things that no one else did. I'm forever appreciative of your friendship."
    Thank you notes for coworkers
  • "Thank all of you in the [insert name] department. Your cash donation was so generous and touched my family deeply. It will go towards my brother's headstone."
  • "You are the best coworkers anyone could ever want. Thank you all for coming to the visitation and the funeral. It meant so much to me, and your presence got me through one of the toughest times in my life. I'll never forget your generosity to me and my family."
  • "Thank you to everyone in the department for the food gift. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed each morsel. Your kindness to my family touched all of us."
  • "I knew I was fortunate when I landed my job at [insert company name], but I never expected to have such amazing coworkers. Thank you for your concern, messages, and visits during this time of loss for my family."
Thank you notes showing gratitude to several coworkers
  • "Thank you to all my fellow workers for the kindness you showed me during this time of loss. I'm grateful to each of you for remembering my sister in such a caring way."

Thank You Notes to One Coworker

When one coworker does something thoughtful for you during your time of grief, you want to make your thank you note extra special. Tell your coworker how their acts of kindness made you feel.

  • "Thank you for your kind words to my dad at the funeral. Your kindness touched his heart and mine. I won't ever forget the effort you made to be there for me and my dad."
  • "You truly surprised me yesterday when you showed up at my apartment with your arms full of groceries, especially the chocolates. Your nurturing gifts were so thoughtful and just what I needed."
  • "There are coworkers, and then there are coworkers who are true friends, like you. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to attend my uncle's funeral. He would have enjoyed knowing you, especially your crazy stories about your horses."
  • "I know you have a lot of plates in the air, but you took the time to come by the visitation, the wake, and the funeral. Your caring and concern during my time of deep grief was comforting and reassuring. Thank you for being there for me."
  • "Your donation to [insert charity] would have pleased my mom. For years she was a volunteer for the Red Cross blood drive, and [insert charity] was one of her pet projects. She always participated in their fund drives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • "The message you wrote on the virtual wall of remembrance touched the soul of my family. Your donation to the church is so appreciated by all of us. Thank you doesn't seem enough to express how much your gestures have meant to me and my family."
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Importance of Sample Sympathy Thank Your Notes to Coworkers

Acknowledging the generosity and outpouring of love is a vital reciprocal gesture when a coworker takes that extra effort of sympathy. By writing a thank you note, you let your coworkers know the depth of your appreciation for their gestures.

20 Sample Sympathy Thank You Notes to Coworkers