41 Life After Death Quotes to Inspire & Enlighten

Published December 10, 2020
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Life after death quotes offer hope of what awaits you beyond. A quote about life after death may ease your fears and prepare you for a new journey.

Life After Death Quotes for Everyone

You may find life after death quotes inspiring and enlightening. When facing death, it is comforting to know your soul will continue in a new plane of existence.

  1. Life after death is real.
  2. After death, you travel to another world where loved ones greet you.
  3. The soul is eternal and lives on after physical death.
  4. Life after death means you can become whatever you wish in a new life.
  5. After death, you travel through a tunnel of light to another world.
  6. Life after death is spent in a vibrant and colorful world.
  7. After death, you understand the things you thought were important, actually weren't.
  8. Life after death is full of light and love.
  9. When you die, you travel to the stars and beyond.
  10. After death, you rest and then decide where you wish to go next.
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Perfect Quote Life After Death

A quote about life after death can make you contemplate the hereafter. You may view life after death with a different perspective once you consider a few quotes.

  1. Life after death is a bigger adventure than life on Earth.
  2. After death, I want to sit on a cloud for a while and just watch to world go by.
  3. Life after death is unknown and mysterious.
  4. Where you go after death is determined by where you went in life.
  5. Death is not the end, your soul continues.
  6. There is life after death, and everyone eventually discovers this truth.
  7. After I die, I want to travel to the moon and just sit there looking at the Earth spin.
  8. It is true that there is life after death.
  9. After death, your soul rejoins loved ones who died before you.
  10. Life after death means you continue to exist.
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Finding Inspiration With Life After Death Quotations

Life after death quotations are ways you can view life that are inspiring and offer possible enlightenment. You may discover a quote about life after death that offers hope and comfort.

  1. I want to spend my life after death just chillin' on a beach basking under the sun.
  2. When I die, I plan to be that spirit who mediums contact, so I can mess with them.
  3. Life after death is more colorful and dimensional than life on Earth.
  4. Life after death is not what everyone thinks; it's better!
  5. A new adventure begins your life after death.
  6. Life after death is like stepping through a door into another world.
  7. Life after death has many worlds for you to explore.
  8. There is a joyful life after death for those who spent a joyful life.
  9. When you die, loved ones greet you in the next life.
  10. When you die, you review your life and judge your actions.

What Happens After Death Quote?

Many people of faith believe they go to heaven after death. Other religions believe in reincarnation and that after death, you return to another life on Earth.

  1. After death, you fly to heaven to be with God, the father.
  2. When you die, you get to see the face of God.
  3. After death, you go back home to heaven.
  4. When you die, you're escorted home by angels.
  5. Life after death is the beginning of your next life.
  6. After death, you must decide to be reborn or continue on your journey.
  7. Your life after death is determined by the karma you created in life.
  8. When you die, you prepare to be reincarnated into a new life.
  9. Many religions talk about a beautiful life waiting beyond this life.
  10. For Christians, through Christ, there is life eternal after death.
  11. After you die, you can do anything and go anywhere.
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Discovering and Using Life After Death Quotes

You can browse life after death quotes for inspiration. A few life after death quotes are a great way to encourage your journey toward enlightenment.

41 Life After Death Quotes to Inspire & Enlighten