45 Father's Death Anniversary Quotes to Honor His Memory

Published September 10, 2020
father and son walking in the park

Father death anniversary quotes are a great way to honor your dad's memory. A father's death can leave a vacant place in your life, but having a few quotes to celebrate his life can be healing.

Father Death Anniversary Quotes

You want the quotes used for your father's death anniversary to express your feelings. A personal quote that describes your father may be your best choice. However, you may prefer death anniversary quotes that describe the impact of his death on your life but also the positive impact of his unconditional love.

  1. My dad wasn't very good in expressing his feelings, but his bear hugs always told me how much he loved me.
  2. I remember my dad's kisses and hugs more than anything else. I really miss them.
  3. My dad was my best friend. I could talk to him about anything and never feel judged.
  4. My dad was a natural teacher. The most important lesson he taught me was how to live and how to die in faith.
  5. I miss my dad's loving smiles every day.
    Father death anniversary quotes
  6. The thing I miss the most is lying in bed at night and hearing my dad snore from down the hall. It was the most comforting sound to me.
  7. My dad was a great storyteller and always had time for one more.
  8. On summer nights when I was a child, my dad would rock me on the porch at night while playing his harmonica.
  9. My dad was the smartest person I've ever known and had an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
  10. I know my dad is having fun in heaven. He always enjoyed new adventures!
  11. Dad, I miss you every day. I will love you forever!
  12. I look forward to the day I see you again, Dad, and we can swap stories about our adventures.
  13. My father's death was sudden. I wish I could have told him goodbye, but I'll love the day I can tell him hello.
  14. Dad, you're always the role model I strive to emulate. Your shoes are just too big!
  15. When I was a child, my father was my hero. When I became an adult, my father was my hero.
  16. My father was the cornerstone of our family and when he died, that foundation disappeared.
  17. My father understood the importance of family and gave us lots of love and attention.
  18. I've never known anyone so sure of what is right and what is wrong as my dad. He lived by a high moral code that was inspiring.
  19. I miss you, Dad. I miss your laughter. I miss how you sang to me as a child. I miss those bedtime stories and Sunday afternoon hikes. You were taken from us too soon.
  20. I talk to you all the time, Dad. I hope you hear me.
  21. Dad, you always encouraged me to live up to my potential and I'm still working on it.
  22. Life threw us a curve ball when you died, Dad, but we managed to come back stronger.
  23. I love you with all my heart, Dad, and I always will!
Father death anniversary quotes

Remembering Dad on His Death Anniversary

Remembering your dad on his death anniversary is a bittersweet moment. A few quotes about your dad's life can offer great comfort while evoking cherished memories.

  1. My father was a man's man, but he was a big teddy bear to us kids.
  2. A father is the first man a child has as a role model and my dad was an amazing one, difficult to live up to, but one I strive to be.
  3. A good father can be seen in the lives his children carve out for themselves.
  4. A father influences the lives of his children and teaches them how to be a parent.
  5. My father was an amazing man that everyone looked up to.
  6. It's impossible to overstate how important my father was to me and my siblings.
  7. My father's influence can be seen wherever you go in town. He served the public in ways few people can.
  8. My dad was a pragmatist in some things and an idealist in others. What a beautiful combination he was.
  9. Balance in life was my father's main goal. He lived the ideals he taught us, and now we teach them to our children.
  10. A father's love offers comfort even from the realm of the afterlife.
  11. Sometimes I feel as though my father is sitting in the den with me watching a football game. I can even hear him shouting, "Come on, ump, that was a foul."
  12. My father was a pillar of strength. He taught me how to face life's challenges with a smile.
  13. Determination and kindness are the two strongest qualities my dad had.
  14. The unconditional love of a father empowers his children.
    Remembering dad on his death anniversary quote
  15. I recall how my dad came home each night and kissed my mom as though he hadn't seen her in a year.
  16. My siblings and I loved snuggling up with Dad on the couch to listen to him read the latest story he'd written for us. It was the best of times.
  17. Dads are the fierce lions of the family, and no one should ever poke a lion.
  18. A father knows his children's strengths and weaknesses and guides them accordingly.
  19. Dad wasn't a man to stand on ceremony. If you weren't doing what you should be doing, he'd let you know in no uncertain terms and you better straighten up and fly right.
  20. I wouldn't say my father was strict, but he did have a moral code he lived by and expected us kids to fall in line.
  21. My Pop wanted to live long enough to see his first grandchild born, I know he's smiling and looking down from heaven as she starts college this year.
  22. A father raised his kids to be honest, fair, and hard-working, just like him.

Quotes to Honor Your Father's Death Anniversary

A few father's death anniversary quotes are an ideal way to celebrate the life of your dad. Choose as many quotes as you want to use on that day of special remembrance of this tremendously important parent.

45 Father's Death Anniversary Quotes to Honor His Memory