60 Heartfelt In Loving Memory Quotes

Published May 11, 2020
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In loving memory quotes provide the perfect words to remember a loved one long after they've passed. From memorial death sayings to eulogy speeches and sympathy cards, you can use in loving memory quotes written by author Michele Meleen for a variety of purposes.

General In Loving Memory Quotes For Eulogies

A great way to start or end a eulogy speech is with a meaningful remembrance quote.

  • Today we gather to mourn as one, ensuring your memory will never be undone.
  • In loving memory of the one we love, may your brightness always shine down from above.
  • You cannot lose a person, only their body, for the rest of them can be found in your heart and mind.
  • Remembrance is a verb, an action we must take each day.
  • In your loving memory, we gather now and forever in our hearts.
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General In Loving Memory Quotes For Sympathy Cards

When you send bereavement cards or sympathy cards to those who have lost a loved one, you may want to include a heartfelt remembrance quote they'll cherish forever.

  • To love someone so much it hurts to lose them is a blessing in disguise.
  • Remembrance never dies.
  • This can't be the end as long as love is alive.
  • Remembering may hurt for an eternity, but it will also last as long.
  • Every tear you shed is an "I love you." from (Name).
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General In Loving Memory Quotes For Inscriptions

If you want to choose a few simple words to write on a headstone or inscribe on an urn, you might choose a sentimental in loving memory quote.

  • Through love and memories, you are immortal.
  • Until we meet again, I'll see you in my dreams.
  • Your book of life ended, but our love writes the sequels.
  • In my heart is where your story lives.
  • You are my rainbow, leading always to the pot of gold.
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General In Loving Memory Quotes For Death Anniversaries

Remembrance quotes for death anniversaries can be read at memorial services, written in death anniversary cards, or used on keepsakes. If you'd like to say more than "rest in peace," one of these quotes might express your feelings.

  • Each year without you sends new memories flooding forward.
  • Our love for you is a celebration that brings tears of joy.
  • Like sands in an hourglass, we measure our lives in memory of you.
  • As long as we never forget you, you'll never truly leave us.
  • The loving memory of you fuels me to live joyfully.
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Short In Loving Memory Quotes

You don't need to say a lot to mean a lot. Short in loving memory sayings make the perfect quotes for memory tattoos.

  • Loving memories aren't chosen, they're innate.
  • Death cannot pierce my heart, for it is built from your love.
  • Invisible to the eye, obvious in my heart.
  • In memoriam of a special someone.
  • Death only took one part; the rest is in my heart.
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In Loving Memory of Dad Quotes

Keep the memory of your dad alive forever with a sweet quote that captures how you remember him.

  • My father below, now with his father above.
  • Memories of you, dad, are the endless movie playing in my mind.
  • Dads don't ever die, they live forever as the knight in shining armor in their daughter's dreams.
  • My dad was my hero; now it's time for me to be his and save his memory from the grips of time.
  • My love for my dad is more than a memory, it's all of me.
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In Loving Memory Quotes for Mom

Remembrance quotes for moms are great for weddings and holidays like Mother's Day to help you keep her spirit with you in times of celebration.

  • My mother gave me a life where I could learn to love her for all eternity.
  • The memory of my mom is frozen in time as a stairway of love I can forever climb.
  • Mother's are the bearers of life, even in death they give you what you need to survive.
  • A child's love and a mother's love are one and the same. It comes without warning and is forever warming.
  • Remembering my mother feels how she must have felt when I was growing in her womb.
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In Loving Memory Quotes for Grandma

Share your love for your grandma long after she's gone with a sentimental in loving memory quote.

  • She lived a long and happy life, giving me something for which to strive.
  • My love for my grandma is as deep as her wrinkles, and when I remember her, my eyes twinkle.
  • Every time I sit down to a family meal, I remember my grandma and how her love feels.
  • My grandmother was the paintbrush on my soul, leaving behind a beautiful painting of love that is whole.
  • Like the steady rocking of her chair, the memory of my grandma is always there.
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In Loving Memory of Grandpa Quotes

Share how you fondly remember your grandpa with a great remembrance quote.

  • Like a grandfather clock he stands resolute in my memory, keeping me on track.
  • Grandfathers are bonus dads you don't get for quite so long, but their memory gets stuck in your head like a beautiful song.
  • The wisdom he gave will live long past his body, for generations and generations, to attempt to embody.
  • My grandpa wouldn't want me to say that I think of him every day. He's want me to live and love and go one, with him as one part my soul was built on.
  • Grandfathers are the start of a long, family line that takes pieces of him to help them align.
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In Loving Memory of Daughter Quotes

If you've lost a daughter, a remembrance quote can help you keep her spirit alive.

  • I've loved my daughter more each day, even though she couldn't stay.
  • My daughter carried my heart every day of her life, and in death that doesn't change.
  • Every second of every day, I think of my daughter and know she's okay.
  • When your daughter dies, you still see the world through her eyes.
  • Like a still frame in my mind, my daughter is forever outlined.
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In Loving Memory Quotes For a Son

Show your love for the son you've lost with an in loving memory quote written just for him.

  • I can see my son when it's cloudy or dark, because his light left a bright mark.
  • I remember my son with great love and great joy, as the man who'll forever be my little boy.
  • My son was ready to ascend, so I'll love him from Earth all the way to Heaven.
  • My son may be gone, but he's reborn every day inside my memory.
  • My love for my son helps me remember what pure joy feels like.
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In Loving Memory Quotes For a Best Friend

Remembrance quotes for a best friend can be a meaningful way to honor your friendship.

  • Life only gives you one true best friend, and you get to keep her even after the end.
  • Every moment I spent on Earth with my best friend is now a memory I can cherish over and over again.
  • We were the best of friends in life; now memories of her are rife.
  • I thought I couldn't live without my bestie, then I realized she never left me.
  • Best friends forever, that's what we said. And forever lasts long after we are dead.
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Loving Memorial Quotes

In loving memory quotes are simple, meaningful ways to express how much you miss someone or how you'll carry on their memory. They are a way to honor someone who has died. Think of how you'd like to remember them, then capture that feeling in a single line or a celebration of life quote.

60 Heartfelt In Loving Memory Quotes