100+ Funeral Quotes to Help Say a Final Goodbye

Updated September 2, 2022
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Meaningful funeral quotes can have powerful, comforting, and even positive messages for those who have lost a loved one. In any situation, saying goodbye to someone who passed away is difficult and can be entrenched in layers of emotion. Whether it's a quote for a friend you've lost, a family member, or another person that was part of your life, funeral sayings can help you express your feelings when you can't find the words. Final goodbye quotes following a death can help bring a sense of personal peace and closure, or provide words of comfort to others in the grieving process as well.

Depending on the type of memorial or funeral service, you might turn to inspirational or encouraging messages to say goodbye, or even share your feelings about the loss with a sad quote that gets real about grief. Use a quote for a reading, in the funeral program, or on something special to remember the one you lost. Whether it's a short, simple funeral saying or a phrase about a person's life for an obituary or eulogy, you can choose a beautiful and relevant way to say farewell and express your feelings.

Short Quotes for Funeral With a Positive Message


A short, general funeral quote can be appropriate for anyone, though the message you choose may also depend on your faith or the type of funeral. Simple funeral sayings with a positive message like the ones below can help you say goodbye to someone in a meaningful way, even in just a few words. You may want to include it in the funeral service, in a eulogy for friend or other loved one, or just to pay your respects and provide comfort to those around you.

  • Rest in peace with eternal sleep.
  • In God's grace go into the heavenly realm.
  • May an angel's chorus greet you in heaven.
  • May heaven's gate stand open for you.
  • Blessed with eternal life are those who believe in Christ.
  • May the blessings of a good life lived follow you into heaven.
  • Your footsteps can never be filled, nor your love ever forgotten.
  • May God bless you and give you a new home in heaven.
  • You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.
  • Yours was a life well spent.
  • Your heart was my home.
  • The only thing deeper than the pain of losing you was our love.
  • Life is what you make it. And you made it beautiful.
  • A circle, a journey, a river, a path; life and death are part of us all.
  • Each tear I shed for you holds immeasurable love.
  • The vibrancy of a well-lived life never fades.
  • A life lived with love is an inspiration to us all.

Inspirational Funeral Quotes

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Sometimes you need a quote for a funeral or memorial that inspires and provides a boost in faith and hope. Messages like these may be used to remind you and others of the sanctity and beauty of life. If you're looking for uplifting ways to say goodbye or give words of comfort at a service, inspiring funeral quotes can reach inside people's hearts to give solace. Find consolation and closure with hopeful, positive phrases that remind us about the power of life, love, and memories.

  • God gave each of us the gift of life, and Jesus Christ gifted us with eternal life.
  • It's through mourning that we find our faith and hope.
  • Through prayer we will find God waiting to reveal the truth of his promise of life eternal.
  • May God show each of us the power of his love and comfort.
  • Let us sing God's praises with Christ's promise of everlasting life.
  • A spiritual journey doesn't end with death.
  • Life's lessons prepare us for the greatest journey awaiting us after death.
  • Love is the universal message of hope.
  • Death is but a passing through a door that opens to a new life.
  • Prayers carry our loved ones into the next life armed with our good wishes and hopes that we'll see them again.
  • Through memories, the ones we love live in our hearts forever.
  • Though the loss is deep, the power of love and friendship will always stay alive.
  • Death is just another part of the beautiful journey.
  • Life is so much bigger than we know. Death is not the end.
  • Through death, our roles our reimagined.
  • Goodbye isn't truly goodbye for two hearts that are connected.
  • Your life was an example that will live far beyond your days on this Earth.
  • A life well-lived is like a powerful work of art. Beautifully created and remembered by all.
  • In this journey, goodbye is just a pause. The ones we love are never far from our hearts.
  • You were the beautiful melody in the rhythm of my life. The music of your life lives on.

While an inspiring quote won't erase the heartache, it can open the door to provide additional words of encouragement for a funeral or memorial. If you're not sure what to say at a funeral, coming prepared with a saying or quote can help put you at ease or give you alternatives for "I'm sorry for your loss." You can follow up with a more personal message, or express your sympathy in greater detail when you decide what to say in a funeral card.

Final Goodbye Quotes to Use Following a Funeral

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Saying goodbye to someone you love is difficult, and a farewell quote at a funeral may be the kind of expression you need to give you and your family members or friends a sense of closure. Knowing the right things to say at a funeral, especially when you or your loved ones are filled with grief and pain, is hard; a final goodbye quote to use following the funeral might extend the words of comfort and peace you're looking for. Bridge the gap between what your heart feels and what you want to express in the grieving process with words with a phrase like the following:

  • Losing a loved one is like a missing piece in this puzzle of life.
  • It might be time to say goodbye, but the memories shine through every time I see the sun rise.
  • Like ocean waves crashing against the shore, the memories remain long after this goodbye.
  • A final goodbye feels impossible when a loved one has been stitched into the fabric of your life.
  • Saying goodbye means no more smiles, no more hugs, no more moments on this side of eternity; yet the beautiful memories bring comfort from the pain.
  • It might be goodbye, but your story lives on. Your love is written on my heart forever.
  • The hours and minutes tick by slowly, and it's finally time to say goodbye. You will be so dearly missed.
  • As we lay you to rest, my heart breaks with this final goodbye. You were such a powerful light to this world.
  • When someone's ties to this world are broken and it's time to say goodbye, their connection can still remain forever.
  • Farewell to a beautiful person who left this world infinitely better.
  • It's time to finally say goodbye, but I'll keep our memories close forever.
  • Nothing is harder than saying a final goodbye, but the memories live on.
  • Saying goodbye must be done, but the memories are like the rays of sun on a dark morning.
  • Your life may be over, but it's never truly goodbye as long as I have our memories.
  • When it's time to say goodbye, the example of a beautiful life still guides the way for those left behind.
  • Saying goodbye is so difficult, but I'm thankful you're released from the difficulties of this life.
  • Goodbye just means the memories become more meaningful each day.
  • I'll miss not having you here so much, but I know the life lessons I've learned from you will keep me steady.
  • Walking this path without you won't be easy, but our memories will keep me company.
  • It may be time to say goodbye, but our memories will forever fit like a key in a lock.
  • Just like the breeze on a cool morning, I'll be refreshed by your love long after this goodbye.
  • Your words will encourage me and lift me up in life, even after this final farewell.
  • As the sun sets on your life, we're encouraged a new way each day through the way you lived.
  • Even as we say goodbye, we lift up your life as an inspiration of love, grace, and wisdom. You'll be forever missed.

Sad Quotes to Help Say Goodbye After a Death

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Dealing with the loss of someone you know can come with a profound sense of sadness. Sometimes, sitting in that place of grief and feeling that pain can help people process their emotions and be able to say goodbye in a way that's meaningful and powerful for them. Don't be afraid to use a saying that is honest about the sadness to help get through the loss.

  • Your death represents such a deep loss to this world. It's with profound sadness I say goodbye.
  • I can only say goodbye with painful tears of sorrow. I'll miss you always.
  • With this final goodbye, the grief hangs heavy, like dark clouds around my heart.
  • Though saying goodbye feels so painful, your memory soothes my soul.
  • The greater someone has loved in their lifetime, the more broken the hearts they leave behind.
  • The only thing that lessens my grief as I say my final farewell is the memory of your smiling face.
  • Tears fall like rain on this sad day as we say goodbye to a lifelong friend.
  • The death of a loved one leaves an empty space in the hearts of those left behind.
  • Without you, the stars seem dim. Goodbye to a beloved friend/family member.
  • As I walk through this season of sadness, my heart is still thankful - because I had a chance to know the incredible person that you were.

Funeral Farewell Quotes for a Celebration of Life

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Quotes that honor and celebrate a person's life can be a beautiful and touching way to bring people together, share memories, or offer words of comfort for a funeral or memorial service. A final farewell message like the following may also be appropriate for a celebration of life ceremony.

  • A life well-lived finds rest and rewards in the afterlife.
  • Farewell to our friend until that moment we meet again.
  • Let not sorrow replace the love and memories of your friend.
  • Rejoice in the kingdom of God that has unfolded and welcomed our beloved.
  • We honor _______ and remember the happiness they brought to each of us and the love we shared.
  • We bid goodbye to one so loved and never to be forgotten.
  • Life on Earth is fleeting, but the afterlife is eternal.
  • Farewell to our beloved. We shall forever love and miss you.
  • "Until we meet again" are words spoken throughout the ages in the hope of an eternal reunion.
  • As we bid farewell to our beloved, let each of us hold onto the joy of the love we shared.

Funeral Quotes for Family Members

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You may want a personalized quote for a family member when there's been a death; when the loss impacts your family directly it can be even more emotional than in other circumstances. From offering a phrase that encourages people in your family to goodbye messages that come from the heart, remembering the bonds you share can bring you closer and aid healing.

  • Family is a cornerstone we turn to during our grief.
  • Family gives us the strength to move through our loss.
  • You can hold onto family when you feel weak and lost.
  • A family provides you a safe haven when sorrow strikes.
  • You can turn to family for comfort during times of sorrow.
  • A family provides hope in the face of sorrow.
  • Our beloved took pride in being part of a large family.
  • If life is what we make it and ________ made it memorable and full of love.
  • We say goodbye to our beloved family member and forever hold her/him in our hearts.
  • Family surrounds us in times of sorrow and gives us strength to face the loss of a loved one.

Funeral Quotes for a Dad

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The loss of a father is devastating. A few simple words can bring comfort and remind you of the love he gave while on Earth. Whether it's your father, step-father, or even someone else who was a powerful father figure in your life, final goodbye funeral quotes for dad can honor him and all he did. If it was a friend experiencing the loss, offer a phrase that expresses deep sympathy over losing their father.

  • My father loved his family and showed it every day.
  • Our father was the heart of our family and taught us how to love one another.
  • My father was a man of many talents and loved making new friends.
  • My father had a big heart and always sought ways to help others.
  • My father left a large hole in our lives, but even in death, we feel his love rushing in to fill that emptiness.
  • Dad was a force to be reckoned with, but he always held out a hand to those in need.
  • Dad loved life and always insisted we take time to appreciate each other.
  • A father's influence is eternal.
  • A father lifts us up and sets out the morals we live by.
  • A father's love surpasses death and lives on forever.

Funeral Quotes for a Mother

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A mom holds an incomparable place in her children's hearts, and her loss can bring so much pain. Offer comfort with the right words of sympathy after losing a mother, or express your love as you say goodbye with a funeral quote just for her.

  • We've realized these past few days that a mother's love is truly eternal.
  • Mom was a happy person who took pleasure in growing flowers and watching butterflies.
  • Mom always said to sing praises when she was gone, so we praise God in his mercy for welcoming her home.
  • Mom was our guiding light and now, she is our guiding star.
  • Mom cherished her family and stood on her faith.
  • A mother is an eternal well-spring of love and hope.
  • A mother guides us for as long as we live, knowing we'll see her once more.
  • A beloved mother is forever remembered.
  • A mother is a guardian angel and when her duty is met, she returns to take her place in heaven.
  • A mother embodies the spiritual nature of love, hope, and faith that continues in the afterlife.

Funeral Quotes for a Sister

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When you lose a sister, you begin to consider your own mortality. The right funeral quote can help you to accept her loss and start the healing process. Remembering her life through a special message can help honor your relationship and the close bond sisters share.

  • My sister believed in Christ, and I know today that she is with him in heaven.
  • My sister had a faith that never wavered.
  • I know my sister would have us praise God today and rejoice in her entering heaven.
  • I know my sister is in heaven, and we shall see each other again some day.
  • My sister was my best friend. I'll miss her laughter, teasing, advice, and companionship.
  • My sister's strength, beautiful heart, and intelligent mind touched the lives of everyone who knew her.

Funeral Quotes for a Brother

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If you've suffered the loss of a brother, you may find that a saying about the bond between brothers can bring some comfort. It might be a quote you want to place on a grave marker or funeral service bulletin or use in a speech to pay tribute to his life

  • My brother was a pillar of the community and the rock of his family.
  • My brother lived his life in Christ.
  • My brother understood the importance of family.
  • My brother was loved by many friends and family.
  • My brother touched all our lives and left us with beautiful memories.
  • My brother's vibrant personality and love of life were an encouragement to us all.

Funeral Quotes for a Friend

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A friend is someone you want to remember with words of wisdom and hope. A short quote to honor your friendship can be a touching way to show your love. Whether you've known the person for decades or just a few months, friendship is a treasured gift that deserves a thoughtful goodbye.

  • Although we must depart for now, some day we shall discover new realms beyond this world together once more.
  • Lift your sorrow unto the Lord and know peace.
  • We say goodbye to a dear friend. Our separation is temporary. One day we'll all be back together.
  • Grief and sorrow remind us how important _______ was to us and how much we miss his/her presence.
  • The loss of our dear friend is a difficult change that we'll weather through with faith and love.
  • Love and true friendship are bonds neither life nor death can break.
  • Let not the sorrow replace the love and memories of your friend.

Quotes for an Obituary or Eulogy

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Knowing what to say at a funeral, either as you say that final goodbye to the a lost loved one or to offer condolences to others, is never easy. Choosing what to write in an obituary or euology also presents unique challenges. While they should be tailored to the person's life, a general quote or funeral saying can also be appropriate to use.

  • Through the years, the hardships of life refined you. You left behind a beautiful legacy.
  • Hope, love, encouragement, beauty, optimism, and strength. This is what we remember when we think of you.
  • _______ created a meaningful life, taking the challenges with grace and always rising above.
  • This time of deep loss reminds us to treasure the moments we have today.
  • Wherever _______ was, warmth, wit, and love were never far away.
  • Life is but a moment, but yours shows how powerful a moment can be.
  • It isn't what we leave behind, it's what we leave in people's hearts that counts.
  • The contributions of such a wonderful life will inspire others for years to come.

Powerful, Positive Funeral Quotes to Say Goodbye

A funeral can be transformed into an uplifting ceremony when you use a positive quote or two. Select an appropriate saying q to inspire and give hope. Everyone's journey through loss and grief is different, but choosing the right words to express your emotions can help as you deal with the pain - or bring encouragement and comfort to those around you. Whether it's a bittersweet farewell funeral message as you say that final goodbye, or an inspirational funeral quote to help lift up the life of the person you've lost, a simple saying can offer a powerful message.

100+ Funeral Quotes to Help Say a Final Goodbye