Baby Bereavement and Angel Gown Patterns

Updated September 28, 2018
Bereavement gown with booties and bonnet

Baby bereavement gown patterns are available for those who wish to bury an infant in something handmade and special. Also known as angel gown patterns, they can be sewn or knitted.

When a Child Dies

When an infant dies, thinking about what to bury him or her in can be overwhelming. Family and friends are devastated by the loss of a life so small. The loss of a child is an exceptionally agonizing loss for parents. People rally around the grieving couple and try to find the right words to say. Parents now have to think about a funeral and what to bury their child in. This is an emotional time, filled with heavy sorrow. If you are a friend of the family, you can step in and offer to help with the many pending needs. One of the ways to help might be taking care of the baby bereavement gown.

Considering Baby Bereavement Gown Patterns

Baby bereavement gowns are available to order or purchase at a store. However, you may choose to make your own by using a pattern. Baby burial gown patterns are a little difficult to find. Some stores categorize them with the bereavement label, while others might have a pattern suitable that is not necessarily called a bereavement gown. Either way, finding something to sew and create makes for a meaningful gesture at an important and traumatic time. This is the last piece of clothing the child will ever wear and taking strides to make sure the mother of the baby is pleased is key.

Angel Gowns

Angel gowns are free baby bereavement gowns made by volunteers and donated to families who have lost a baby. These beautiful gowns are made from wedding dresses and other special occasion dresses so they feature upscale and elegant fabrics. You can use any sewing bereavement gown pattern to create these treasured gifts.

A Selection of Baby Bereavement Gown Patterns

If you wish to purchase a gown pattern, consider the following online stores. You can be assured the infant buried will be surrounded with the softest fabrics, created with care and love.

  • At Newborns in Need, you'll find a selection of crochet, knitting, and sewing patterns for baby bereavement dresses, gowns, pockets, hats, and sets.
  • Bev's Country Cottage has instructions for a variety of burial gowns and other types of burial attire for boys, girls, and babies of different sizes. Patterns include knitted and crocheted options.
  • Bundles of Love features a crochet pattern for Ruth's Burial Gown that includes a bonnet. There are directions for a preemie or newborn size set.
  • Bereavement Layettes include patterns for a sewn bereavement pouch, bonnet, and lace blanket.
  • Threads of Love offers a selection of free sewing patterns including a simple burial gown, gowns for boys or girls, and burial caps.
  • Find preemie burial gown sewing patterns along with crochet and knitting patterns at The Preemie Project. Other styles include bereavement gowns, bunting, hats, and booties.


Perhaps you would like to donate the instructions for your bereavement gown pattern. TLC for Angels is a charity site where this kindness will be appreciated. Volunteers are needed at TLC as the organization works with a number of hospitals to supply them with angel gowns for the babies who have died.

Getting Help

If you are a parent who has just lost a baby to death, know that the first months and years on this journey are difficult. Be sure to get the support you need from friends, family, and your place of worship. There are bereavement support groups as well as websites where others, like you, can freely go to share feelings. For those who have lost a child in pregnancy or shortly after, Share is an organization with a reputation for offering genuine help and guidance. The Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents are nationwide non-profit groups to provide assistance at no charge.

Baby Bereavement and Angel Gown Patterns