Become a Tree When You Die With a Bio Urn

Published June 3, 2020
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Bio urns are an end-of-life option that use cremated remains to help a tree sprout and grow. These can make for a special alternative option for yourself or a loved one who wishes to be returned to the earth after passing away.

What Is a Bio Urn?

Bio urns are biodegradable urns that can hold your loved one's, including pet's, ashes and eventually become a tree when you die. These can be purchased online from a couple companies including The Living Urn and Bios Urn. People may select bio urns to feel reconnected to the earth when they pass away, or to opt for an eco-friendly alternative to burial.

How Does the Bio Urn Process Work?

Once you've decided that the bio urn is the right choice for you and/or your family, you'll need to select a company that best suits your needs. Companies will vary slightly in price and how their bio urns work, but typically the process is pretty similar. Bio urns will vary in terms of instructions, but generally:

  1. Purchase your bio urn from the website of your choosing.
    • Keep in mind some companies will allow you to purchase your own tree, or give you some tree options.
    • Some companies allow you to purchase the urn and tree separately so you can plant it when you are ready to do so.
  2. If possible, select a native tree so you have the best chance of allowing your tree to grow and flourish with ease.
  3. Place the ashes in the appropriate spot in the bio urn. The crematorium or funeral director can fill this for you if you aren't comfortable handling the ashes directly. Depending on the company, where you place the ashes may be different, so be sure to read the instructions prior to adding them in.
  4. Pick a place to plant your tree and reach out to the company for assistance if you need help finding the best spot to ensure maximum growth.
  5. Once your bio urn is ready to plant, dig a hole that accommodates the size of the urn. This will vary depending on the company's specific urn size.
  6. Place the seedling in the appropriate spot in the bio urn. This will depend on the company, so be sure to read the instructions.
  7. Cover the bio urn with soil completely covering it.
    Planting a Bios Urn
  8. Water your seedling thoroughly.
  9. Your seedling will grow and eventually make contact with the ashes as it roots into the ground and the bio urn biodegrades.

You can also consider planting your tree or plant indoors in an appropriate pot if you do not have the outdoor space for a large tree, or if you prefer to have your plant indoors.

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Do Bio Urns Work?

Bio urns have been created to completely biodegrade and support the growth of various types of trees, flowers, and bushes as long as they are native to your area. The companies selling bio urns note that this amount of ash will not be damaging to your tree. If you'd like, you can purchase soil cremation mixture to help neutralize the ph level of the ash, but it's not necessary.

Indoor Bio Urns

Bio Urn Cost

Bio urns range in pricing but average between $129 to $140. Keep in mind that cremation is a separate cost that will need to be taken into consideration when thinking about this particular option. The price of the plant or tree should also be considered if purchasing this separately.

Can Two People Share One Bio Urn?

Bio urns, depending on the brand, typically have enough space to hold the ashes of one person. If a couple wishes to use the same bio urn, they can split their ashes partially to fit into the specific allotted space given. Couples or families may decide to plant their individual trees in the same pre-planned area as well, if splitting ashes up isn't ideal for you.

Turn Into a Tree When You Pass Away

Bio urns are a unique end-of-life option that honor the individual who passed away by using their ashes to help a tree grow. Understanding how bio urns work can help you make this personal decision.

Become a Tree When You Die With a Bio Urn