25 Unique Bereavement Gifts to Show You Care

Updated September 8, 2020
Bereavement gifts

Losing a loved one is devastating, but you can show your support with one of these unique bereavement gift ideas. Whether you need a gift to go with a sympathy card or simply want to send something besides flowers to someone who is grieving, these bereavement gift ideas will help you express how much you care. Sometimes, the right gift can say what words can't.

1. Sympathy Wind Chimes

After the loss of someone very important, the world can seem too quiet. You can help fill that silence with beauty by giving a wind chime as a bereavement gift. There are many options out there, but Chimes.com offers a unique personalized memorial wind chime. The Sympathy Wind Chime comes with a special poem, and you can have the loved one's name engraved on it as well. It's tones are inspired by Amazing Grace, and it retails for about $60.

Wind chime hanging against trees

2. Beautiful Low-Maintenance Succulent Garden

It's nice to see something growing after a devastating loss in your life, but many people don't want the added responsibility of caring for fussy plants. A succulent garden is a perfect solution. You can plant a succulent garden yourself in a large pot or tray, or you can purchase one at your local nursery. Either way, this makes a thoughtful gift for someone who is grieving.

3. Custom Portrait

If you have a photograph of the loved one, you can commission a pencil portrait to give as a special bereavement gift. Etsy seller HeartInColor can turn a photo into a detailed pencil portrait the recipient will treasure for years to come. Portraits start at about $70 and go up based on size and complexity.

A hand is drawing a portrait

4. Stone Stacking Kit

Stacking small stones can be a quiet, meditative task that keeps your hands busy and offers a space of peace. This can be especially important after a bereavement. A stone stacking kit can make a good gift for a death in the family, whether you make it yourself or purchase it. To make it yourself, simply collect several small flat stones and write a message about their purpose. You can also buy a Zen garden on Amazon that includes stacking stones for about $35.

5. Personalized Memory Candle

You can make a memory candle as a gift, even if you aren't feeling especially creative. Simply purchase a pillar candle and print a personalized vellum sleeve for it. Use a photo of the loved one, a special poem or message, or a religious passage that offers comfort. It's an easy project that shows you really care.

Personalized Memorial Candle
Personalized Memorial Candle

6. Gift of Pampering

Assemble a gift basket of spa items to help grieving friends and relatives find a moment of peaceful relaxation. You can purchase your favorite pampering products or make your own bath bombs to include. It's a gift of comfort anyone would appreciate.

7. Tea Sampler

Another comforting gift for a death in the family is a tea sampler. You can purchase a sample box of herbal tea from Tea Forte for about $30 or a similar assortment from another retailer. Give it along with a special mug or teapot. Avoid teas with caffeine, since grief can make it more difficult for some people to sleep.

Woman preparing tea

8. Interlocked Rings Necklace

A piece of jewelry can be a special reminder of a lost loved one, and it can make a meaningful bereavement gift idea. Choose a simple necklace with interlocked rings to symbolize the bond with the lost loved one. Etsy seller BellandBlush offers interlocked ring necklaces with special bereavement poems starting at about $30.

9. Pillow With Real Handwriting

If you have a sample of the loved one's handwriting, you can have a pillow made to display a handwriting sample. Etsy seller classiccottongoods offers a custom handwriting pillow cover that makes a beautiful gift for a death in the family. It retails for just over $30.

Bed with Sweet Dreams embroidered white pillow

10. Memory Journal

Memories can be a great comfort when someone is faced with a major loss. You can encourage a friend or family member to access those comforting memories by giving them a blank book or journal to write in. You can embellish the cover with a photo of special saying if you wish.

11. Keepsake Box

If you have something small that belonged to the lost loved one, you can start a keepsake box for a grieving family member. Choose a beautiful box or decorate one yourself. Inside, place the memento or a small note with a memory you would like to share.

Vintage brass metal decorative box

12. "You Are Not Alone" Bracelet

Etsy seller laureldenise offers the simple and beautiful "you are not alone" bracelet that can offer a comforting reminder of support to those who are grieving. The bracelet is crafted from leather and comes in a variety of colors. It retails for $24.

13. Memorial Garden Stone

For friends who have a garden, a memorial stone can make a beautiful bereavement gift. Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts offers a range of options, including fully custom stones and stones with photographs or comforting quotes. Prices start at around $30.

14. Vase or Flower Bowl

A special piece of crystal or pottery can make a touching gift to someone who is struggling with grief. Fill the vase with flowers, and after the flowers have died, the vase still remains as a reminder of your support. Choose a crystal or handmade pottery vase or any other special option.

15. Sapling

If you are giving a bereavement gift to someone who has a large yard or property, a sapling can make a beautiful choice. Choose a tree that grows well in your area and requires minimal care. Consult a local nursery about the best variety for your specific situation. If you are giving this gift in winter, you can choose a potted sapling that can be transplanted outdoors in the spring.

Hands of children planting a seed

16. Pocket Charm

Carrying a reminder of a lost loved one is a good way to remember that they are always with you. You can help by giving a pocket charm that's a memorial to someone. Personalization Mall offers a pocket dove token that is engraved with the loved one's name and a comforting message. It retails for about $13.

17. Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Forget-me-nots are beautiful flowers that symbolize remembrance, so their seeds make a perfect bereavement gift. You can purchase a packet of forget-me-not seeds from Eden Brothers for about four dollars, or you can find seeds at a local garden store.

Burpee Forget-me-not Seed
Burpee Forget-me-not Seed Pkt

18. Lawn Care Service Gift

If the person who has passed away was in charge of lawn care for the household, it can be overwhelming for the bereaved friend or family member to think about lawn care. You can help by giving them the gift of a lawn care service for a few weeks or months. Call a local lawn care service to find out about rates and options.

19. Home Cleaning Service

Similarly, the person who passed away may have been in charge of keeping the house tidy. The basic cleaning tasks of daily life can seem especially overwhelming when they are compounded by grief. You can hire a maid service to help keep the house clean while your friend or family member adjusts.

home cleaning service

20. Memorial Photo Book

If you have access to photos of the deceased, you can make a special memorial photo book with pictures and memories. You can also ask to borrow the photos to scan for this purpose. Either way, you can use any digital photo site, such as Shutterfly, to make the memorial book.

21. Cozy Blanket

A cozy blanket is a great way to offer comfort and show you care, especially during the colder months. You can purchase any warm throw blanket, or you can make your own using a fleece throw blanket pattern or make a no-sew fleece blanket if you don't feel like sewing. Whether you make it or buy it, a blanket is a comforting gift.

Young woman sleeping

22. Framed Photo of a Special Place

If there's a place that symbolizes the person who has passed away, you can take a photo and frame it as a gift. Consider favorite hiking spots, places the person enjoyed fishing, or a special garden. A landscape photo like this can be a touching reminder of your support.

23. Light Catcher

Sometimes, when life seems to be at its darkest, a reminder of the sunlight is a beautiful gift. A sun catcher or light catcher makes a great bereavement gift idea. There are many different styles, but a sparkling crystal is a good choice. The Swarovski Octagon Lily Sun Catcher is available on Amazon for about $29.

24. Personalized Bird Feeder

Another wonderful sympathy gift idea is a personalized bird feeder. Like taking care of a plant or tree, feeding the birds is a reminder of life. Urns Northwest makes a beautiful ceder bird feeder that you can personalize with a name and date. It retails for about $55.

Personalized Wooden Bird Feeder
RedEnvelope Personalized Wooden Bird Feeder - Open Text Block

25. A Special Book

A meaningful book can make a comforting gift. You can choose a book that was special to the person who has passed away, or you can select a book that deals with grief. The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion is a good choice for adults. For children, consider The Fall of Freddie the Leaf.

Give Comfort When It's Needed Most

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and that can be especially true during a bereavement. Consider gifts to send in lieu of flowers for a memorial that will last beyond the funeral and provide comfort when it's needed the most.

25 Unique Bereavement Gifts to Show You Care