Child Loss Ornaments for Holiday Remembrance

Updated November 8, 2018
child angel ornament

One of the most poignant ways to remember a deceased young one at Christmas is with a child loss ornament. This simple addition to your holiday tree will not only add a bit of glimmer but will also serve as a small memorial to the child who died.

Why People Choose Memorial Ornaments

When a much-anticipated and loved child is not alive on Christmas, parents and other family members try their best to include him or her in the celebration. This can be done by hanging a stocking for the child, donating Christmas gifts in his or her name, or by purchasing a special ornament that will adorn the family's holiday tree for many years.

Commemorate the First Christmas Without the Child

Some families purchase an ornament to memorialize their first Christmas without their beloved son or daughter. This one ornament hangs on the tree year after year as a reminder that this child is never forgotten.

Include the Child in Family Traditions

If you or someone in your family buys new ornaments for your children each year, you might want to include your deceased child in this Christmas tradition. Each year you can choose an ornament that represents some aspect of the child's personality. This serves as a way to keep their memory alive year after year.

Remind Family of the Child

These ornaments may not always be specifically loss-related, but will always in some way remind the family of the child who died. Remembrance ornaments can be hung any time of year on a wall or fireplace to serve as constant tributes.

Where to Find Child Loss Ornaments

Inspired Silver - Circle Infancy Loss Snowman Ornament
Circle Infancy Loss Snowman Ornament

The best selection of child loss holiday ornaments can be found online. While you may find a few at a religious store or specialty gift shop, you will find a larger variety on the Internet. Many of these ornaments can be purchased year-round as well.

  • Both parents can share in the memory of a lost child with the Parents of an Angel personalized porcelain ornament. This classic round ornament features a rustic design of wood and flowers with the words "Parents of an Angel" and their child's name. For under $20 you get the customized ornament in a gift box.
  • Inspired Silver sells a beautiful, understated ornament commemorating the loss of an infant. The circular two-and-a-half-inch silvertone ornament features a dangling charm with the pink and blue footprint ribbon used for infant loss awareness. There is also a snowman-shaped version and each sells for $10.
  • If you wish to feature a picture of your child, the 2-Sided Your Wings Personalized Heart ornament from Personalization Mall is perfect. For only $11 you can add a photo of your child on one side of the heart-shaped white porcelain ornament. The other side says "Your wings were ready, but my heart was not." and includes the child's name and a memorial date.
  • Commemorate the first Christmas without your child with the My First Christmas in Heaven ornament. This classic round ball ornament is white with a fluffy cloud and either a pink or blue ribbon and costs just under $25. The ribbon reads, "My First Christmas in Heaven" and you can add the child's name to personalize it.

DIY Memorial Ornaments

To make the memorial ornament more personal and meaningful, try making it yourself. Most DIY ornaments can be turned into a child loss ornament with the addition of the child's name.

Christmas Charm Memorial Ornament

You'll need small beads and some wire to create this understated round ornament with a dangling charm. Choose beads in your child's favorite colors for the outer ring. To customize the ornament further, use letter beads around the outside edge to write your child's name. Select a jewelry charm from your child's actual jewelry or buy one that best sums up his or her personality to hang in the center.

Homemade Jean Pocket Angel Ornament

Angel ornament with name and date

Take the jean pocket from a pair of your child's jeans and turn it into a meaningful keepsake ornament. This no-sew ornament uses craft wire, jute twine, and hot glue to create a simple angel ornament. Personalize the jean pocket angel by sewing your child's initials into the bottom of the angel's skirt.

Dome Bell Memorial Ornament

Use a dome Christmas bell crochet pattern to crochet a small bell ornament that symbolizes the old saying "Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings." The bell ornament has a small wooden star button sewn on the front, this is where you can personalize it. Use a permanent marker to write your child's name or initials and a memorial date on the wooden star.

A Memento of Love

More times than not a parent, usually the mother, will want to purchase the deceased child's holiday ornament, especially the first one after he or she died. If you are thinking of purchasing one for a family member or friend, make sure they will be OK with that since it is something so personal and special, and usually they are. The holidays can be a very trying time of year for grieving families, and any remembrance of their deceased child will be very much appreciated.

Child Loss Ornaments for Holiday Remembrance