Dog Caskets to Bury Your Best Pal (Plus DIY Plans)

Updated December 10, 2018
pet casket in the ground

Naturally, when your canine dies, you will think of his burial and may consider the option of dog caskets. While some may choose to simply dig a hole and bury his or her animal, others may want to place the pet in a casket first. You can build your own or purchase one from a vendor.

Types of Dog Caskets

Many opt for a casket because they feel this is one way to bury a dog with dignity. They don't like the idea of their deceased pet in the ground without any protection. The caskets on the market today include ones made of plastic, wood and biodegradable substances. They often have linings made of soft fabric. Some are lined with various colors of satin.


The Original Pet Casket - This company has been in business since 1966. The caskets they produce are made from styrene plastic. They are eight sizes and 21 styles available. The styrene plastic is high-impact and offers a special sealant to prevent water seepage and air from entering the casket. This casket can also serve as a vault.


Pets We Loved has three lines of caskets for pets including the Sammy Line, the Dusty Line and the Pumpkin Line, all named after pets the owners once had. These solid wood caskets come in two sizes - medium and large. They range in prices from $145 to $295.

Biodegradable Caskets

If you want to bury your pet in a casket that will be eco-friendly, biodegradable caskets are available for pets just as they are for humans. These caskets have no plastic or metal components, and in time, will return to the soil, leaving no residue.

Pet Casket Plans for Building Dog Caskets

If you are handy with the skills to build items out of wood, creating a casket for your dog's final resting place may be just the tribute you wish to make. At Rockler Woodworking and Hardware the products and plans are available for you online. Here, they claim you can make a casket in a short amount of time.

Discount Dog Caskets

If you need to save money on a casket for your dog, consider pet caskets that are discounted.

Grave Markers

Should you need a marker for your dog's grave, there are a number for sale. You may also want to buy large decorative stones to mark the place where you bury your dog. Engraved photo frames and keepsake jewelry are also ways to remember your pet.

Funeral for a Dog

Losing a beloved pet is always difficult. Some find it meaningful to hold a memorial service or funeral for their dog. Writing and reading a poem about a dog can make for a meaningful service and tribute.

Pet Loss Gifts

If a friend of yours has just had to say goodbye to a family pet, you may wonder what you can do to show your concern over the loss. Sending a sympathy card or a written memory of his pet are both appropriate and considerate actions to take. Showing your empathy with a gift basket for a pet is also a heartwarming gesture. Even though some non-pet owners may not understand the grief that is brought on by the death of a dog, many want to sympathize and sending a gift is one way to bring comfort to a mourning friend.

Dog Caskets to Bury Your Best Pal (Plus DIY Plans)