Dog Cremation Costs and Common Questions

Updated September 8, 2020
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Learn about the process and cost of dog cremation and the different options available for your loyal, furry family member. Explore the different options available for cremating a dog, costs, and memorials.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog?

The answer to the question of how much does it cost to cremate a dog is not a simple one.

  • The cost for dog cremation varies greatly depending on the size and type of cremation you are looking for.
  • Basic cost ranges from $50 dollars to over $250 dollars, according to Perfect Memorials.
  • Size of dog affects cost.
  • The type of cremation you choose also affects the cost.
  • Prices will vary by region and provider.
  • Some cremation options for dogs allow you to keep the ashes, while others don't.

Costs listed below are approximate starting costs for a small dog and don't include additional expenses such as urns or a viewing.

Type Description Ashes Cost



Several pets cremated together No $75



Several pets cremated together with partition Yes $100

Pet cremated individually



Size of the Dog

When it comes to cremation, dogs' sizes affect the price. The larger the dog, the more it costs.

  • A small breed dog from 5 to 30 lbs can cost between $75 and $175 dollars.
  • A large breed dog of over 100 lbs costs over $150 dollars.
  • These are just general pricing guidelines. The cost in your area could be more or less expensive.

Type of Dog Cremation

Additionally, dog cremation services come in different types. Why? Because there aren't specific regulations for cremations as there are with human cremations. Therefore, you have multiple cremation options available.

Dog Cremation Memorials

Cremation services typically don't offer dog funerals. However, some cremation services do allow you to say goodbye to your pet before the cremation and be present for the cremation. This can be helpful to allow the family closure. Additionally, many cremation services offer a memorial or grief package with cards, poems, and other personalized gifts. However, these packages cost more.

Options for Pet Cremation Ashes That Affect Price

If you do decide to keep the ashes from your dog's cremation, then there are several options to choose from when finding a final resting place for the remains.

Choosing an Urn

There are additional costs associated with a pet urn, if you wish to have one for your dog's ashes. Prices may be as low as $50 or as high as hundreds of dollars depending on the urn you select, as well as its size and the materials it is made from. Many dog owners choose to purchase an urn or some other dignified dog ash container to keep dogs' ashes in. Some owners display the urn prominently while others tuck it away in a quiet place within their home. If you would like to have a daily reminder of your dog, then a unique urn featuring a photograph or other likeness of your dog can be placed in a highly visible location within your home. You might also consider a bio urn.

Cremation urn for pets

Spreading the Ashes

Spreading ashes doesn't necessarily involve additional cost, but it may if you choose to travel somewhere to do it. Some dog owners decide to spread their dogs' ashes in a location that reminds them of their dogs in life.

  • An outdoor area where your dog loved to frolic or a lakeside location where you spent many weekends camping with your dog are great examples of no-cost or low-cost places which are appropriate for spreading ashes.
  • If you feel as though the ocean is an appropriate final resting place for your dog, then you will be pleased to discover that companies exist which will conduct burials at sea for cremated remains for a fee. Cost for an unattended ash scattering at sea start at around $200 and go up for attended burials.

Burying the Ashes

If you choose to bury your pet's ashes in a pet cemetery or hold a funeral, then there may be costs associated with it that may be as much as $400 or more. Many pet owners choose to cremate their dogs, cats and other animals, and then bury the ashes in a cemetery in order to have a specific location where they can visit and grieve for the loss of their pets. Some pet owners find pet cemeteries appealing because they can conduct a respectful memorial service and have the closure of a burial while still being able to choose cremation.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Another option for pet ashes is pet cremation jewelry. Several types of jewelry are available from bracelets to necklaces. These options allow you to add a small portion of your pet's ashes and carry them around with you. Costs depend on the jewelry and materials, but it can be anywhere from around $50 to several hundred dollars.

Pet Memorials Without Ashes

Even if you don't choose to keep your pets ashes, you still have pet memorial options.

  • Some cremation services offer you a plaster cast of your pet's paw to take with you. Costs vary but start under $20.
  • Consider a personalized memorial such as lasting memory rocks you can put in a flower garden or designated spot outdoors. These personalized memorial rocks start at about $25 and can cost as much as $100 or more depending on the memorial you choose.

Understanding the Dog Cremation Process

While the type of cremation you choose alters the dog cremation process slightly, it follows a general format. During a dog cremation, your pet is placed within a crematorium chamber. The chamber is heated to over a 1000°F for a designed amount of time. This process leaves behind the ashes of your pet.

Who Performs a Dog Cremation?

Who performs the cremation of dogs depends on the service you choose. Veterinarians may have the ability to perform pet cremations along with funeral home services. Additionally, there are specialized companies dedicated to pet cremations. When looking for a service, ask about their affiliations with associations like the International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association (ICCFA), specifically Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.

How Long Does Dog Cremation Take?

The length of time the cremation process takes depends on the service you choose. Some services perform the cremation within hours, but others can take weeks. Additionally, it depends on how your furry family member's remains get to the crematorium. Some crematoriums have 24/7 services to pick them up like a funeral home, while others require you to bring them in.

Do You Really Get Your Dog's Ashes Back?

While associations are working to improve the regulations of dog cremations services, this is a field without strict regulations. According to the ICCFA, unless you choose a private cremation, there may be a comingling of ashes. When choosing an individual or segregated cremation, there isn't any guarantee that ashes will not mix with others. Therefore, it is important to question your crematorium about the service offered to ensure you get the service that best fits your pet and family.

Girl holding paws and dog head

Find Providers of Dog Cremations

Finding facilities for dog cremations is not difficult. If your dog is under medical care when he or she passes, then the facility may offer cremation. You can also seek the services of companies specializing in pet cremation. Here is a brief listing of resources online for pet cremations:

  • Pet Rest Cemetery and Cremation Services operates out of South Carolina and offers both cremation services and burials. Like most cremation facilities, they offer a wide range of services including suggestions online for coping with grief and engraved memorial pieces.

  • Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery in California offers prepaid cremation services to pet owners so the cost can be completely covered prior to the dog's death.

  • Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery of Michigan offers three cremation options and pet memorials.

These examples are representative of what dog owners will find with most pet cemeteries and crematories throughout the country. Your vet can help you find dog cremation services near you.

Should You Use Cremation for Dogs?

The decision to use cremation for dogs, cats, and other pets is an individual choice. However, if you live in an apartment or have no yard, it's a good option. When it comes to pet cremation or pet burial, think about your family's needs.

Dog Cremation Costs and Common Questions