12 Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas That Will Stand Out

Honoring Your Loved One


Selecting a floral arrangement for a memorial service or funeral can feel overwhelming. Take your time and pick floral arrangements that hold meaning for you.

Funeral flowers can be used as a beautiful reminder of your loved one's life. Arrangements come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and can be ordered to fit your needs. If you are in need of some help with selecting the floral arrangements, look no further.

This display consists of peach and pink Roses, pink Stock, Palm leaves, and green Chrysanthemums. The Roses are arranged very closely together in clusters depending on their color towards the center of the display. A sparse amount of Stock add height to the display, and are placed only towards the top. Chrysanthemums are placed throughout the display in very small clusters of two or three. The enter piece sits on top of Palm leaves that peak out from under the florals. This arrangement is placed in the center of a light gray casket.

This display could be used as a casket topper at a funeral or memorial service as well as the centerpiece at the reception. This light and bright arrangement would be a beautiful way to honor a loved one.

Large Floral Showstopper


This arrangement is made up of purple orchids, white lilies, and yellow million star baby's breath. There are about six lilies that are placed close together within the display, with the baby's breath acting as a filler around the lilies. The orchids form the bottom layer for the florals, creating a U-shape around the full display. The orchid leaves sit beneath the flowers for a beautiful dark green base.

This large design would work well at funerals and memorial services as a standalone piece. It is large in its presence, and makes for a lovely decoration. After the service, this display can be used at the reception as a centerpiece.

Lush Green Casket Topper


This arrangement is made up of green foliage and white calla lilies. The leaves of the calla lilies take up the majority of the base of the arrangement while the flowers just peek out on the top of the design. Small false gilyflowers interweave throughout the arrangement, lending a lightness to the large center piece.

This arrangement will work well during spring or summer when calla lilies begin to blossom. This arrangement can be utilized at the memorial service placed on top of the casket, or put on tables at the reception following the funeral.

Grand Floral Arrangement


This large arrangement consists of white and pink roses, small and large daisies, fern leaves, and a few white chrysanthemums. The roses are placed heavily towards the center of the arrangement, with the daisies and chrysanthemums places around the sides and above the roses. The fern leaves take up the majority of the bottom layer, with a few rogue flowers scattered near them.

This hearty arrangement would look lovely placed on top of a casket. Due to the arrangement's full nature, it would look best during fall or winter funerals or memorials.

Bold Red Casket Topper


This arrangement is made up of red roses, palm leaves, green hydrangeas and red Gerbera daisies. Palm leaves peek out from underneath the arrangement, and are placed delicately around the sides. The roses and Gerbera daisies are placed close together and interspersed heavily throughout the arrangement with their leaves acting as a filler. The hydrangeas are used just around the edges to add a pop of color.

This full, bright arrangement is best used during spring to fall, when daisies and roses are in season. This display looks great as a casket topper, and can also be used as a centerpiece at the reception following the funeral service.

Beautiful Blue Design


White calla lilies, purple salvia, Oxford blue, white asters, white stock, fern leaves, butterfly bush florals and purple fringed gentian make up this unique arrangement. The eight calla lilies are scattered throughout the entire arrangement, adding bursts of white to this blue floral design. The small white asters act as a filler flower and are placed throughout the arrangement in clusters. Only a few Oxford blue are placed towards the center of the display, all spread out quite a bit. Newly blossomed white stock peek out of the top of the display, lending height to this large piece. Salvia appear around the center of the display, sparsely placed. Fringed gentian mostly reside in the center, with a few placed around the edges. The butterfly bush florals are clustered throughout the entire display. A few fern leaves are placed underneath the display, acting as a base. A blue ribbon ties the look together, draping over the navy casket.

Blue florals tend to be the most rare, so be sure to order this as soon as possible. This arrangement works well as a casket topper and makes for a beautiful table centerpiece at the reception following the funeral.

Color Coordinating Urn


This glossy red urn is surrounded by a large wreath. The wreath is made up of peach colored roses, and winterberry. This substantial wreath is filled mostly by dark green leaves, with the roses adding a pop of color close to the urn. The winterberry sits on the bottom portion of the wreath, adding an interesting texture to its appearance.

Urns can be displayed at the memorial service or funeral, typically on a table or altar. They also make a nice focal point at the reception, where people can gather and pay their respects. For a more vibrant display, use roses during spring or summer when they blossom. This piece also looks great as the flowers dry, and can be preserved if handled with care.

Delicate Urn Display


This display is made up of white roses and white Bacopa. The roses and Bacopa are interspersed evenly, with the Rose leaves acting as a filler. The arrangement wraps around the urn and drapes off of the front. The front draped area consists mainly of the roses and their leaves, with just a few clusters of Bacopa.

Bacopa flowers are typically easy to source, and roses tend to bloom in the Spring or Summer. This arrangement would work well at a funeral or memorial service.

Incorporating a Cross


In this display, white roses make up the outer layer of the heart, with pink roses placed in the center. The innermost layer of the display is filled with white roses. The leaves are trimmed back as much as possible, with only a hint of green coming through. The display is shaped into a heart and is draped around a cross, almost like a necklace.

This would work well as a simple floral piece at a Christian memorial service or funeral. This could also be used at the reception as the primary display piece, honoring the person who has passed away. An urn could also be incorporated at the base of the piece. It is best to use roses during spring or summer when they are at their peak of blossoming.

Bright and Bold Arrangement


This arrangement is made up of orange tulips, red buttercup and white stock. What makes this arrangement unique is that all the flowers have their stems fully intact instead of trimmed. The orange tulips are scattered throughout the arrangement, with the red buttercup distinctly placed in the center of the display. White stock acts as a filler throughout the display.

These flowers bloom in the fall and spring, and make for a beautiful floral arrangement. This floral piece works as grand centerpiece during receptions, or placed on top of the casket.

Fresh Floral Creation


This highly detailed display is a beautiful way to honor a loved one. It is made up of purple and yellow carnations, baby's breath, pink lilies, and yellow chrysanthemums. The large lilies are scattered around the entire display, with baby's breath acting as a filler. Chrysanthemums are one of the most prominent flowers in this design, and they are placed around the entire display. Carnations are clustered around the bottom portion of the display. Long, elegant lily leaves are placed standing up throughout the display, giving this piece height and visual interest.

This piece would make a great casket topper, and can also be used as a centerpiece during the reception following the funeral service. These flowers bloom in the spring and summer time, and it is best to use them when they are at their peak of blossoming.

Small Floral Arrangement


This small display consists of one orange lily, fern leaves, red roses, red carnations, palm leaves and red gerbera daisies. The lily sits towards the bottom of the triangular shaped display, surrounded by gerbera daisies and a few small roses. The daisies and carnations are placed sparingly towards the top of the display with two large palm leaves making up the very top of the arrangement. Fern leaves are placed at the very bottom and top of the arrangement. A black ribbon is tied in the center of the display as a finishing touch.

Carnations bloom in bursts and can be found in spring and summer mostly, and roses also bloom in the summer. This display looks lovely sitting on top of a casket, or as a centerpiece at the reception after the memorial service.

12 Funeral Flower Arrangement Ideas That Will Stand Out