Grief Worksheets to Cope With Loss in Healthy Ways

Published June 8, 2020
man working on a worksheet

Grief focused worksheets can be a great tool for beginning to process the loss of a loved one. Children, teens, and adults can all benefit from spending some time working on grief worksheets.

Using Stages of Grief Worksheets to Process Loss

Grief worksheets may act as one supportive aspect of your grieving process. Use the grief worksheets to better understand your unique grieving process, as well as process your memories and thoughts regarding the individual who passed away. You can also bring in these worksheets to your therapist or counselor, if you are seeing one, as an additional tool.

  • Keep in mind that everyone will grieve in a unique way and children, teens, and adults may present their emotional experience differently.
  • Grief worksheets can help you understand your unique grieving process by facilitating your connection to your emotions as well as your physical manifestations of grief.
  • These worksheets can also help you identify your coping strengths and other possible supportive resources to tap into during this difficult time.

Worksheets cannot and should not be used to replace professional counseling if an individual is experiencing extreme difficulty coping. To use the worksheets for yourself or a loved one, simply click and download, using a guide for Adobe printables for added assistance if needed.

Grief Therapy Worksheets for Adults

Adults may feel pressure to keep it together when someone close to them passes away. You may have others relying on you and feel as if you don't get a chance to release what you are going through or don't know how to do so in a healthy way.

Understanding My Grief Printable

This printable worksheet works best for adults who would like to better understand their current triggers and process their emotional experience.

Why I Miss You Printable

This printable aims to help adults who want to more deeply examine their relationship with their loved one who passed away, as well as improve their internal coping resources.

Grief Worksheets for Teens

Teens may feel uncomfortable moving through the grieving process as they may not be sure if they should act like adults or more like kids. Using a grief worksheet can help guide their process so they can better understand themselves, utilize internal coping mechanisms, and identify their strengths during this emotionally draining time.

How I Am Experiencing the Stages of Grief Printable

This grief worksheet for teens focuses on better understanding their unique experience with the grieving process, as well as provides a selection of options for continuing self-care.

A Letter to the One I Miss Printable

This teen grief worksheet is in an open letter format and focuses on processing, as well as honoring memories with their loved one who passed away.

Grief Worksheets for Children

Children may express their grief differently than teens and adults. They may feel more physical tension and struggle to connect why they are feeling a certain way. Normalizing their experience and giving them the tools they need to process their emotions can make a huge difference in fostering their grieving process. The following worksheets are intended to help with emotion identification and processing their grieving experience. Once completed you can use these worksheets to guide a conversation with your child about what they are experiencing.

Identifying My Emotions Printable

This grief worksheet for children aims to help with identifying emotions and connecting with themselves as they process losing a loved one.

Processing My Loss Printable

This grief worksheet for children focuses on identifying emotions, recalling special memories, and drawing something that reminds them of their loved one.

Finding Appropriate Support

Grief worksheets can work for kids, teens, and adults when it comes to better understanding their own grieving process to identifying internal strengths that can help during this painful time. Worksheets can be used in concurrence with therapy and support groups to foster insight and pinpoint coping strategies.

Grief Worksheets to Cope With Loss in Healthy Ways