33 Powerful Grief Quotes for Inspiration and Healing

Updated October 1, 2020
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Using grief quotes can help you work through your feelings during a time of mourning. They can offer comfort and help during a difficult time.

Journey of Grief Quotes

Processing your journey through stages of grief quotes may have a restorative effect. Each stage of mourning may bring up different emotions.


When a loved one passes away, it may be difficult to fathom that you'll never see or speak with that person again.

  • "I can't believe you're gone. I'll miss you forever!"
  • "When a loved one leaves us, it feels as if we're drowning, stuck in a terrible dream."
  • "Every time my phone rings, I think it will be you on the other end. I miss your voice."
Denial Grief Quote


The anger stage of grief may feel raw. Use these quotes to help process it:

  • "The way you left us wasn't right, and now we are living without you."
  • "The universe made a mistake when it called you home to the stars."
  • "I can't help but feel angry that you are gone. I know it doesn't bring you back, but I can't help it."
Anger Grief Quote


You may experience a time where you work through your grief by wishing you could trade something for the return of your loved one.

  • "I'd do anything to see you one more time so I could say all that was left unsaid."
  • "Why couldn't the world see that you were needed here with me and taken someone else instead?"
  • "I'd trade everything I owned to bring you back. It's not fair."
Bargaining Grief Quote


Depression may be felt after a loved one passes. Be sure to seek out depression related resources or speak with a friend, loved one, or professional if you are struggling.

  • "The worst day of my life was the last day of yours."
  • "Every day is grey now that you're no longer in the sun with us."
  • "Your loss makes my heart heavy and my mind filled with sadness."
Depression Grief Quote


While there is no timeline on how long the grief process takes, many may experience feelings of acceptance. These quotes can help you move through this process:

  • "Now that you've moved on to the next life, it is time for me to continue on with mine even though I miss you dearly each day."
  • "Your memory lives forever in my heart as I continue on the path life set before me."
  • "The hardest part is taking the first step without you, but I know you'd be proud that I did it. I love and miss you."
Acceptance Grief Quote

Grief Quotes for Healing

Healing and coping with grief is difficult when your loved one passes away. Even once you've been through the various stages, you may still sometimes be struck with a heavy heart. These quotes may help you express your emotions as you continue to heal:

  • "Every day, I feel stronger knowing your spirit is by my side."
  • "Time heals the heart, but since you've passed, it feels like mine was only patched."
  • "Tears flow as I think of you, but they have slowed with time and come with happy memories of us together."
  • "My heart may never recover from your loss, but it has gotten stronger since you passed."
  • "Prayers are sent up to heaven as you move into the next life. May you be guided by grace and may I be healed in your absence."
  • "A hole was ripped in my heart on the day you left, but I am working to fill it with memories of your love."
Healing Grief Quotes

Daily Grief Quotes

A daily quote can help you start, get through, or end the day in remembrance of your loved one.

  • "Today begins a new day without you, and I will cherish it in your memory."
  • "Your empty seat beside me reminds me that another day has gone by without you. I miss you each day."
  • "As I lay down, your face is the last one I see before falling asleep. I hope you feel my love wherever your spirit is tonight."
  • "My morning begins with thoughts of your laughter and love. Fond memories get me through the day."
  • "Daily reminders let me know you're still with me wherever I go."
  • "The best part of my day is when something reminds me of you and I get to spend another moment in my memories."
  • "Remembering you as I move through the day gives me the strength to make it through to tomorrow."
Daily Grief Quote

Inspirational Quotes About Grief

While you may always mourn the loss of your loved one, you can also find inspiration in the life that person lived.

  • "While I can't bring you back, I can work to make each day a little better in your honor."
  • "Your spirit is with us all as we strive to make you proud each day."
  • "I vow to pursue life to its fullest since you cannot. I will make you smile from the other side!"
  • "Your death made me realize life is a fleeting privilege to be treasured as much as your love."
  • "Though I may never get past your loss, I will do everything I can to make sure you're remembered, always."
Inspirational Quote About Grief

Express Your Grief in Powerful Writing and Quotes

Quotes can be a powerful way to work through your grief. Journaling and reading poems related to grief can also help you process your feelings.

33 Powerful Grief Quotes for Inspiration and Healing