105+ Heavenly Birthday Quotes for Family or Friends

Published September 9, 2022
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Love doesn't end when someone passes away. Neither does the celebration of their birthday. Share a special quote about a heavenly birthday. Find the right words to express your feelings and birthday wishes for a family member or friend who has passed.

Beautiful Birthday Quotes for Mom in Heaven

Beautiful Birthday Quote for Mom in Heaven

Your mom is always part of your heart. Her loss can be felt all the way to your bones. Find a bit of comfort by remembering the times you shared.

  • I hope you are enjoying your birthday in heaven, mom. I'm remembering all our good times together.
  • The angel of my life became the guardian angel of my heart. Happy heavenly birthday, mom.
  • Today would have been another turn around the sun. My heart longs to wish you a happy birthday.
  • You're away from this world, but my heart feels you around me on your birthday. Happy birthday, mom.
  • A birthday becomes a bit sadder of a celebration when you aren't here to celebrate it with me, mom.
  • Happiest of birthdays to the most amazing person in heaven. Missing and loving you.
  • Our celebration is different, but our love for our mother never changes. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Keeping your birthday alive with love. Sending you beautiful birthday wishes in heaven.
  • Tears of memories roll down my cheeks as I remember all our birthdays together. Happy heavenly birthday, mom.
  • We are celebrating the most amazing mom we know on her birthday. We hope you can see it from heaven.

Emotional Birthday Quotes for Dad in Heaven

Emotional Birthday Quote for Dad in Heaven

The feeling of your pop's arms around you on his birthday is something you can't even describe. It makes his heavenly birthday bittersweet. Celebrate his big day by offering a touching tribute to honor him.

  • Wishing my greatest hero a happy heavenly birthday. My love for you never changes.
  • Our time together was much too short; but having a wonderful dad like you watching over me from heaven is priceless. Happy birthday.
  • Gifts are beyond your reach now, so I'm sending my birthday love to heaven.
  • You are never far from my thoughts. I hope your birthday in heaven was phenomenal.
  • Your birthday is a special day in my heart, dad. Though I'm celebrating it without you, I know you are watching me from heaven.
  • If, just for a moment, heaven could open its doors and let me say hi, I'd want to do it today. Here's a birthday hug from earth.
  • Dad, remember when I would scream happy birthday at the top of my lungs? Now I scream it from my heart to heaven.
  • Dad, your birthday is such a special day, but it's bittersweet now that you celebrate it in heaven.
  • Wishing my birthday messages are carried to you from heaven on a breeze and captured in your heart, dad.
  • Though you will never age in heaven, another year has passed here. Happiest of birthdays, dad.

Happy Birthday in Heaven for Those Who Passed Away

It's never easy to lose someone close to your heart. That hurt is always there with each breath you take. Remember the memories of you together and smile as their birthday comes.

  • With every birthday, my love for you grows in my heart. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Pictures and memories are all I have left of you. So, I'll forever send my birthday wishes to heaven.
  • Your birthday just isn't the same without you here to sing to and blow out the candles. So, we send our wishes to you on the wind.
  • Heaven got more cheerful the day you arrived. How I wish you could come and say hi on your birthday. Have a happy birthday.
  • Even though I can't see you, I know heaven is letting you come home to get your birthday wishes. Sending you the happiest ones.
  • I put your birthday card in the mail today. But I don't know if the post office will be able to find heaven.
  • Wrapping my birthday wishes around your spirit today.
  • We partied and laughed on your birthday. Hopefully, you are getting wild in heaven.
  • Celebrate your birthday big in heaven. Happy birthday.
  • Though I know you're happy in heaven, my heart continues to miss you, especially on your birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday in Heaven Quotes

Heartfelt Birthday in Heaven Quote

Birthdays are a time you want to share with those you love. Since you can't send messages to heaven, try posting a picture of you with your loved one on Instagram with a thoughtful quote.

  • If tears could create a river to heaven, I'd float by to wish you a happy birthday.
  • Everyone you left on earth wishes you a beautiful birthday in heaven.
  • I wish we could celebrate together on your birthday. Sending warm birthday hugs to you in heaven.
  • My heart misses you more than usual on this special day. Happy birthday.
  • Every detail of you is forever etched in my heart. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.
  • My birthday wishes are sailing to you in heaven on my tears. I love you.
  • When I remember your birthday, it always brings beautiful tears of joy. But then I get a little sad when I know we can't celebrate it together.
  • I'm shooting you stars of birthday wishes for you to catch in heaven.
  • The longer we are apart, the more I miss you on your birthday. Hopefully, our memories together are making you smile.

Heavenly Birthday Wishes

Warm your heart with heavenly birthday wishes when you are feeling down about the loss of someone you love. Tell the world how much you are missing them on their birthday.

  • Heavenly birthday wishes are the hardest to send. But I'm hoping you receive them with all the love in my heart.
  • Since I can't hug you for real on your birthday, I hug you in my memory.
  • If only heaven would let me borrow you for your birthday. Let's party in my dreams.
  • Rather than cry, I smile today. I know you are having a blast celebrating your birthday in heaven.
  • Missing you comes in waves of tears, but on your birthday, it's a little harder not to get lost in them.
  • Today I will not be sad. Instead, I feel blessed at all the epic birthdays we were able to spend together. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • My heart has never been the same after losing you. Wishing the sweetest part of my life a happy birthday.
  • The light you left behind in the souls you touched shines a little brighter on your birthday.
  • There are moments I still look for your footprints in the sand next to mine. Then I look up to heaven to say, happy birthday.
  • The love you gave me fills my heart with warmth and love as I send my birthday wishes to heaven.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Quotes for a Grandparent

Happy Heavenly Birthday Quote for a Grandparent

Are you thinking of your grandmother or grandfather in heaven? Send a birthday wish to heaven just for them.

  • I hope an angel like you is being serenaded on their birthday.
  • You went from being an angel on earth to an angel in heaven in a blink. Sending my birthday wishes to you on the flutter of your wings.
  • I know that heaven needed you more, but my heart still misses you, especially on your birthday.
  • Sending a special angel beautiful birthday wishes.
  • Even though I can't see you; I know you are never far from my heart. So, I'm singing birthday wishes to you.
  • The love and light that was always you shines like a beacon in my heart wishing you a happy heavenly birthday.
  • My soul misses your gentle grace. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • You made spoiling me a habit. So, I'm spoiling you with heavenly birthday wishes.
  • To celebrate your birthday, I close my eyes and find your face. Then I know you are always with me.
  • When I close my eyes, I can still feel the warmth of the birthday hug we shared every year. I hope you feel it in heaven.

Special Happy Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend in Heaven

Special Happy Birthday Wishes for a Dear Friend in Heaven

Friends become the family of our hearts. Their loss strikes us deep. Find a little solace in sending them a heavenly birthday message.

  • We've always been connected on a cosmic level. So, I'm sending your birthday wishes on the stars.
  • Hopefully, your birthday shenanigans in heaven are just as fun as they were on earth.
  • Honestly, I'm a little jealous. You're probably having the most epic birthday party and I can't come.
  • We captured birthday messages in bubbles and sent them to you in heaven.
  • I planted a tree to celebrate your birthday. That way I can always visit to send you wishes.
  • Our birthday wishes are floating to you in memories. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • As I look at the pictures of the birthdays we shared together, I get teary-eyed missing you. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Birthdays were something we always spent together. I'm taking your memory with me to all the places we love, hoping your spirit is tagging along.
  • On your birthday, I visit you in my heart.
  • A birthday like yours can never be forgotten. It just got a little more heavenly.

Sweet Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for a Sibling

Sweet Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes for a Sibling

Your sibling has always been by your side. And birthdays were always something you did together. Let them know you are thinking about them in heaven until you can celebrate together again. Share a few memories and words of comfort.

  • You aren't a call away anymore, you are a thought away. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Your birthday makes me miss you the most. I watch the videos of birthdays past and smile. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Don't get too wild on your birthday. I don't want them to kick you out of heaven before I get there.
  • The stars twinkled a little brighter when I sent your birthday wish to heaven.
  • When I stand in silence, I can hear your birthday party in heaven and smile.
  • The magic of my love creates a beautiful bridge connecting us, so I can wish you a happy birthday in my heart.
  • Heaven got a bit rowdy today, for sure. Happy birthday.
  • A perfect sibling like you must be having a beautiful birthday party on the clouds.

Lovely Birthday Messages for Someone Dear in Heaven

Reminisce about a birthday you are missing. Spread healing words of love for someone's heavenly birthday.

  • Heaven is a little livelier with a party animal like you celebrating their birthday. Until my invite comes, happy heavenly birthday.
  • If I could go to heaven for just a day, it would be to wish you a happy birthday.
  • If heaven could carry my birthday wish on the breeze, "You're getting older," I would still tease.
  • There is something that my heart wants to say. Happy heavenly birthday!
  • On your birthday, my heart will always be with you. I just wish I could see you too.
  • It's hard to keep the grief at bay, when I can't give you a hug on your birthday.
  • My birthday wishes now have to be carried on the wind. My heart forever aches that your light on this earth dimmed.
  • I know that you are now in heaven, but the party for your birthday on earth starts at seven.

Heartwarming Birthday in Heaven Quotes

Heartwarming Birthday in Heaven Quote

Missing someone in heaven can be hard. But it's even harder when their special day rolls around. Let the world know you are celebrating their birthday with them in spirit through a quick social media post.

  • When you left, you took a piece of my heart with you. Missing you hurts more on your birthday.
  • My thoughts are sending hugs to heaven to wish you a sweet birthday.
  • I look up at the stars and think of you shining brightly back down at me. May you have a beautiful birthday.
  • A smile forms on my face and my heart swells with tears when I think of you. Your heavenly birthday is here.
  • Celebrating without you is never the same. May you enjoy your beautiful birthday in heaven.
  • While you celebrate your birthday in heaven, I'll celebrate in my heart. I miss and love you.
  • Heaven holds you this birthday, and we hold you in our sweet memories.
  • Memories of birthdays passed flood my mind as we celebrate a birthday without you.
  • The balloons are being sent to heaven. Happy birthday.
  • Sending birthday hugs to heaven as your memory forever lives in our hearts.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quotes

Happy Birthday in Heaven Quote

Expressing your birthday messages for someone you lost is hard, since the mail doesn't make its way to heaven. Read through a few quotes to find some comfort.

  • My heart cries with grief as you celebrate your birthday in heaven without me.
  • May the angels sing you a beautiful serenade in heaven. We miss you.
  • Phenomenal memories fill my heart with love. Happy heavenly birthday.
  • Hopefully, you are having an epic birthday bash in heaven. Happy birthday.
  • If the wings of my love could carry me to heaven, I'd wish you a beautiful birthday.
  • The candles are lit, and we are blowing them out for you to send your birthday wishes to heaven.
  • Aiming my birthday wishes to the sky to be carried on the clouds to you.
  • Celebrating your birthday without you in style. May the balloons reach you in heaven.
  • My mind fills with memories of all the birthdays past, as I wish you a happy one in heaven.
  • Hopefully, the missing you in my heart gains wings to float up to you in heaven and say, happy birthday.

The Right Words to Celebrate a Heavenly Birthday

When you are missing someone dear to your heart, words aren't always enough to describe the pain you feel. Find the right words to say happy birthday to a heavenly soul. Read them to find comfort, or share them on social media to let the world know you are thinking of loved ones who have passed away on their special day.

105+ Heavenly Birthday Quotes for Family or Friends