How Much Does a Burial Plot Cost? Types & Factors

Published September 24, 2020
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It's important to factor in how much a burial plot costs, as well as the accompanying additional fees, when planning a funeral, or pre-purchasing your own burial plot. In general, burial plots can cost between $700 to upwards of $5,000 depending on several factors.

How Much Does a Burial Plot Cost?

A burial plot purchase typically only includes the cost of the actual area designated for burial. While endowment care may be added to this fee, it's important to remember that there are many more additional fees that accompany the purchase of a burial plot.

Burial Plot Cost

The type of plot you opt to purchase can have a huge impact on burial plot pricing.

  • A single plot can cost between $200 to $2,000 in a public cemetery and up to $5,000 in a private cemetery
  • A side-by-side plot (companion plot) and family plot will vary in pricing, but cemeteries typically offer discounted pricing for multiple plot purchases
  • Cremated remains that you wish to have buried may cost between $350 up to $2,500

How Much Is Burial Plot for Ashes

In a public cemetery, the cost to bury ashes may range from $350 to $500. In private cemeteries, the price can go up to about $2,500.

Why Are Burial Plots so Expensive?

The price of the burial plot may include maintenance fees and preventative measures taken to ensure the upkeep of the cemetery. Other than the actual plot, additional costs may include:

  • Interment fees, which include digging and filling the grave, as well as handling appropriate paperwork: can cost up to $3,000
  • Endowment care: can cost up to $250
  • Grave liner if applicable: can cost up to $2,500
  • Grave marker: can cost up to $4,000
  • Grave marker or headstone installation: can cost up to $850

Cemetery Plot Cost

The cost of the plot will depend on several factors including:

  • The location of the cemetery
  • If the cemetery is public or private
  • When the purchase was made, as prices tend to increase over time
  • Size of the plot
  • Type of plot

How Much Does a Cemetery Plot Cost?

Cemetery plot cost can vary greatly depending on the location of the cemetery. Burial plots and cemetery plots are used interchangeably to describe a reserved plot or an available plot for a casket or urn burial. Cemetery plots can cost up to $5,000, with pricing trending upwards with time.

What Is the Average Cost of a Cemetery Plot?

The cost of a cemetery plot in different states will vary with California and New York having some of the highest prices in the country. Some examples of pricing around the United States for burial plots:

  • New York: $4,500 up to $19,000
  • California: around $4,000 depending on specific location
  • Colorado: around $2,000
  • Missouri: around $2,000
  • Georgia: around $1,500
  • Alabama: around $1,500
  • Florida: around $1,200
  • Oregon: around $1,000

What Is My Cemetery Plot Worth

If you already own a cemetery plot, but would like to sell it, it's important to check in with the cemetery where the plot was purchased first. They may have a clause in the contract that limits your ability to sell the plot, and they may opt to purchase it back from you at the original selling price. If you aren't limited by the cemetery in terms of selling your plot, know that cemetery plots tend to increase in their value over time. You can also consult with a cemetery broker regarding buying or selling a cemetery plot.

Cemetery Maintenance Fees

Cemeteries may charge up to 15% of your burial plot price to cover maintenance fees. These fees are known as endowment care or perpetual fees. These fees cover cemetery upkeep:

  • Trash disposal
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Paperwork and licensing maintenance

How to Buy a Cemetery Plot

Purchasing a cemetery plot either for yourself or a loved one can feel overwhelming. Be sure to reach out for help if you need extra support during this time.

  • Visit a few cemeteries and view the plots interested in.
  • Get a full rundown of the pricing.
  • Make sure the cemetery has maintained their licensing and is in good standing.
  • Understand each cemetery's specific rules and guidelines as these will impact you and/or your loved ones who visit.

How Do I Choose a Cemetery Plot?

The best way to choose a cemetery plot is to actually walk the cemetery grounds and view the plots you are interested in. Consider:

woman planting flowers on grave
  • Do I want to be buried near loved ones?
  • Am I purchasing a single plot, family plot, or companion plot?
  • Are the cemetery grounds to my liking?
  • Am I comfortable with the pricing at the cemetery I have selected?

How Many Urns Can Be Buried per Plot?

Urn burial per plot will depend on each unique cemeteries' policies. Usually between one and four cremation urns may be buried in one plot, but you will need to check in with your specific cemetery beforehand.

Buying a Burial Plot in Advance

You may opt to purchase a burial plot for yourself or your loved ones in advance. In general, if you are sure you'd like to be buried in a specific cemetery, pre-purchasing one or multiple burial plots typically can save you money as prices tend to increase over time and cemeteries often offer bulk purchasing discounts.

Funeral Cost Breakdown

Funerals can range in pricing and depend on several factors. Having a funeral cost breakdown can help you better understand the pricing range that you may expect to pay.

How Much Should a Cemetery Plot Cost?

A cemetery plot will vary in cost depending on several factors including location, time of purchase, type of plot, and whether the cemetery is public or private. If you are in the process of purchasing a cemetery plot, be sure to check out a few cemeteries, if possible, to ensure you receive the most competitive pricing.

How Much Does a Burial Plot Cost? Types & Factors