How to Send Flowers to a Funeral: Tips & Etiquette

Published July 31, 2020
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A few tips on how to send flowers to a funeral can help you avoid making etiquette mistakes. Some older rules for sending flowers to a funeral have changed with modern lifestyles.

How to Send Different Types of Flowers to a Funeral

You will first need to know the full name of the deceased before you place an order with a florist for the flowers. You will also need the name of the funeral home handling the arrangements, along with the funeral home address.

Where to Send the Flowers

If the funeral is at a church or graveside, you will need the name of the church or cemetery and physical address in order to send the flowers there instead of the funeral home. If a visitation is being held at the funeral home, you may choose to have the flowers delivered there. Either the funeral home or someone designated by the deceased's family will see that the flowers are moved to the church or to the graveside for the service.

When Should Flowers Be Delivered to a Funeral Home?

When you place an order for funeral flowers, you should specify if you wish the flowers to be delivered in time for the visitation. If you don't want your flowers at the visitation, especially if the family requested no flowers at the visitation, then you can arrange for them to be delivered to the funeral.

Timeline for Delivering Flowers to the Funeral

Most florists deliver funeral flowers to the funeral home or church two or more hours before the funeral. If delivered the day before to the funeral in time for the visitation, the funeral home will make sure the flowers are moved to the funeral home chapel. If the funeral takes place in a church and/or a service is held graveside, the funeral home will deliver and set up the flowers there.

Tips for Finding Information About Funeral Arrangements

The obituary section of your local newspaper should be timely and provide you with the information about the funeral home handling the internment. If you know the name of the funeral home handling the arrangements, you can always look on the funeral home website for more detailed information, such as the date and time of the visitation and funeral. If the information isn't available, you can always call the funeral home.

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If you are friends with the family of the deceased, you can always find out directly through them or a close friend of the family. Many florists are aware of the local funerals, especially in a small town, and may already have the information when you contact them.

Etiquette for Sending Flowers to a Funeral

If you wish to send flowers for a funeral, you have several options. If you are related to the deceased, you may want to send a different type of funeral flower arrangement, depending on your family traditions.

Flowers for Caskets

Florists offer specific types of arrangements for immediate family members, such as casket sprays or wreaths. These can be a mix of flowers, such as carnations and roses or all roses. If the deceased had a favorite flower, you can request it for your arrangement. You may choose to order what is known as a casket lid swag that is used for an open casket viewing/visitation.

Popular Choices of Floral Arrangements

There are traditional types of flower arrangements, such as heart-shaped or cross-shaped on stands. Stand sprays and wreaths are also sent to funerals. Cards are pinned to the arrangements, so family members immediately know who sent each arrangement. Many of the stand arrangements are also available with a ribbon text message. This might be something as simple as beloved or as complex as a military text stating veteran, citing military division, war(s), and other information.

Vase Arrangements and Living Plants

You may prefer to send a vase arrangement instead of a stand wreath or spray. This type of floral arrangement is often sent to the home, although you can have it delivered to the funeral home for the visitation, so the family can take it home with them. The same thing is true of potted plants.

What to Send if You're a Friend

Many friends prefer a more personal touch than sending flowers to the funeral home. You may opt to send flowers or a living plant to the home of your friend. These types of arrangements are often placed in a special vase or a basket. This arrangement is a little more personal and is a message you send directly to an individual friend.

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Sending Funeral Flowers to Coworkers, Businesses and Groups

If you're a coworker of the deceased, a member of the same organization or an associate through business, you may prefer a floral spray or wreath sent to the funeral home or church in time for the visitation . Your arrangement will be displayed during the visitation and subsequently moved to the funeral.

Sending Funeral Flowers to the Family's Home

Some people prefer to have an arrangement delivered to the person's home instead of the funeral home. This is a personal choice and depends on your relationship and family traditions. Some people arrange for home-delivered flowers to be moved to the visitation and/or funeral by family or friends.

Easy Tips for Sending Flowers to a Funeral

With a few easy tips, you can send flowers to a funeral. Consider your relationship to the deceased or family of the deceased to guide you in the type of floral arrangement to send.

How to Send Flowers to a Funeral: Tips & Etiquette