How to Use Healing Crystals for Grief and Loss

Published April 16, 2020
woman is holding a rose quartz

Healing crystals and stones can help you process grief and loss. Experiencing loss and grief is a natural, if difficult, part of life. And while it is important to allow yourself the experience of grief, using techniques, such as healing crystals and stones for loss and grief, can help you process these difficult emotions.

9 Healing Crystals for Loss and Grief

Whether you are grieving someone's death, wish to use crystals to help you with grief associated with the death of a pet, or you are processing the loss of something meaningful to you, healing crystals can help. Healing crystals are naturally occurring stones that are believed to possess healing properties. Healing crystals and stones can help you work through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues associated with loss and grief.

1. Apache Tears to Process Grief

Apache tears are rounded black obsidian stones, and they are the most common stones recommended to help you process grief. Obsidian is a stone that is created naturally from volcanic glass, and Apache tears are one form of obsidian used as healing crystals. These crystals can help to ground your grief, allowing you to process it in a healthy way. The Apache tears won't make the grief go away, but they can help you to allow the grief experience in a way that you don't get stuck within the emotion. To use Apache tears for grief, carry them in a pants pocket during difficult times. You can meditate with the crystals when you feel waves of grief threatening to overwhelm you. To meditate with them, hold them in your hand and place your hand in your lap.

Obsidian rock

2. Pink Kunzite for Loss of Love

Kunzite is another stone that can be effective for working with grief, loss, and sadness. It has a lovely pink to violet color and a gentle and loving energy, so it is an especially good stone if the grief is associated with the loss of a love relationship, such as during a breakup or the death of a romantic partner. Pink kunzite works with heart chakra energy because it radiates the energy of unconditional love and compassion that is helpful for processing emotion when you are dealing with the heartbreak of loss. Hold the pink kunzite in both hands, place your hands over your heart, and visualize the love energy from the stone flowing in through your skin and into your heart region. Then, visualize love energy pumping through your body via your veins with every beat of your heart.

Pink Kunzite

3. Smoky Quartz to Transmute Depression

Smoky quartz is a plentiful type of quartz crystal that has a light to dark brownish or greyish color. It is one of the best healing stones for grief because it transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Therefore, this is a really good crystal to work with when you've moved past the very first stages of grief and into later stages such as depression, as it will help to transform the lingering negative energy into something more productive and positive. Wear smoky quartz as a ring or bracelet to help you move into a more positive frame of mind.

Smoky Quartz

4. Rose Quartz to Soothe Your Heart

Like pink kunzite, rose quartz vibrates a gentle, loving, heart-focused healing energy that is helpful for processing heartbreak associated with loss and grief. And while its energy has similar functions and its color is similar to pink kunzite, rose quartz is much more abundant and easy to find, and it's also more affordable. Place a piece of rose quartz under your mattress to help you process grief while you sleep.

Rose quartz gemstones

5. Amethyst for Dreams of Lost Loved Ones

When a loved one dies, often all you want is to see that person again. Amethyst, which is a purple-colored quartz, can help you see that person in your dreams, as it is a stone that works with the subconscious and helps to promote dreaming. Place a piece of amethyst on your bedside table and then ask for a dream of your loved one as you drift off to sleep. Such dreams can be healing and help you to achieve a sense of completion with your loved one in a subconscious state.

woman sitting holding an Amethyst

6. Larimar for Inner Peace and Acceptance

Larimar is a greenish-blue crystal that is a form of pectolite found in the Dominican Republic. It radiates a peaceful and centering energy that is helpful in bringing about inner peace and acceptance during difficult times, including during periods of grief. This is an especially helpful stone to use if your loss was sudden or unexpected, or if you're struggling with anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions associated with the loss of your loved one. Wear the larimar as a pendant or necklace, where it will send soothing energy to your heart and throat chakras to help calm and soothe you during difficult times.

polished Larimar gemstones

7. Pyrite to Soothe Anxiety

Pyrite, also called fool's gold, is a golden crystal that resonates with your solar plexus chakra and can bring balance. When you experience the loss of a loved one, it is often accompanied by anxiety or stress, which can bring about adrenal exhaustion that makes it even more difficult to break out of your grief and stress response. Pyrite can help to soothe overactive adrenal glands and absorb excess anxiety energy to help you move forward in a more positive direction. Meditate lying on your back with a piece of pyrite placed on your solar plexus chakra.

Pyrite crystals in matrix

8. Blue Calcite to Aid in Self-Expression

Blue calcite can help you express your grief in emotionally healthy ways. That is because the blue calcite balances the frequency of the throat chakra, which is the center of self-expression and communication. With a piece of blue calcite nearby, sit down and write a letter to your lost loved one expressing all that you feel. The calcite will help with this exercise, which can bring healing more quickly.

Blue Calcite Crystal Gemstone

9. Celestite for Support From Higher Beings

Grieving is often a very private struggle. While people display outward expressions of grief, many wait until their most private moments to allow themselves the full emotional experience of loss. However, you do not have to grieve alone. The crystal celestite, which is a gentle blue color, calls higher beings, such as angels or spirit guide, to support you in your grief. Close your eyes, hold the stone in your hand, and ask for the support of guides and angels as you process your emotions.

Celestite On Shore At Beach

Healing Crystals Help You Process Grief

While healing crystals won't make your grief go away, using them can help you process the grief in a healthy manner. All of the above crystals can help you with all types of grief, from the loss of a beloved pet to the death of someone you care for deeply.

How to Use Healing Crystals for Grief and Loss