Identifying Common Spiritual Signs That Death is Near

Published September 9, 2020
Spiritual Signs That Death is Near

Families, friends, and healthcare workers report some common spiritual signs that death is near. Most of these reports describe specific experiences of the dying that can be taken as spiritual signs of an impending death.

Deathbed Visions Are Spiritual Signs That Death Is Near

The person dying often has what is commonly known as deathbed visions (DV). Many believe these deathbed visions are the result of the veil between this world and the afterlife thinning.

Visions of the Spirit World

This process allows brief glimpses into the next world where it is believed the person's spirit will go. The dying person making the transition between the physical world and the spiritual world often describes a beautiful, peaceful place.

Angels and Other Spirit Visitations

Many people describe seeing angels or other spirits. Witnesses have seen the dying person have conversations with entities only they can see. These accounts are often discredited and blamed on drugs or other chemical processes taking place in the person's brain. But what if these are in truth spiritual signs that death is near?

Visitations From Deceased Family Members

There are many reports from the dying of receiving visitations from deceased family members. Some families have a long-standing tradition of such visitations. Many people believe that deceased loved ones visit the dying as a way to reassure and comfort them that life continues after death. It is possible that many people experience such visitations but never tell anyone for fear of ridicule or reactions of disbelief. The following story of a visitation comes from the author, Sally Painter.

"Two weeks before my mother died, she told me that she'd awakened during the night to find her grandfather sitting by her hospital bed. She explained that whenever she was sick as a child, he would sit with her throughout the night. The next morning when I arrived at the hospital, my mother told me that once more she'd awakened during the night to find her mother sitting by her hospital bed. She was surprised to find her mother was young, the way she'd been when my mother was a child."

Sounds of Angelic Music and Singing

There are many reports of those dying who claim to hear music playing that no one else can hear. Some claim to see and hear angelic choruses singing.

Presence of Religious Figures

Some people who are dying claim to see religious figures from their spiritual faith. For example, a Christian may claim to see Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

Healthcare Professionals Witness Spiritual Signs of Death

Healthcare professionals, especially those serving the hospice community, claim they can sense when death is near. Hospice workers recognize common signs of dying.

Dying Person Withdraws

Healthcare and hospice caregivers report noticing the dying person often withdraws into themselves as though entering a different world. Some people report seeing into another world or dimension.

healthcare professional witness spiritual sign

Room Temperature Drops

An inexplicable coldness in the room temperature is often reported. Healthcare professionals often feel a shift in the room temperature when a person is dying. Mediums, psychics, and ghost hunters often report this phenomenon whenever a spirit is present.

Out-of-Body Experiences May Indicate Death Is Approaching

Some deathbed experiences include what's known as out-of-body experiences (OBEs), where the person who is dying finds themselves floating above their body. A similar experience is often reported in a near-death-experience (NDE) when someone has died and been resuscitated.

Person Dying Can Feel Their Soul

There are also reports from people who are dying of feeling the separation of their soul from their physical body. In such instances, the person feels their body functions slowing down and themselves in spirit form slipping free of their physical body. For some people, this is a process that can last over a short or extended period.

Dreams May Indicate Death Is Imminent

Perhaps the most common spiritual signs that death is near come from dreams.

Prophetic Dreams That Foretell of Death

Many psychics, mediums, and loved ones experience prophetic dreams that foretell the death of a loved one. Sometimes, the dreams are vague, and the person doesn't know who is going to die, only that there is an impending death.

Dreams of the Afterlife

People who are dying sometimes report having dreams of visitations from angels, religious leaders, and deceased family members. Perhaps these are other ways the spiritual realm comforts the dying person and shows the path to the afterlife.

Exploring Common Spiritual Signs of Death

There are several common spiritual signs that death is near reported by the dying and the living. You can give comfort to someone dying by letting them feel safe in sharing their spirituality and any spiritual signs they have about their death.

Identifying Common Spiritual Signs That Death is Near