Meaningful Ways of Communicating With Pets After Death

Published July 14, 2020
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There are many ways you can communicate with pets after death. Often the first communication is made by your pet reaching out from the afterlife.

Communicating With Pets After Death Through Dreams

The most common way people communicate with their pet after death is through dreams. Dreams serve as a bridge between this world and what people commonly call heaven or the other side, depending on your beliefs.

Deceased Pets Visit in Dreams

You may find yourself suddenly playing with your pet and feel as though you know what your pet is thinking. People report that in some dreams their pets actually talk or communicate through telepathy or imagery.

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Dream Scenarios With Pets

The dream scenarios with your deceased pet may be a simple one of walking with your pet, petting your beloved companion or just sitting by a lake soaking in the moment of being together again. There is no standard for dreaming of your pets after death.

What Your Pet Communicates to You

Most people feel as though their pet has communicated that they are okay and thriving where they are. They also convey they will be waiting for the person when they, too, cross over.

Feelings Are Everything

What you feel after your dream with your pet can vary. You may be exuberant at first, then have melancholy feelings. You may experience a range of emotions positive and negative after your dream reunion with your pet. You may have very powerful and overwhelming feelings, and the loss of your pet may come rushing back in.

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How to Cope After Dreaming of Your Pet

The best way to cope after having a dream reunion with your beloved friend is to focus on the messaging of your visit. Reassure yourself that your pet reached out to you to let you know she/he is safe and happy.

Healing Process of Dream Reunions with Pets

There is a healing component to dreaming about your deceased pet if you allow it. By letting go of your remorse, sadness and grief, you can take solace in your reunion with your pet in the dream state. You may have future dream encounters and should pay close attention to the details of your dream by writing them down as soon as you're awake and they are fresh in your mind. This will help you to heal further.

Dog Afterlife Stories

There are many stories of people having contact with their dog after the pet has died. These stories go beyond dream reunions into the ethereal world of spirits.

Dog Spirit Presence

Many dog owners report hearing the dog's toenails clicking against the hardwood floor long after the beloved pet has died. Some report hearing the dog bark at the most unexpected times, often at night as they are settling down to sleep. Some owners have experienced feeling the weight of the dog jump onto the bed and lying at their feet or beside them.

Will My Dog Come Back to Me After Death?

Many people believe that animals reincarnate the same way they believe people reincarnate. Some are convinced their dog has reincarnated when their new companion shows similar personality traits and habits. Others believe the pets reside on the other side and await them to join up before journeying onward, either reincarnating or moving to other realms of existence.

Cats and Life After Death

Cats are said to have nine lives, so perhaps they do reincarnate instead of escaping death nine times. Many cat owners are certain their furry companion has reincarnated, often looking like a carbon copy. Each animal has specific mannerisms and personality traits like humans do, so it is highly possible that cats find a way to return to their beloved owners.

How to Communicate With Cat Spirits

There are mediums and pet psyhics who specialize in communicating with pets. This type of connection with a cat that has passed can be comforting to those suffering such loss. The medium will communicate your questions and the cat's responses as well as any messages your pet wishes to communicate. Some people use a Ouija board, tarot cards or other forms of divination to establish their connection.

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Pets Shadows, Sounds and Smells

Pets, like humans, often linger and hang around their loved ones before deciding it's time to move to the next level. This transition time is often important to both the owner and the pet.

  • You may turn the corner to walk into the living room, and for a brief blink of the eye, see your pet sitting on the couch or in front of the fireplace.
  • You may hear your cat meow when you go into the kitchen, the same way your furry pal did when it was feeding time.
  • You may hear phantom footfalls, panting, purring, or other sounds your pet made when alive.
  • Owners often report seeing shadows scurrying from one room to the next or see them moving from the corner of their eye.
  • Some report various odors associated with their pets suddenly wafting through the room, but dissipating quickly.

Talking to Your Pet Spirit

It is easy to talk to your pet when you sense its spirit. Just talk the same way you did when your companion was alive. You may even hear a phantom whine or meow in response.

How You Can Communicate With Your Pets After Death

Communicating with your pets after death is a natural desire. Love is a powerful mystical force that can reach into the realm of afterlife and allow you to sense the love of your pet.

Meaningful Ways of Communicating With Pets After Death