5 DIY Miscarriage Care Packages to Comfort a Loved One

These DIY pregnancy loss comfort boxes will let your loved one know you care.

Published March 10, 2023
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When someone is going through the loss of a pregnancy, it can be incredibly difficult to know how to comfort them. Putting together a miscarriage care package is one way to show you care. You can buy pre-made options from vendors, but making your own is a really good way to make sure the gift feels personal and meaningful. Putting the gift basket or box together is also totally do-able with these creative and comforting ideas.

Self-Care Miscarriage Care Package

self care spa gift basket

The loss of a pregnancy can be stressful physically and emotionally, and it's really important for those experiencing it to take some time for self-care. Make it easier with a care package that's all about being gentle and taking the time you need to grieve and heal. When you're considering what to put in a miscarriage care package, think of items that foster self-care, such as:

  • A certificate for watching older kids or taking care of pets
  • Scented shower gel and lotion
  • Facial masks and other pampering products
  • A gift certificate for a massage
  • Soothing tea, such as chamomile

Cozy Comfort Gift Box Ideas for After a Miscarriage

Physical comfort can feel like emotional comfort, especially if you live far away from the person you're supporting. Include these items in a gift box or care package to give a long-distance or virtual hug:

  • Fuzzy socks in their favorite color
  • A great book you know they'll love
  • A cozy blanket or throw
  • Pottery mug or a cup with a comforting saying
  • Tea or hot chocolate

Meaningful DIY Pregnancy Loss Care Package

Sometimes, the person who experienced the miscarriage may feel like their loss is invisible to others. Filling a care package for a friend who miscarried with items that are especially meaningful can help you show you see how significant this experience has been. Try these ideas:

  • A blank journal for recording their thoughts
  • Special pen or pencil
  • Flower or garden seeds to plant
  • A certificate of a donation you made in memory of the loss

Healing Miscarriage Gift Basket Ideas

Knowing what to give someone who had a miscarriage can be challenging, but remember that emotional and physical healing are a big part of their recovery. You can help support this with a thoughtful selection of items on a healing theme:

  • Soup or a soup mix
  • A pretty mug
  • Tea with chamomile, lavender, or other healing herbs
  • Honey
  • Lip balm

Miscarriage Gift Basket With Practical Things to Help

Grocery care package

Sometimes, one of the ways you can support someone going through a miscarriage is with practical help. Taking care of some of their responsibilities can give the person time to focus on their healing. Here are a few things to include in a practical gift box:

  • Certificate for babysitting or carpooling
  • Certificate for walking pets or caring for them
  • Frozen meals for the family
  • Basic groceries like milk, eggs, and fruit
Need to Know

You can send the gift box any time within the first few weeks after the loss. Ideally, plan to send it out within a month of hearing about the miscarriage.

Messages to Include With Your Care Package

Woman reading letter with gift box

When you send the gift box, it's thoughtful to include a meaningful note. It's not always easy to know what to say to someone who has had a miscarriage, but one of these simple phrases is a good choice:

  • Just a few things to let you know I'm thinking of you during this time. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  • I wish I could give you a hug in person, but please consider this my virtual hug. You're in my thoughts.
  • Sending you my healing wishes along with a few things to show you how much I care.
  • I know this is a difficult time. I'm thinking about you and wishing I could be there in person.
  • Please know you can talk to me anytime. These are just a few things to remind you I'm thinking of you.

Let Them Know You're Thinking of Them

No matter what you choose to send in your care package, the key is just letting your loved one know you're thinking about them during this time. What you send is less important than the fact that you remembered and are there. Don't forget to follow up with a phone call or card a few weeks later to let them know they're still on your mind.

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5 DIY Miscarriage Care Packages to Comfort a Loved One