Symbolic Flowers for Grief and Sympathy

Published April 17, 2020
Funeral Flowers

Symbolic flowers that are used to express grief and sympathy come in many varieties. Knowing the meaning behind the flowers associated with death, and in some cases specific colors, can help you convey your sentiments to the family of the deceased.


funeral flower arrangement

Carnations are often used within a funeral floral arrangement. If you wish to express innocence and the purity of love, choose white carnations. If you wish to convey deep admiration for the deceased, then red carnations should be your choice flowers for grief. For simply wishing to offer a sentiment of remembrance of the person, then the appropriate sympathy flower color for carnations is pink.


White Chrysanthemum in flower bouquet

Chrysanthemums represent a life well-lived. These vibrant flowers convey truth and beauty. They are also reminders that the person was beloved.


Bunch of spring flowers

Daffodils are a symbol of rebirth and a new life. They are usually part of a larger arrangement that consists of other flowers. These bright flowers help to lift spirits and deliver the message of hope as a loved one begins a new journey.


White Gardenia flower

Gardenias are often sent to those grieving as a way to express heartfelt sentiments. The gardenia represents peace and purity. You can send a potted plant that can later be transplanted in a special corner of the yard as a memorial to your loved one. Other meanings include renewal, trust and protection.


coral pink and white Gladiolus

Gladioli are used in floral funeral arrangements to symbolize a person of high moral integrity and character. For someone who was known for being a caring and outstanding example to their community, Gladioli are a great choice.

The Power of Flowers

cemetery of the village at All Saints' Day
Day of the dead flowers and altar decoraitons


Purple Hydrangea Flowers In Park

Hydrangeas are the flowers of sympathy. If you wish to offer your condolences, this is a great choice. You can choose to either send a floral arrangement with hydrangeas or opt to send a potted hydrangea is often sent to the grieving family as a living memorial to their loved one. The hydrangea can later be transplanted to a special area in the yard after the funeral.


Mourning lilies

Lilies are a very popular funeral flower. They represent various things to individuals. For example, the common meaning is innocence restored to the soul upon death. For Christians, the Easter lily is a symbol of Christ's resurrection. White is the most common color used, although you can send any of the many available colors.


Flower Blooming Outdoors

Orchids are symbols of eternal love and/or great admiration and respect. White, purple and pink orchids are the colors usually chosen to send as a token of sympathy when someone dies.

Peace Lily

Blooming white flowers spathiphyllum

A potted peace lily plant is an elegant choice that symbolizes innocence as well as rebirth. It trumpets the soul's departure from this world and entrance into the next world.


White roses on purple

Perhaps the most popular flower used in grief and sympathy bouquets is the rose. This flower has a long-standing tradition of a specific meaning for each color.

  • White roses are the most popular color chosen for funerals and bouquets sent with a message to families. White roses are the symbols of purity, innocence and love.
  • Pink roses are expresses of love and grace.
  • Red roses are used to express abiding love and respect.
  • Yellow roses are symbols of friendship.


Multi Colored Flowers

The tulip is traditionally a symbol of perfect love. The different tulip colors have specific meanings, just like roses.

  • Red tulips symbolize a deep love or true love.
  • Yellow tulips are considered symbols of hope.
  • White tulips are symbols of worthiness, or in the case of a funeral, would be sent for someone you held in high regard.

Choosing Symbolic Flowers to Express Your Grief and Sympathy

The symbolic meanings of flowers hold subtle messages. By understanding the nuances of flower giving, especially to someone who is grieving, can help you to choose the perfect floral arrangement.

Symbolic Flowers for Grief and Sympathy