Sympathy Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Has Died

Updated December 21, 2018
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The pain dog owners feel when their beloved pets pass away is very real, and purchasing sympathy gifts for loss of a dog is an appropriate practice. Look for items that are understated while also memorializing the dog.

Individual Tastes

Just because an owner absolutely adored a dog does not necessarily mean the best gift is a huge memorial portrait to be hung prominently above the fireplace. Keep in mind the individual tastes of the grieving owner and try to give sympathy gifts that are conducive to the situation.

Finding Sympathy Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Has Died

There are plenty of resources available to find an appropriate gift for a grieving pet owner.

Online Gift Ideas When Someone's Dog Dies

Online stores featuring sympathy gifts for loss of a dog are easy to find on the Internet. Here is a brief listing of some of the best stores for this type of purchase:

  • has plenty of appropriate gifts including wind chimes, books and framed memorials specifically designed for dogs that have passed.
  • The Comfort Company offers a wide variety of appropriate gifts for grieving owners including statues, jewelry and tree memorials.
  • features engraved memorials in addition to a large selection of pet cremation jewelry and urns.
  • has pet memorials such as special frames and keepsakes. You can create a beautiful garden with a memorial wind chime and stone markers.

Local Resources for Dog Sympathy Gifts

You may have a store located near you that will have the perfect gift for your needs. Visit local gift stores that offer engraving services and you will probably be able to find something appropriate. Local book stores oftentimes sell books that deal with the subject of grieving over the loss of a pet, such as Lorri Greene's Saying Good-Bye to the Pet You Love or Herbert Nieburg's Pet Loss: A Thoughtful Guide for Adults and Children. Just be sure that a gift such as this accompanied with a condolence such as, "I thought this book may help you understand your feelings and give you the permission to recognize your grief" instead of something such as "Maybe this book will help you get over Fido."

Make Your Own Gift When a Dog Dies

Sometimes the best sympathy gift is the one that you took the time to fashion from your own hands. Even if you are not necessarily the craftiest person you can still create something that will not only be quite special, but also possibly help the grieving owner feel a little better.

  • A framed picture of the dog can be a great sympathy gift, especially if it is a photo featuring the dog alongside the owner. Look for a classy frame that is relatively small.
  • If you have a way with words, a brief poem is among the best of sympathy gifts for loss of a dog. This gift shows that you care, but does not presume that your gift is something that needs to be displayed.
  • Sometimes the gift you give does not necessarily need to revolve around images or thoughts of the dog. Bringing over a plate of homemade cookies tells your friend that you understand the pain and you have sympathy for the loss of the dog.

A New Dog as a Grief Gift

It is not appropriate to give a new dog as a gift to someone who is in the process of grieving over the loss of a pet. The decision to obtain a new dog should be left up to the owner. It's one thing if the person asks you to go pick out another dog and bring it over, but it's another thing entirely if you simply decide that the best way to get over the death of a dog is to give another dog as a gift. If you do this you might be bringing a dog into a situation where the new owners are reluctant - and perhaps even disgruntled - at the thought of another pet in the house so soon.

When a Dog Dies, Pet Owners Feel True Grief

The grief that pet owners feel at the loss of a dog is real. Mental health professionals recognize that losing a beloved dog can be extremely difficult for adults and children, but some people suppress their feelings for fear of appearing silly. By bestowing an appropriate sympathy gift upon a grieving person you are helping him or her recognize the validity of the grief.

Sympathy Gifts for Someone Whose Dog Has Died